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  1. We've implemented several Service Request processes where authorisation is requested and a reason for rejection is mandatory. We couldn't find how to feed these rejection details back to the user. We've managed to work out that the "RequestLastActivity - Content Preview" variable will pull this into the email, providing the BPM is designed accordingly. It's not perfect but it gives the user immediate feedback without having to follow a hyperlink and find the update in the request timelime. Snippet of the process and email template below. Hope this can be of use to other users.
  2. Thanks @Ehsan. Can see it now
  3. yes, cleared everything, logged out, new browser session. No change on the menu.
  4. @James Ainsworth We found the Service Manager Reports area by working out the url, but we still don't see the menu option anywhere. Presuming it will be here;
  5. Hi Folks - we are not seeing this option on the Service Manager menu - We have the "In-App" role assigned... Any pointers? thanks Neil
  6. Thanks @Steven Boardman, I think that's exactly what's happening. cheers Neil
  7. I've been testing use of the node mentioned but when I executed the BPM, it seemed to get stuck in a loop and generated multiple duplicate requests. See BPM and node details below. I'm aware the flow will probably be flawed, but I wouldn't expect this behaviour.
  8. Solved it - found this in Service Manager Application settings; app.experimental.multipleRequestsAction Switched it on and can now cancel requests
  9. @HHH , I have all the full access roles but still only see the same request actions as above
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread, but how do you enable the Cancel option in the Request Actions? I can only see Assign and Add to Boards Manager...
  11. Thanks Steve - it seems to be working this morning
  12. Closed browser and tried again with the same result Seems to be affecting multiple users
  13. See screenshot And then this error... Could not connect to server (Error code: -1)
  14. @Ehsan screenshot of the user roles;
  15. @Ehsan thanks I'm not seeing that the clickable link directs to the employee portal. Ours still create links to live.hornbill...not service.hornbill…. @Neil Smith
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