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  1. Hello, I have encountered a problem recently where a large number of reports all failed to run and the cause was that a colleague (and report owner) recently retired, putting all the scheduled reports into a failed status. I have asked that the owner be updated and I have been advised that the only way to do this is is to copy them individually. I can do this however I think that it would be far better if it were possible to manage report ownership in bulk within the portal. I have appx 70 reports to copy, correct and reschedule individually, I am certain there will be accounts running hundreds, if not thousands of reports and the time lost rectifying the problems their report owners departure would cause would make it well worth adding this feature. Many thanks
  2. Is there a way to create a widget using a report as a source of data? Basically all information one would need is so far spread across different tables and not many alternatives to collate all information unless I go deep into SQL fodder. I wonder if anyone knows how to refer to controlledsql reports as the source for data on widgets. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi, I've scanned the forum to see if anyone had already posted this issue, but could've missed it, so please do point me to it if this has already been raised. One of our managers ran a report for the month of March and came upon a discrepancy whereby even though the request resolve by and the date resolved were met, the within resolve time criteria was still appearing as breached (see attached spreadsheet) We applied the Pause Resolution Timer enhancement on the 2nd of March so these calls should adhere to this setting - we confirmed that the enhancement works after the latest update released on the same day One thing we did notice for the tickets where this issue exists is that the resolution missed is way in the future, well after the call has been closed and timers ended is this a known issue? Application Support - resolved calls by analyst - with SLAs_629.xlsx
  4. Hello, I am currently looking into the In-App reports and have a few questions. When i run the First Time Fix report, 100% of my tickets are not showing as achieved. what is the logic behind these so that i can see why my tickets are not being flagged as FTF? Also I can see that the report 'request Incident Response Time by service Level' is available, but how can i customise this? so that i can filter by team or service? Again, the same goes for open tickets by age, i want to filter this by team/analyst Can we filter any of these report by date? Do you have any reports available which can show tickets which have breached SLA?
  5. Need some help on a contract report, we have compiled lots of our suppliers and associated contracts in the supplier manager module and use the contracts view to view a list of when contracts are due to expire. The limitation of this is the view is fixed to only show contracts that expire within 30, 60 and 90 days. There are some very high value contracts that we would need to start a procurement exercise for within 6 months of expiry and therefore I want a report that sends these by email to specific parties. I have created the report but struggling with the filter that only resolves contract end dates within 240 days. I am using this as a custom criteria that I have lifted from another report but it must be wrong. I need to show only contracts that expire within 240 days of "todays date" at the point in which the report is executed. DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 240 DAY)
  6. Hello all, I'm not sure whether anyone has come across the same thing, and was able to work around this, or find a better solution to what I am trying to achieve here? Any feedback would be gratefully received. Every Friday at 10 am I run a report on Customer Survey Feedback Responses each week. I've managed to run the report successfully, and with @Victor's assistance this has been working well. A few colleagues have noticed that I am missing some of the response data. What I would like to do is that I capture a rolling last 7 days from the time I run the report, however the variables pre defined in the screenshot attached it always look like I am going to miss some data. I think what I need is an additional variable like we have in the dashboard views, called last 7 days. Although happy to be corrected if that's not the case, and there is another way already built in for what I am looking to achieve. Many Thanks Adam
  7. @AlexTumber When viewing TimeSheet Reports for users, the list of users include archived users. Can we have a filter option like in 'contacts' to show bt default only current users, but still retain the ability to switch to view archived users time sheet information? Cheers Martyn
  8. Hi, I've created custom fields in hornbill with a goal to use them in reports. I use them mainly in the analyst view for calls and enable all custom fields then export the data as a csv. I've noticed that custom fields 31-40 don't appear in the list of view-able custom fields, is there a reason for this and is there anyway I can display it? Custom fields 21-30 are empty but the next 10 don't appear on the list as seen below. Any information is helpful, thanks.
  9. I love the new Service Manager predefined reports however, when I export pie chart reports on a schedule to the document manager there percentages of each slice are not on the PDF like they are when you view in the web front-end clicking on each slice. Can these be rendered on to the exports so we don't need to calculate the percentages when viewing in the document manager via mobile app on the go? I have attached an example, having a total count at the bottom of the source type table would also be useful. Open Requests By Source - Since Go-Live.pdf
  10. Every week (usually on a Monday) I run a report on the precious weeks activity and download the CSV option to create bespoke reports for my organisation. Since last Monday (10th February) the option to download appears not to work. I have tried this in different browsers and confirmed with my Infrastructure / Network team that no internal changes have taken place to stop the downloads. After inspecting the link (hovering over the file I wish to download) I have noticed that the name of the file is missing (https://admin.hornbill.com/fairhomegroupplc/#) Any ideas?
