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  1. Hi @Victor @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman We've noticed this too - is this expected behaviour? Thanks Lauren
  2. Hi @AlexTumber Is there any update with regards to this please? Thanks Lauren
  3. Hi James, Yes, they do. The linked requests were all logged under the same service as the parent incident. They are members of the supporting teams of that service. Thanks, Lauren
  4. Thanks @Steve Giller, that's what I thought was the case. We created a custom role for our IT staff and they have the following rights: They don't seem to be able to resolve linked requests, though - they don't see the option as above. Are you able to assist? Thanks Lauren
  5. Hi Are you able to advise which right within the Incident Management Full Access role (and others) provides users with the ability to resolve linked requests when resolving a request as below? Thanks Lauren
  6. +1, this would be really useful for us.
  7. Hi, We're looking to amend the resolution stages of some of our business processes, so that if a request is re-opened it is automatically assigned back to the team that last dealt with it. Currently, our business processes are configured so that they are assigned to the person who resolved the request when re-opened. Due to leave etc this isn't the most feasible set up. I cannot see a way to set the bp up so that it assigns to the resolved by team - is this something that I can achieve? Thanks Lauren
  8. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there any update with this at all? Going back to @Kelvin's original point, it would be great to have a 'Last Updated By' column. Lauren
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Here is an example of when we'd need to link more than one site to a request: reporting on changes that are affecting multiple sites (i.e. a nationwide service affecting multiple locations) It is primarily for reporting purposes however could be used further in the future. It would be used for several request types, not just Change or Release. Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for getting back to me. In this case, the person who resolved the request is a member of a supporting team for that service. All of the linked requests were logged under the same service. Lauren
  11. We utilise the 'resolve linked requests' action frequently, but have today found that some of our analysts can't see this option. I thought it was a global setting using the 'app.request.resolve.enableLinkedRequestAction' setting. Is it role-based, too? Thanks Lauren
  12. Hi, I've been asked by one of our Service Desk analysts if the time stamp on a timeline entry can be amended, so that it shows the date/time that the entry was added rather than 'an hour ago' (as below). They cannot always get an accurate time that something was completed. Is this something that we're able to change? Thanks Lauren
  13. Thanks @AlexTumber and @Victor - I'll have a look into that
  14. Hi, I think this is a really silly question but I can't seem to find how to make the Timesheet Manager icon appear on the right-hand panel - we have icons for bookmarks, conversations and activities but not Timesheet Manager. We use Timesheet Manager with Service Manager but can't see where this gets set. Is someone able to advise, please? Thanks Lauren
  15. Hi, Is there a way to set a business process up so that during say the hours of 0800-1700, it assigns to a certain team and anything logged outside of these hours is logged to another team? Thanks Lauren
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