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  1. Thanks for this - It's what we currently do. It would be nice if you could just search without creating rules from the filter, rather than having to specify searching in the summary, description, raised by etc etc. Usually an issue if you are looking up to see if a member of the team has answered a similar ticket, a fuzzy search against all tickets against a keyword would work much better for this. The top search bar seems to have this feature, but it just shows results in a random order which isn't useful at all. This has cropped up multiple times in the past 18 months where w
  2. Hi All, I'm aware this has been asked in the past and have previously been told this is being worked on, but wanted to just post here to have this in writing. The search functionality in the top section makes life hard, the results that are returned seem to be in a very random order and aren't filterable once searched. Obviously works fine if you know the ticket ref, but without that you have to resort to creating a custom view, likely to capture ALL tickets, with multiple filters to attempt to find what you might be looking for. One great thing about Hornbill
  3. See Tina.Lapere post above, this pretty much hits the nail on the head.
  4. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated, would be interested to know roughly how long until the "slimmer" request list will be available. With regards to the screenshot request, the below shows the page, if you click a service (circled service shown below), you go to a second page, shown by the further screenshot. This second page which looks like its used for customers to place requests doesn't look like its editable, as you can see the Icons are in the default style rather than how we changed our service icons etc. Will this page become editable ?
  5. Hi All, I have spent some time configuring the layout of the new employee portal, mainly to try and make this look as close as possible to the original on "https://service.hornbill.com/." and encountered a few issues. Possible Bug) Screenshot attached "newportal.png" shows that there's clearly a ticket for request CH00003511, however, when using the search feature it states no results found. This works fine on the old portal see screenshot "oldportal.png" so guessing this is just a bug, possibly relating to searching for change requests or a setting maybe? Layout Requests)
  6. Thanks Ehsan, unfortunately this has not fixed the issue. Your issue seems to be on all date filters, I was using "Date Closed" as mentioned above in my previous screenshots and this is still an issue.
  7. Hi Just wanting to post here again because the reporting issue I posted about has still not been fixed. Currently cannot run the report "Incidents Caused By Change" for a "Date Closed" of any filter such as last 365 days.... Thanks Adam
  8. Thanks Ehsan, I appreciate your feedback. Best Regards Adam
  9. Hi Gerry, Thanks for responding. No actual errors, just get "No Data Available" when there clearly should be. As an example, using the built in report "Requests Caused By Change" immediately shows no data as soon as you apply any date filter, this seems to be the same with many of the others. Below shows a snip from the "Default Report" data, for "Requests Caused By Change" If i then create a custom view on this report with the following criteria (or anything to do with dates) I get the following.. All issues seem to relate to when you use the C
  10. Some of the reporting built into service manager seems to be completely broken. I had various custom reports, that now show no data and there's no reason as to why. As an example, the built in report "Requests Caused By Change" immediately shows no data as soon as you apply any date filter, this seems to be the same with many of the others such as reopen request count etc. Is there any plans to improve the reporting? I'm having to write custom reports constantly using the direct database SQL which is very time consuming trying to find the right columns and relationships between
  11. Thanks James - it will make our customers happy. at present, they get two emails one form the resolutions and one from the email if an attachment is required.
  12. Very interested, I've registered for the Technical session!
  13. Hi James, With regards to this, can 'clicking' the paperclip show you a list of attachments for you to select from, its quite frustrating having to look through the email. Thanks Adam
  14. Hi James, Has this been added as a feature yet, if not, when can we expect this change? Thanks Adam
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