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Found 22 results

  1. I have a catalog item that, when calls are logged against it, does not display the priority set in the workflow to the information pane in the service call. The same service portfolio item has other catalog items that use the same SLA set and priorities which display without issue. Can anyone shed any light on why these priorities do not appear?
  2. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council its been requested that we try to implement a mechanism to priortise certain 'VIP' officers (CEO, Councillors etc.) and the their requests. I've found details about the enhancement applied in Q3 2020 - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2020_Q3 - whereby banners can be applied for VIPP requests. 1. Has anyone implemented this and does it require updating all the BPMs linked to Progressive Captures? 2. Is there a way to highlight the request, using colour, once it arrives in the Service Manager request queue for further visibility ? 3. Are there any other alternatives to prioritise these type of VIP customers? Many thanks Rashid Milton Keynes Council
  3. I am interested in knowing the proportion of Service Manager users who are using the different request performance tracking options, namely Priorities and Service Level Management for their services. Cheers Martyn https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Priorities https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Structure_Service_Level_Management
  4. I am trying to update my Incident management BPM so that if the source of the ticket is email, that is sets the ticket priority to P5. See below: In the decision node which check the source i have set it to: but for some reason, every time i try to test this it passes this decision node as per the above image. I am not sure what i am doing wrong?
  5. Hello I want to set the 'default visibility' for the priority so that the priority does not show within the customer portal: i have looked here but cant see a setting: where/what system setting do i need to change to reflect this?
  6. Can the 'Update Request' option under 'Request>Update Request' please be enabled to allow the priority to be injected as a variable, as it is hard coded at the moment. Cheers Martyn
  7. to make life easier for agents, it would be great to be able to only allow visibility of priorities which relate to the type of request (incident, request, change, problem) that has been created. Is this something anyone else has requested or something that would be considered for future development?? thanks Andy
  8. @Steve G I have mapped our Priority ID's in already in our source data in a field of the same name. "h_fk_priorityid":"[h_fk_priorityid]", I tried it without any mapping but that did not work. I tried to enter the mapping without double quotes as a number, but that is not valid and it does not work with double quotes. "PriorityMapping": { "External Priority":"Service Manager Priority", "1":"1", "2":"2", "3":"3", "4":"4" }, How do I complete the Priority Mapping section to get it to pick the supplied value at, as all the requests are loading as per the default. Cheers Martyn
  9. Can the Service and Priority options in the 'Log New Incident' node under 'Requests>Log Request' be setup to support variables, the same way as the 'Catalog Item' option is. Thanks Martyn
  10. When printing the details of a request using the print icon, you get the options for content and timeline entries, but there is no mention of Priority/SLA. Priority, Service Level, Response/Resolution Targets and Values are not included at all. Can a new option be added to allow the inclusion of this crucial missing information. Cheers Martyn
  11. Could I ask for some clarification around the Service Level Agreement escalation actions, in particular, the 'Increase Priority by 1'. How does it know what is the next priority to escalate it too as there is no direct linkage between what priorities apply to what service level agreement? Also, priority is no longer the only factor in terms of the SLA rules, so is this just updating the priority field alone? Cheers Martyn
  12. When viewing requests on the Mobile app there appear to be some key fields which are not present, such as details of the Customer, Priority, Service Level, Sub-Status etc. Are there any plans to improve the Service Manager element of the mobile apps to add this level of detail in? Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi all, This is probably a simple thing but can you filter the priorities displayed in the drop down based on the request type? I have a large number of service requests logged with P1-P4 priorities and a few incidents logged as 1/2 day requests. I have tried explaining to the relevant teams that incidents are logged with P1-P4 and service requests are logged as 1/2 or 5 day requests but it has fallen on deaf ears (many times) so if they don't have the option to get it wrong then it will make my life easier (and reporting a lot more accurate) I thought that they would filter based on the fields in the SLAs but that isn't the case. Thanks Dan
  14. We want to use a board to display priority 1 tickets, two issues we have noted: 1) Changing the priority wouldn't be reflected on the board (eg. P2 to P1 wouldn't be added, P1 to P2 wouldn't be removed). 2) Have to manually refresh the board to see changes (is the autorefresh of boards being looked at, similar to the call refresh topic in Service Manager). Some boards are not so dynamic or critical on time - but I see the boards as a useful collaborative tool to communicate P1's - but it needs to address the above issues. Nasim
  15. Guest

