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Email Notifications to Multiple Addressees

Michael Sharp

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On 8/3/2017 at 0:14 PM, Victor said:

@Michael Sharp currently the email nodes for external addresses work with only one email address I'm afraid. So yes, you would need to use multiple nodes or have a distribution list created for these email addresses...

Can this be raised as an enhancement request?  We require an email to be sent to multiple internal users (we will have to create a group now) but also multiple external users so the workflow will be quite busy?

Thanks and regards,


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All @nasimg @samwoo @Martyn Houghton @Michael Sharp

Another great news - We've now completed the development of this requirement :) You'll be able to supply a list of email addresses (separated by a comma) through the designated option for Email Notification > Email External Address BPM operation. We aim to make this available as an update to the Service Manager App, in the week commencing 25th of September.


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