  11. The Service Manager In-App Reporting is not including all the columns available in the Request List view 'Export Columns' configuration. In out case at the moment we are trying to get to 'Response Time' and 'Resolve Time', as well as closure category. Columns currently listed for In-App Reporting. Columns missing from In-App but present in Request List Views export highlighted in Blue. Can these column be added in, as they are especially important for reporting on performance on closed requests. Cheers Martyn
  12. Hello, I have added an additional column into one of our reports to see the total onhold time, however I believe that the report shows the time in seconds Would it be possible to have the report show this time in hours possibly please?
  13. Hi All, Wondering if any of you kind individuals could help. We have been utilising Hornbill service manager now for 7 months and although I believe its a great ITSM service desk tool, the reporting is down right appalling and the advanced analytics cost is extortionate for a small team. Could anyone share their standard reporting definitions for a few basic reports, the front end is massively clunky to get used to and its proving very time consuming. I'm looking for the following but ANY would be most welcome. 1. SLA reporting by month. 2. Tickets Logged / Resolved by month. (Ticket Volume) 3. AVG Resolution times 4. Incidents caused due to change. (&How do we flag incidents as caused due to change?) 5. Individuals Performance 6. Unplanned Changes by month 7. Incident Report For Incident/problem management Best Regards Adam
  14. If a job is closed/resolved/cancelled then it clears all sub-statuses. Therefore when trying to run reports, we are unable to see whether a job has been on-hold and how long for if it is now closed/resolved/cancelled. In some instances, a job has clearly been on hold, e.g. the SLA for the job was 5 days and says met, however the job was resolved 3 months after being logged. The only way to delve deeper and find out how long the job was on hold for it to search for the job itself in the analyst portal, which is impractical when looking at reports for thousands of jobs. I believe this was raised by another colleague on the Customer Support portal back in April/May, with the resolution stated as a product defect that will be rectified in a later update. Do you have any idea when this will be actioned as it is affecting our reporting?
  15. Morning all, Is there a way to run a report based on the board status of a change? We have a change board in service manager and wold like to run a report showing us what list on the board they are on: I'm sure there will be a feature but i'm not sure how to go about it? Many thanks Hayley.
  16. Hello, Is it possible to schedule a report to run from a specific date each month? we currently have a report that runs at the start of every month, with a date range of last month or quarterly, however we have been asked to see if we could potentially have a report scheduled monthly to run from a specific date (our go-live date 5th July 2018). I know you can use the date prompt however, could we still schedule this report to run or do we have to do this manually each month, as we have the reports in a document library for other users to access.
  17. Hi We need to be able to report on how many times requests have been updated by a customer via the service portal. Previously, in Supportworks, there was updatedb table which enabled us to report on this. Is there a similar table in Service Manager we can use for this? Thanks Lauren
  18. Hi, Is there the current functionality to be able to report on either checkpoints (whether they've been completed or not) OR outcomes of activities? Thanks Lauren
  19. When building a report using the SQL Schema Designer, you might find that you are unable to configure custom column headers. This functionality can be enabled and made available if you configure table aliases for the table(s) used in the report (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Table/Column_Alias)Note: This does not apply when building reports using Entity or Measure. Custom column header functionality is available in this case.
  20. We have noticed this morning when we create a report the data collection or output formats tabs don't appear after we save them. I can see them in previously created reports and have been able to edit a saved one. The same thing is happening for my colleagues too. Can someone help?? thanks Helen
  21. I am trying to gather more information from the User that has been assigned the Asset "Used By" and "Used.By.Name" are the fields that are available I am not sure how i can link this with the sys_acocunts table? The PK could be the Customer URN but this is not located in the sys accounts Thanks Jamie
  22. Hi Is it possible to schedule reports? For example, run a particular report every Monday at 10:00, in a particular format (e.g. .csv) and send it to a given list of email recipients?
  23. hello, I have made a report which combines a few tables in order to pull information related to Leavers requests, including the assets linked to those requests. Whilst it initially worked, I wanted to get the "Asset Type" name attached to it, so as soon as I joined this table and included the field, the Asset Name column is now sharing the same details as the Asset Type Name column. If i remove the Asset Type Name column, the Asset Name column reverts back to the actual asset name. That was probably confusing I have attached the report definition file... tech-support-equipment-assets.report.txt You can also see the screenshot below: Without Asset Type Name With Asset Type Name As you can see the Asset Name column shares the AssetTypes->Name fields. Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
  24. Hi, I have a report which I added Scheduling to, set to Run Once on Wed 7th Feb, although I subsequently set this to Disabled back in Feb. Thing is the report is actually running once a week (usually a Wednesday) every 5 minutes. I now have 63 pages of report history, and 18k+ rows. Is there a known problem with report scheduling please? Thanks Martin ======================= SELECT count(*) FROM h_sys_reports_history where h_fk_reportid = '93'
  25. Hi, It would be useful to be able to merge columns with the same alias in a report. This will allow us to view the same field across different tables in one column rather than it seperating the columns (as per the top screenshot)
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