    Priority on Known error

    Hi Please can you help me. I want to add a priority to a known error but I can see how to do this. The button/option seems to be missing. See attached
  16. Some of our support teams deal with mostly Activities (as apposed to Requests). We've noticed that when you create an activity via BPM you can set a priority against it (please see BPM_Priority - attached). If / when a BPM created Activity is created you cannot see the Priority that was set against it. Equally, when you raise an ad-hoc Activity (i.e. created manually from a Request rather than via BPM) you do not get an option to set a Priority. Are there any plans to enable the following: View priority against an Activity. Set a priority against an Activity. Thanks, Jamie (PSG)
  17. Hi there, we are configuring our email templates and we would like to include the relevant Priority in the Subject Heading. The script at the moment reads: {{.H_PK_REFERENCE}} - {{.h_fk_priorityname}} Request Logged by CCS Service Desk This generates the following Subject IN00137 - p3 Request Logged by CCS Service Desk It's the Priority display I want to change. Rather than "3" I'd prefer it to read "Priority 3" but I can't find the relevant field that needs changing. Any pointers appreciated.
  18. Does anyone know if its possible to link priorities with a service, at the moment we have a long list of priorities for all our products and sometimes people select the wrong priority. Thanks Chris
  19. We currently have a significant number of (approx. 20) different SLA's/Priority's, which have come about from us acquiring different organisations and us absorbing support service for different products and types of services. At the moment there does not appear to be any relationship between the SLA/Priority and the Service, in that all priorities specified in the Progressive Capture 'Request Priority' and similar BPM node. Ideally we would want to allocate priorities which are applicable to a service at the request type level, i.e. you may have a service which has both Incident and Service Request types enabled, but you may want to have four priorities for incidents (Critical, High, Medium, Low) but only three for Service Requests (High, Medium, Low). As work around if the Request Priority progressive capture and BPM nodes could be changed to allow the priority list be filtered, this would mean you could achieve a specific list of priorities for the service. Can both these options be raised as potential Request for Change? Cheers Martyn
  20. Hi, I have made some good progress on using the Business Process, but I have a couple of questions I hope you can assist with; I can create an Automated Task to add a Priority to a Request raised from Service Manager, but if does not seem to work when a Basic Users uses the Services Portal. I have 3 stages in a Business Process, that are; Create a Change Request – this works fine Testing Deployment I have 2 challenges, the first is starting the Testing process. At present, I am using an Automated Task when the Owner moves the Request to Resolved, but not happy with this. I have looked at moving the Request on a Board, but this does not seem to work. The second query is feedback from a Basic User. I would like them to approve testing on the Request before moving to Deployment. I have tried an Automated Task on when a Request is updated, but I cannot get this to work. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance. Lee
  21. Hi all, I think I am missing something really simple, but could I have some help on Business Process please. I am putting a simple test together to do the following; Add a Priority of P4 to a Request Change the Status to On Hold I have created a new Workflow that has 2 automated tasks. The first adding a Priority and the second changes the status to On Hold. I have activated this Workflow and assigned to app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.change. I have then tried to create a new Change, but the Workflow is not kicking in. I understand what the Business Process can do, but I'm missing something here. Thanks in advance. Lee
  22. Hi, Is there any way of manually setting a call priority once a call has been raised? Calls that are raised manually have the priority set during progressive capture, however we did not want this field to be populated by the customer when raising from the service portal. However this now means that calls raised from the service portal do not have a priority. So far all I can find is a BPM node to automatically set the priority, however we need this to be manual as not all calls will have the same priority, regardless of source. There does not seem to be an option to update this once the call has been raised, so there is also no way for us to change the priority once a call has been raised. Thanks Graham
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