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  1. Lauren

    Emailing Connections

    Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks! I'll give that a try :-) Lauren
  2. Hi We need to be able to report on how many times requests have been updated by a customer via the service portal. Previously, in Supportworks, there was updatedb table which enabled us to report on this. Is there a similar table in Service Manager we can use for this? Thanks Lauren
  3. Lauren

    Emailing Connections

    Hi Is there a setting that enables any linked customers (via the "Connections" tab) to be emailed when the request is resolved? It would be helpful to have a setting to enable which allows either impacted AND/OR interested customers to be emailed when the request is resolved. Thanks Lauren
  4. Lauren

    Searching by Handle

    Hi @James Ainsworth Yes, that's exactly what we're experiencing. Our staff IDs are eight digits long formally, however we tend to shorten these to the last five digits (as the first three are a prefix to identify which part of the organisation the staff member works for). This is why it would be helpful if we could search on any part of the ID, as we see with the assignment. Please do let me know if there is any further info you may require Lauren
  5. Lauren

    Searching by Handle

    Hi We've found a slight anomaly when searching for people in Service Manager. To aid my explanation, a bit of context - our users' handles have the format "FirstName LastName ID" (the ID is the same as the User ID). When searching for an analyst by ID (as that's what we use to login to our network) in the customer details progressive capture form, you have to type the whole of the ID, rather than part of it. However, when searching for analyst when assigning a request, you can enter part of the ID and the user is returned. If you enter the same part of the ID in the customer details progressive capture, it doesn't return any results. Is there a setting I need to enable to ensure the same results are found? Thanks Lauren
  6. Lauren

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    Hi @David Hall Thank you! Got it :-) Lauren
  7. Lauren

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    Hi @David Hall Unfortunately the key we require doesn't appear to begin "user.view.pcapture.site". I am looking for the key to amend the "Select the site relating to this call" (as below). Are you able to confirm the name of they key I require? Thanks Lauren
  8. Lauren

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    @David Hall Ah yes, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks :-)
  9. Lauren

    Amending Wording on Default Capture Forms

    Hi @David Hall Unfortunately I'm not receiving any results here - see below. Do I need to switch on a setting or something to view those keys that begin "user.view.pcapture"? I get results when just typing "user.view." Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi, We wish to amend the wording on the site details progressive capture form - the "out of the box" one. We know that this can be completed in "Translations" (as we've done it before for the "Add Attachments" form) - however, we're struggling to find the translation key. Is someone able to confirm what the key is we require - or a list of the keys associated with default progressive capture forms? Many thanks Lauren
  11. Lauren

    Searching in Service Manager

    Hi @Steven Boardman @Chaz @James Ainsworth Please see above topic posted in November - we would really benefit if the two ideas were taken into consideration. - Some of our major incidents/problems have multiple incidents related to them - linking these on an individual basis takes a lot of time to complete, therefore having the option to bulk link multiple incidents would be helpful. - When searching, it default sorts by date logged (I think). It is useful sometimes to sort by other factors. I look forward to hearing from you Lauren
  12. Lauren

    No Option to Edit/Colour

    HI @Chaz Can you provide a screenshot please? Is it also possible to show who the owner of the request is? Lauren
  13. Lauren

    Request Notifications

    Hi, Is there a way to receive particular updates or notifications when requests you're following are updated? In Supportworks, we had a "Supportworks Messenger" which would notify us if a request we were watching were updated/assigned. This would be helpful in Service Manager. Thanks Lauren
  14. Lauren

    Fix Time of Requests

    Hi, Is there anywhere in a request where it lists what the fix time was? In Supportworks, there was a field called "Fix Time" that calculated the time between the request being logged and resolved. Thanks Lauren