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Priority Display in Email Template

Paul Trenter

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Hi there, we are configuring our email templates and we would like to include the relevant Priority in the Subject Heading.  The script at the moment reads:

{{.H_PK_REFERENCE}} - {{.h_fk_priorityname}} Request Logged by CCS Service Desk

This generates the following Subject

IN00137 - p3 Request Logged by CCS Service Desk

It's the Priority display I want to change.  Rather than "3" I'd prefer it to read "Priority 3" but I can't find the relevant field that needs changing.

Any pointers appreciated.

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@Paul Trenter you don't necessarily have to recreate them... you can also use ESP conditions in email templates where you can check for a variable value and depending on result have a custom text displayed... For example if '{{.h_fk_priorityname}}' = 'P3' then display 'Priority 3' or 'Medium Priority'... or any text you like... you can chain these conditions to cater for all priorities possible.



EDIT: Martyn's advice about capitalising still applies.

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16 hours ago, Paul Trenter said:

Thanks Martyn Found that, and ours are simply P1-P5.  The 'P' is a capital letter.  

We can recreate them if need be but I guess that would still display all in lower case.  Is there any way around that?

{{.h_fk_priorityname}} will display lower case,  {{.H_fk_priorityname}} will display Capitalised Words, and  {{.H_FK_PRIORITYNAME}} will display upper case.

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