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Found 23 results

  1. Hi All, Just looking for some advice regarding the Service Catalogue. Does anyone use the Service Catalogue as their ISO 20000 compliant catalogue of services? The reason I'm asking is because we are often creating a Hornbill Service to make logging tickets via the service portal a cleaner solution. As an example, to make things clear to the customer, we have a service called "Security Incident" this is obviously not a "real" service, but it allows us to send the customer down a relevant progressive capture and means we cannot use the service catalogue successfully as an I
  2. Hi All, Wondering if any of you kind individuals could help. We have been utilising Hornbill service manager now for 7 months and although I believe its a great ITSM service desk tool, the reporting is down right appalling and the advanced analytics cost is extortionate for a small team. Could anyone share their standard reporting definitions for a few basic reports, the front end is massively clunky to get used to and its proving very time consuming. I'm looking for the following but ANY would be most welcome. 1. SLA reporting by month. 2. Tickets Logged / Resol
  3. Spotlight - Toyota Motorsport GmbH Toyota Motorsport GmbH is a unique high-performance testing and development facility located in the centre of Europe; in Cologne, Germany, specialising in high technology. TMG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation and offers its services to external clients as well as members of the Toyota family. Toyota Motorsport first implemented Hornbill’s on-premise Supportworks ITSM solution in 2008, and in June 2018, TMG decided to migrate to Hornbill Service Manager. I asked Per Nordqvist to share his thoughts on how things have gone since
  4. GOSH – Improving IT to help clinicians provide better care to children Service improvement is important to every organization, but it is critical to Great Ormond Street Hospital IT teams, as they support the fantastic people who look after poorly children. Our last blog post described how the IT teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital are setting up a digital workplace to deliver a better service to clinicians, patients and their families. Although the GOSH IT teams had already implemented their ITSM processes, adopting Hornbill Service Manager meant that they were able take a service-cen
  5. Searching for Requests in Service Manager Hornbill's Service Manager offers a number of search features for locating requests held within Service Manger.  These include options from using simple filters to creating complex search conditions. The Global Search located at the top of the browser is always available no matter which Hornbill app you are working in.  A combination of a text search, search tools, and advanced operations provides the flexibility needed for fast results. The Request List in itself contains a number of easily accessible options such as the Quick Filter
  6. Hornbill Service Manager improves IT performance at the Victoria & Albert Museum I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum recently to record a short video with Grant Fettis (Change Manager) and Chris Nutt (IT Service Desk Manager) about their experiences of implementing Hornbill Service Manager. It was clearly a smooth experience, as Grant said, “I don’t think I’ve been through a simpler process of changing from one tool to another.” Because the tool is so easy to use, it is now being adopted by other business units within the museum. Progressive Capture has simplif
  7. SPOTLIGHT: Northumberland County Council In June 2016, Lee Mcdermott visited the SITS event in London to look at the latest versions of ITSM solutions in the market. After reviewing several ITSM tools, the team at Northumberland County Council selected Hornbill Service Manager, and started their 30-day switch-on in March 2017, with a targeted go-live in mid-April.  I asked Lee to share his experiences on Hornbill Service Manager and their tight window for go-live, and this is what he had to say. Can you give me a brief background of who you are and what your role is at Northumberland Co
  8. Impact Assessments Capturing the impact of a change, an incident, or any other type of request can be crucial to determining how it is managed.  But how do you decide which impact level to select?   Service Manager provides a great way of automatically determining the impact level to be applied.  Taking the guessing out of the hands of the user, they can be walked through a number of questions where each answer has a weighted value that contributes to the automatic selection of the impact level.  The results of the assessment are captured in the request along with the aut
  9. Creating Request Sub-statuses While working on an Incident Record you may want to provide a way to describe different scenarios that occur while this incident is open.   This might be to describe what is currently being done to progress the incident, or possibly to display who needs to action the incident next. Hornbill Service Manager allows you to create and manage sub-statuses not only provide this type of description, but also to set if the incident should be on-hold during that time. Automation can be set up to change the sub-status based on when a customer either update the inci
  10. SPOTLIGHT: Great Ormond Street Hospital - IT Services supporting The Child First and Always Last week I visited Greg Fellowes, Service Support Manager, and Hayley Gordon, Senior Service Desk Systems Administrator at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to chat about their progress with Hornbill Service Manager. It was incredibly refreshing to hear them express a deep understanding of the needs of different business units, and the specific requirements of the IT teams that support them.  My next blog will explain how GOSH IT teams’ service-centric approach has delivered vast improve
  11. Crown Packaging - Modernizing Enterprise IT Crown Packaging is the leader in metal packaging technology and the number one producer of food cans and metal vacuum closures in the world. In 2017, the company celebrated its 125th anniversary and now operates in 36 countries, employing over 24,000 people and has net sales of $8.3 billion. At Crown, a focus on innovation is not reserved for individuals with “innovation” or “product development" in their titles. By making innovation everyone’s job, Crown fosters a spirit of continuous improvement every day. IT Service
