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  1. Hi @Steven Boardman, no I'm not seeing that toggle. I'm in the Asset Management Admin role too As for bulk import, was thinking CSV but TBH not really looked into the Data Import Utility in much depth yet.
  2. Hi @Steven Boardman, thanks for the reply. I'm just testing with a newly created asset type. Doesn't seem to allow that shared option though in the 'Used By' field. Just bringing up that same internal users list. Also, would you still be able to bulk import assets if assigning a shared organisation? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi there, hopefully a simple one. We use Hornbill mainly for customers rather than our own company. These are configured within Organisations and Contacts. I've been looking at using the asset manager to control some of the stock we maintain for them. Problem I'm hitting is that while you can assign the 'owned by' field to users, you cannot assign them to the Organisation. Is this something that's possible and I'm just missing? Thanks in advance.
  4. Just a quick reply of thanks for the fast work on this one. Looking good so far since the last update.
  5. Further investigation seems to show this error only affecting Incidents, Service Requests seem ok. EDIT: Seems not, just seen it on SR too
  6. Hi there we updated the Service Manager this morning and ever since, we are seeing red box errors whenever putting a ticket on hold or manually taking it off hold. If we go back into the ticket after, the action has taken place but the Timeline isn't updated. https://i.imgur.com/EoIHQ32.png
  7. Hi, we are also seeing this issue now. Any update on a date for next Service Manager update?
  8. Ahh sorry @Pamela, I saw an update to Service Manager just after your response and thought that was it. Will have more patience, thanks for getting back to me. As I say, the issue isn't with the email not being sent. It shows in the email sent folder as being sent once. It is received twice though.
  9. Does anyone have any further thoughts on this? All updates this morning saw 2 emails received by all recipients. We've now resorted to sending manual email updates outside of Hornbill. Email notifications on opening and closing tickets work just fine. It's when sending via the email option within a ticket that we see the problem.
  10. @Steven Boardman yes h_custom_a make much more sense! Changed that now. Still getting the warning about invalid variable ref though and test fails. Let me throw you the screenshots. The Prog Cap then the 2 automated tasks to confirm I'm not missing something silly.
  11. Thanks @Steven Boardman So what I've done is set the field ID for the question to h_custom_a_custom_o Then, on the 2nd automated task to Update Request ID I've picked the variable Custom field A, so &[global["flowcode"]["customFieldA"]] Once I Validate, I see the warning That nodes have invalid variable references. Oh, I did test too but it didn't populate the External Ref field
  12. Hi @Pamela We updated the Service Manager last Friday to latest version but didn't seem to resolve the issue. Tested a request update this morning and again, everyone received 2 emails.
  13. Thanks @Steven Boardman, that's what I was looking for. One more question on the variable to be chosen. Our Business Processes are linked with different Progressive Capture catalog items. Therefore I can't set that variable to one of the Prog Cap answers as it wouldn't work if other Prog Caps are used. Is it possible to set that Business Process to pick the Field ID, and then I could set the same Field ID in the different Prog Caps? If that makes sense.
  14. Hi, is there any way to add the External Reference field in manually as part of the progressive capture. Rather than adding into the Ticket Details section after it's been raised?
  15. @Pamela Sure we will give this a try again. I wouldn't have thought the button is being clicked more than once though as we have so many example, from different operators. Will update later today
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