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  1. Hi, I've been asked by one of our Service Desk analysts if the time stamp on a timeline entry can be amended, so that it shows the date/time that the entry was added rather than 'an hour ago' (as below). They cannot always get an accurate time that something was completed. Is this something that we're able to change? Thanks Lauren
  2. Thanks @AlexTumber and @Victor - I'll have a look into that
  3. Hi, I think this is a really silly question but I can't seem to find how to make the Timesheet Manager icon appear on the right-hand panel - we have icons for bookmarks, conversations and activities but not Timesheet Manager. We use Timesheet Manager with Service Manager but can't see where this gets set. Is someone able to advise, please? Thanks Lauren
  4. Hi, Is there a way to set a business process up so that during say the hours of 0800-1700, it assigns to a certain team and anything logged outside of these hours is logged to another team? Thanks Lauren
  5. Hi, I have a few queries about scheduled/followed-up activities having set up some this morning: 1) When an activity has been generated as a follow-up activity, it doesn't include any attachments from the original activity. Is this intended behaviour? 2) When you schedule an activity in advance, you cannot see it as it is only raised on the day it is scheduled for. To assist with resource planning, we'd like to be able to see an activity that has been scheduled before the day it is due on. (I know when a follow-up activity is raised you can see it in advance, however this requires the person completing the activity to remember to click follow-up on its completion) 3) When you have scheduled an activity, you are the only person that can amend the properties of that scheduled job. Is this something that can be amended? If that person leaves, you cannot change that scheduled task. Thanks Lauren
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman Sorry, I know you've said you'll post back here once it is scheduled, but I am being chased internally for this functionality. Do you have more of an idea as to when this will be deployed to live instances? Thanks Lauren
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman Is there any update with this at all? We have a number of custom views that need updating or removing. Thanks Lauren
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman @James Ainsworth Sorry to pick on your both - is there any movement with regards to this at all? We'd love the option to both preview and download attachment(s). Thanks Lauren
  9. Hi We've come across an issue regarding escalation events where there is no assigned owner. We have escalation events configured to send an email notification to the owner and line manager of the owner but these are sometimes not triggered due to the fact that the request has no assigned owner - usually this is because they're assigned to a team rather than an individual at the point of the email notification being sent. Is there a way that the system can identify the user listed as the Manager or TeamLeader of that team as per the team membership? Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi I've had a look at the escalation events in the SLA however I'm not sure how to configure what I need. I want to be able to configure either an email notification, or activity generation, when an incident logged under a particular service is upgraded to Critical (from any priority). I wouldn't need an email or activity if say an incident was upgraded to any other priority. Does anyone know how I may achieve this? Thanks Lauren
  11. Hi If you complete an activity that is assigned to someone else, it doesn't note that on the timeline entry when the task is completed. It just says 'Task X was completed by Person X' (Person X being the user that has completed the activity). It doesn't give an indication as to who the task was assigned to in the first place, or who the task has been completed on behalf of. Are there plans to add this at all? Lauren
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there any update with this at all? Thanks Lauren
  13. @AlexTumber Sorry - one more thing, I promise! I'm not sure if this is Service Manager or Timesheet Manager though. When time is added as part of an update on a request, there is nothing obvious on the timeline that shows time is associated with that post. Is this due to change?
  14. Hi @AlexTumber That's great, thank you. One small thing I've noticed today - on the warning message you get when you've not added a timesheet category, there is a typo. It says categroy rather than category. Could this be updated please? Apologies if you're already aware. Lauren
  15. Hi, I have a few queries regarding the categories in Timesheet Manager: 1) We need our system administrators to have permission to edit existing categories that haven't been created by them. Currently, it seems only the creator (owner) can edit/delete them. Is this possible? 2) I believe that anyone who is listed as a Team Leader or Manager in their respective team has the ability to create categories. We want all staff within IT to be using the same categories, therefore need to remove the ability for Team Leaders or Managers to create their own categories. A way round this would be to mark everyone as a Member of their teams, rather than Team Leader or Manager. However, I think this means that they'll no longer be able to view the timesheets of their staff within the Reports area of Timesheet Manager. How can we get round this, as we still want managers to view their staff members' timesheets? Thanks Lauren
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