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  1. +1 more options and the ability to insert answers from the captures would be great
  2. Hi, In Supportworks, users who weren't listed as approvers could approve changes/releases on behalf of those who were listed as approvers. Is there a way to set this up in Service Manager, without assigning the highest Change and Release Management-related roles to those users? The reason for this is that some managers who were listed in our CAB would delegate to their technical leads to comment on changes/releases. Thanks Lauren
  3. Hi @James Ainsworth Do you have a date for the Timesheet Manager update please? Thanks Lauren
  4. Hi @Victor Are you able to advise on this please? Thanks Lauren
  5. Hi @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman Sorry to pick on you both - are you able to advise if there is any way to amend/remove custom views for the request list that have been set up by users who have left the organisation? Thanks Lauren
  6. Hi, We've got several custom views that we need to remove/update that were created by someone who no longer works in the organisation. How do we go about doing this? As I understand the only way to do this is to get the owner (creator) to... Thanks Lauren
  7. Thanks @James Ainsworth , that's great. I'll wait to hear back about when it is due
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman Are you able to confirm if this could be added as a column to the request list? I've also been asked if this is something we could include on reports (i.e. the last timeline entry). Thanks Lauren
  9. Hi When adding time retrospectively, is there a way to link it to an entity? We've recently had a major incident and, understandably, our engineers are focused on returning service rather than updating the incident record at the exact time. Within a users' timesheet, they can add retrospective time and select the relevant categories but cannot link it to a request or asset. Is this something that could be added if it isn't possible already? Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there an update with this one at all please? Thanks LAuren
  11. Hi When viewing any of the out-of-the-box request list views (e.g. My Requests, I'm Following etc) the following toolbar is displayed, that lists how many of the requests in that view are open, on-hold, resolved: When creating a custom view, the above toolbar disappears and it just displays a request total: At first, I thought this could be because all 215 requests in that view have the same status. However, I can see that there are requests that are on-hold, resolved and closed in this particular view. I've tested another view and have found the same thing. Could the status toolbar be enabled on all views, whether they're custom or out-of-the-box please? Thanks Lauren
  12. Great, thank you for the update @AlexTumber
  13. Hi @Steven Boardman @James Ainsworth Are there any plans to introduce bulk-linking at all? It would be great to be able to do this from either a request list view (where you check the requests you'd like to link) or via the searching. Thanks LAuren
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