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  1. @Daniel Dekel I'm also having trouble recreating this now! I've tried in Chrome, Edge and IE and I've been able to assign the group with no problems. I'll consult with my colleague who initially encountered the issue and get back to you. thanks Neil
  2. Hi @Daniel Dekel I fill out the form as below; Click Create and see this; F5 doesn't change anything. I can then assign to group and update; Windows 10, Browser- Edge but we've experienced similar behaviour in IE 10, Chrome and Safari Hope this helps thanks Neil
  3. We are having difficulty assigning a group to an Activity template. We create a typical template, but when we click Update, the Group field is cleared. We have to click off the new template, then back into it before we can assign the Group. Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth, please add me to this change thanks Neil Gallacher
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