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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth - its a disabled process yes! good spot, i will re-route them all to the correct one, and come back to you if any problems, many thanks Gary
  2. hi @James Ainsworth - i just got this issue myself, i clicked send, it popped up that error message then took me back to my email (as below), then i pressed send again, and the same thing happened, but both these mails have sent it hornbill, and i rteceived them, but they have not showed up on the ticket. thanks
  3. Hi @James Ainsworth we are still seeing issues around this, we are still getting the pop-up to say email failed, sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesnt, today one of our users got the pop-up, the email update has not gone onto the ticket, but the email has sent and is in the sent box and the users auto-reply has come back into the ticket. please can this be looked at ASAP. thanks
  4. thanks @James Ainsworth - we are still seeing this pop-up today though, however the emails are being sent it looks like (they look ok in the sent items box, show as delivered etc), The 68 errors still shows as 68 errors, so this hasnt gone up, for example my colleague got a pop-up for the below message this mornng, many thanks
  5. Hi Guys - we are getting an email failed to send pop-up when trying to email from tickets, but the emails seem to be sending ok? any ideas why this might be? we also have an exclamation mark next to our send items within our mailbox, but we cant click it and have no indication what its for? could these be related? many thanks
  6. ah perfect thanks @Steve Giller - so if its grey it should be locked but allows an admin to proceed - i will check this out and come back if any problems - ta
  7. hi guys, we have recently locked down the ability to assign tickets (or so we thought) until the ticket has been prioritised and categorised. The problem we are seeing, is that even though the "assign" button is greyed out, it doesnt stop you using it. it just works exactly as normal. please can this be fixed? or are we doing something wrong? thanks
  8. hi @TrevorHarris - many thanks for your reply we tried this and got a little further, but we are now receiving the below error message, if you could assist please - thanks
  9. hi guys - anyone able to shed any light on this one by chance? thanks
  10. Hi @ssam from memory we achieved this by a combination of things - we use the extract tool that steve linked above to pull reports from hornbill. but we found we cant schedule these often enough for a "real time" data feed, so we used a robot (uipath), to run the report at interval we choose (currently every hour), then Qlik picks up this file as a CSV thanks
  11. Hi Guys - we are trying to configure our SSO to work with O365, we have followed the instructions, but are getting an error as below, which looks like its expecting the sso.hornbill.com URL as an identifier, but the 'Patterns' suggestion against the app says nothing about this? if we add in SSO.*** as per the pattern (https://<SUBDOMAIN>.hornbill.com/<INSTANCE_NAME>), it prompts for a sign in, and an MFA prompt, but then gives an error message about the reply URL not matching (3rd picture) anyone got any ideas please? we are not sure if our identifiers are incorrect? or if something else is amiss - many thanks
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth - sorry to revive this, for the most part this is working, but ive noticed the emails that come from "noreply@hornbill.com" dont seem to come from the same IP's as in the article? this is what we see one one that works as expected and comes from our helpdesk mailbox this is what we see from one that is not working, and appears to come from noreply@hornbill.com as you see it seems to come from somewhere different? is this to do with it being a no reply mailbox perhaps? thanks
  13. hi @Steve Giller thanks for this - sorry can you explain a bit more? ive added an update request node but it doesnt work still, with all the options i have in the update details node i have left then to ignore, because none of them look like they are applicable to what im trying to do? theirs no option to update task fields or custom fields etc from what i can see? so am i missing something? thanks
  14. hey guys - did we get anywhere with this? im, trying to do another process ( i worked round the above i think by putting it all in the same stage, but this isnt ideal this time) so im used a task with a capture task in my first stage,to capture a radioset value, which im trying to commit to h_custom_d, shown below this is not populating the respective database field within h_itsm_requests though? h_custom_d is a varchar field - so should accept the value? am i doing something wrong? i need to reference this value in a later stage, ive also looked at trying to reference the "task answers" in a later stage, but i cant work out how to reference a task from a different stage? thanks
  15. thanks for this James - turns out our firewall was doing some behind the scenes routing as we thought - this is now sorted and working
  16. hey guys - please can anyone help me as to why our "wait for status change" node is not working? the workflow just skips right past it (doesnt wait the specified time) ive tried it with an with the "request ID" defined, ive tried setting a "from status = resolved", nothing seems to work? manyt thanks
  17. thanks @James Ainsworth i had seen and tried this but it didnt work for me, so i wasnt sure if i was looking at the right thing! , so now i know these are correct i can look further from our end many thanks
  18. Hi Guys - we are setting up a mail banner that flags external emails to our users we are looking to add hornbill to our safe senders list so the service desk emails (that come from hornbills servers but spoof our domain address) dont get flagged, is it possible for us toto be provided with Hornbills internal mail server IP server range so we can add this in? happy to continue discussions via private message if required as i appreciate you might not want to publish this on the forum, many thanks Gary
  19. hey guys - we got this done in the end - we didnt even have to configure our outbound mail pointer, we just pointed our mailbox at the 365 account and it all seemed to work
  20. hey guys - sorry to drag this thread back from the dead but we are trying to do the same thing currently (migrate our mailbox to 365). ive followed the above the above instructions which seemed to have worked, but its the configuration on the 365 end i am struggling with. the error i am getting with the hornbill config checker suggests i need to need give my mailbox permission to send on behalf of another user. to get round this (because we cant create a user for do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com i dont think), ive made a contact, and set the smtp address as do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com, then set this contact to have "send on behalf of" permissions for my hornbill 365 mailbox, but im still getting the same error? does anyone have any ideas? thanks
  21. thanks @Steve Giller we did try importing the XML via URL but it failed. We setup a firewall rule years ago to allow for the URL import but it was locked down to specific Hornbill IP addresses for security. This rule is no longer working. Do we need to update our rule with new details from Hornbill?
  22. anyone any advice on this please? we are thinking we perhaps need to cut some part of the metadata out? but we are not sure which, as the wiki just says paste the full metadata in? thanks
  23. Hi Guys - please can someone advise - we are having some trouble importing our XML data into a new profile for SSO, we have used this XML data on other sites with no problem, so we know the server should be ok, just hornbill wont take the metadata we are giving it? please see attached screenshots of our metadata in note pad ()and where it came from), and the error we get when we try and process it, we have checked the wiki and confirmed we have followed the instructions provided, thanks
  24. @DanielRi this has worked i think, certainly working for dates set in the past, i'l keep an eye for dates going forward but i dont think it'l be a problem, many thanks for your help,
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