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suppressing timeline updates by system BPM manager

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hi guys - I don't suppose there might be a way we can suppress timeline updates for certain tasks / nodes?


as part of our change process we have an authorisation node with 8 potential authorisers, as well as tasks being created etc, it makes for a very messy timeline where actual quality content has to be sifted out through the automatic updates, is it possible to suppress these similar to how you can with some automated task updates?






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We are facing a similar issue.  A customer will use the self service Portal to raise a fault.  This will be assigned to a 1st tier analyst and by the time this is validated and passed on to 2nd line, 13 Timeline (Customer Viewable) entries are created.  This is of no particular interest or of Value, to the customer not to the 2nd line analyst - Screen shot attached.  When the Request comes off hold or customer confirms resolution, numerous time entries are created.  Along the same lines, where logos, etc. are removed, this is again added to the timeline and analysts are having to scroll through numerous entries, to find the important update.  Can a setting be introduced please, to control whether a time line update is made and also the visibility of it if it is?

Activity Updates + Visibility.docx

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Thanks @Victor  We Tested using "guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility
Default visibility value for use when an operation creates a timeline entry

This worked well in terms of the Initial Validation activities as it took the timeline entries down from 12 to only 3.  But, this also meant that when we take Requests Off Hold, we could not see the update unless Visibility was changed to Team.  The knock on effect is that we have had to revert to the old setting, so that we can see when a Request comes Off hold so now we are back to where we started :( 

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