  12. Exactly Why do ITSM Vendors Lead with ITIL? I was inspired to write this article on the back of a question asked on the Back2ITSM community by William Goddard which was... I think the answer to the question is obvious, but we can explore it by looking at the role of a vendor in a niche industry.  Firstly, and most obviously I think, vendors do not choose to lead with ITIL, Pink Verify or anything else. The buying public chooses, and vendors simply make and sell what they are asked for.  The problem with niche markets like the ITSM space is there are different parties, with
  13. SPOTLIGHT: To Microsoft System Center Service Manager and Back Again People will tell you “there is no such thing as a free lunch" and this story is such a great example of that.  Paul and the team at Vinci PLC have been on a bit of a Service Management journey over the last three or so years, having previously used our Supportworks on-premise solution and then moving to Microsoft System Centre Service Manager, and all for the right reasons of course, I remember them being very gracious and having good business reasons for doing so. I am delighted to say that we are lucky
  14. SPOTLIGHT: London Borough of Brent Embraces a Shared Service Culture We have worked with the team over at London Borough of Brent for a good number of years now.  Back in 2016 they transitioned from an on-premise Supportworks deployment to Hornbill Service Manager in the cloud as their service management solution. I was talking to Nasim about their journey, and he was kind enough to share his story with me; here is what he had to say.  Can you give me a brief background of who you are and what your role is at London Borough of Brent? What Service Desk tool(s) we
  15. A Bird's eye view of Global IT Bird & Bird LLP is an international law firm, with over 1200 lawyers in 28 offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, helping clients based in over 120 countries across the globe. The firm aims to be the number one law firm in the world for organisations being changed by technology or the digital world. This global ambition requires a global IT approach. Therefore, Bird & Bird’s IT department has a specific way of working: as each office supports fee-earning lawyers, IT support must be present locally to ensure they can provide a swift
  16. INTEGRATION: Hornbill Open Integration Approach When I first conceived our Hornbill Platform I knew that the key to being successful was the ease in which it could be made to interoperate with other systems.  In theory, the Hornbill Platform could be used to implement pretty much any business application with its many capabilities. However, for now at least, we have chosen to focus our go-to-market efforts on Collaboration, Service Management and Customer Management application areas.  Any business system needs to be able to “play nice” with other systems, and not only sh
  17. INTEGRATION: Integrating with Microsoft Power BI Although we provide powerful analytics, dashboards and reporting capabilities built into the Hornbill Platform, that capability only caters for reporting on data held within Hornbill.  We know that customers often need to report across data sets from multiple systems which is where Business Intelligence tools come in.   Many of our customers have requested integration with Microsoft Power BI Data Visualisation Tool, it’s a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to manipulate and visualize data sets, linking and cross-referenc
  18. INTEGRATION: Hornbill iBridge - Connecting the Cloud Following on from my previous post Not All Integrations/Automations Are Made Equal I want to share with you how we tackled the problem of esoteric and unmaintainable integrations for our customers.  I felt very strongly that non-technical business process users could easily use these integrations without the need to have a deep technical understanding of APIs, coding and authentication schemes. Hornbill has the ideal canvas in its business process tool, its an intuitive, graphical canvas that allows you to draw diagrams
  19. INTEGRATION: Avoiding the IT Automation Trap An important part of creating a technology solution is to be able to recognise the business problem you are trying to solve. The first thing to ask is why do you want to automate? there are some compelling answers to this question. You can save money, you can consistently repeat the task without needing someone to be present and you can drive efficiencies. But when it comes to automating systems, “Integration” often muddled up with automation, but you should think of integration as a distinct function that enables automation, they are
  20. Collaboration is essential for modern ITSM I recently had a chat with Kaimar Karu, Head of Product Strategy and Development at AXELOS, about the importance of collaboration in ITSM. Through his engagement with IT, agile and development communities around the world, Kaimar has a deep appreciation of the need for collaboration between different teams, to ensure that the customer is getting value from service management. In this video we discuss the need for increased visibility and openness, both between IT teams, and with customers.  Collaboration underpins all agile methods, and with
  21. INTEGRATION: Business Application and IT Automation At the beginning of 2017 we decided to introduce a development theme to focus on IT and Business Systems automation.  As I was investigating what we needed to do I very quickly realised there was a lot of conflicting terminology so our starting point was to establish clear terminology around which we could anchor our internal conversations. If you are involved in product creation don’t under-estimate just how important this step is to get right, you will be surprised what seems so obvious actually isn’t. It turned out prett
  22. Innovation: Why does Innovation matter? Around seven years ago I took a long hard look at our business, our products and the Service Desk tools market. I was trying to make sense of why it was progressively getting more difficult to differentiate.  This was a time when there were 100’s of helpdesk and Service Desk tools a customer could choose from, functional requirements were being defined by ITIL rather than customer needs. The infamous “PinkVerify” tools list had expanded from just a few to over 50 vendors and Gartner even retired their IT Service Desk Magi
  23. Hornbill is launching its Global Partner Program At the beginning of 2015 Hornbill launched Hornbill Service Manager, a Collaborative Enterprise Service Management solution that brings something fresh, innovative and new to the ITSM and ITIL solution market.  Our technology is intuitive, modern and easy for customer to adopt while offering an exceptional level of very powerful functionality.  We deliver features continuously and our platform is always up to date so our customers never need to worry about upgrading or the cost and disruption that upgrade projects bring.  No code
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