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  1. Hi When we attempt to change the customer associated with a ticket the drop down doesn't populate with any names Carl
  2. Hi We currently have 4 different SSO profiles (we provide support for 4 organisations) It would appear that the identity provider drop down that is displayed for users to choose from is in the order in which the profiles were created. Could this be changed to alphabetical order? The original profiles we created were coincidentally in alphabetical order but we've recently created some additional profiles and it would be good if the list was in an obvious order.
  3. @Victor thanks but the user does have a SM subscription
  4. Hi We have a number of processes that utilise the Hornbill API that have been failing since Wednesday, when we were affected by the issue with the application subscriptions being removed. The issue would appear to be related to the API key as i'm seeing an error: Your session does not have rights to the 'com.hornbill.servicemanager' application Does something need to be done to give existing keys access to the service manager application?
  5. Thanks @Steven Boardman I'll log with support
  6. Hi Have there been any recent changes to how the activity permissions work? Our analysts can no longer complete tasks that have been assigned to another team. This has been working for us for a number of years by assigning a custom role which includes the Advanced Request Task Completer permission. The activities in the request view which are assigned to a different team show the hyperlink on the activity name (and the 'complete' tick box) but clicking on it doesn't do anything i.e. it doesn't open the task dialog To clarify, we have the app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter setting enabled, Incident Management Full Access or Service Request Full Access role (or a custom role which includes the Advanced Request Task Completer permission), the analyst is a member of a team that does support the service the request is logged against - but can only complete or view activities if they are a member of the team the activity is assigned to.
  7. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone I was just looking at this also. It seems the setting is there (on page 2) but the search isn't working properly. Typing in 'guest' returns 1 result for me even though every setting begins with 'guest'
  8. Hi @ArmandoDM Do you have any idea when this fix will be available? Regards Carl
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