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  1. Hi Apologies, this could be either Board Manager or Project Manager. When adding a Project task to a board, it shows the title of the task, description, status, project it relates to, owner and progress. Where it should say the project name, it says 'undefined' as below: Is this intended behaviour? Thanks Lauren
  2. Hi Is there a field that stores the a category's code, rather than ID? Thanks Lauren
  3. Hi @Adrian Simpkins @Jeremy We also have the default categories error. I first noticed this earlier today - perhaps linked to the 1805 update we installed yesterday. I've logged a job with Support so hopefully will know more soon.
  4. Hi @Adrian Simpkins I have just noticed this on my request list too!
  5. Hi I am trying to create a widget that displays requests resolved between the start and end of last month. I keep getting errors using the query I've inputted - I must confess I am no SQL expert. Is someone able to confirm the query I'd need? Thanks Lauren
  6. Hi @Bob Dickinson @Steven Boardman @James Ainsworth Are there any plans at all to change the visibility of activities? Thanks Lauren
  7. Hi I am trying to create a measure that will bring back the number of incidents that have "P -" at the start of the request summary. I am not sure how to use a contains or a like statement in my query. Are you able to confirm what I need to add to only return numbers of incidents that contain "P -" at the start of the summary? Thank you Lauren
  8. Hi We are trying to report on the following: - Number of times customers (basic users) have updated requests via the portal (service.hornbill.com...) - Number of times customers (basic users) have updated requests via email (we have a rule in place that automatically updates requests with the email if the subject line contains the request reference). Is there a way of easily reporting on both of these? We have tried but are a little stuck Thanks Lauren
  9. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for getting back to me. Groups would be perfect. With regards to the sorting, how would an analyst select the template when they're logging an activity? Would it be a case of selecting from a drop-down the activity categories (which would need to be predefined somewhere), then selecting the relevant template from a second drop-down which is dependent on the first? Lauren
  10. Hi @StephC Hornbill Support investigated it after we logged an incident with them. It's interesting to see that others are having the same problem though! Lauren
  11. Thanks @StephC @PeterL We too had this problem but it was recently diagnosed as a fault with our local network. At the point that we would restart the failed business process, the network issue was resolved explaining why the error cleared and the process continued. It is worth noting that the Xmlmc errors we received didn't just relate to emailing the customer, sometimes they would relate to Assignment or Get Request Information nodes. Our internal investigations are continuing.
  12. Hi We use activity templates quite heavily and the list of templates we use is continuing to grow. I have the following queries/requests: 1) Can activity templates be role or team based? There are some activity templates that I would only want a certain group of users to be able to see and use. 2) Are there plans to introduce sorting of activity templates? I guess I am thinking along the lines of timesheet categories and sub-categories here - so you'd have a category of say Network Services and within that you'd have all of the activity templates relating to Network Services. I guess this links back to the first point as you could have permissions on each of the categories. Thanks Lauren
  13. Hi @PeterL @StephC @AndyHill When you restart the failed business processes, without making any changes to the BP or email template in question, does the error clear and the process continue as normal? Thanks Lauren
  14. Hi @TrevorHarris That's great news, thank you!
  15. Hi, Is there a way that I can link contracts together? As an example, we may have a seller and re-seller and we'd want to link their contracts together. Thanks Lauren
  16. Hi @AlexTumber Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately the issue persists after I remove the £. Lauren
  17. Hi I am trying to create a contract for the first time in Supplier Manager but when I click 'Create' after completing all fields, nothing happens. I have navigated to Supplier Manager > Supplier A > Contract icon > More... (next to Create) > Create a New Supplier Contract Screenshot of completed fields below. Am I doing something wrong? I have followed available guidance on the WIKI but still can't seem to create contracts. I've tried it for other suppliers too. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks Lauren
  18. HI @James Ainsworth This is still an issue for us - are you aware of any other factors that may affect the ability to resolve linked requests? Thanks Lauren
  19. Hi, I have access to several boards (3 pages worth) - there are some that I access on a daily basis that I would like to 'favourite' so that I can access them straight away rather than scrolling. This is similar to the favourite function in Supplier Manager, where you can access your favourite suppliers by clicking the heart icon. Could a similar thing be added to Board Manager please? Thanks Lauren
  20. Hi Has there been an update to Service Manager at all overnight? Request timelines now appear more spaced out, with the like/reply buttons larger and the comment box is bigger. Thanks Lauren
  21. Hi, We'd like to begin using Supplier Manager alongside Service Manager and tie in our supplier SLAs with Service Manager requests that are out with our third parties. I remember seeing something at Insights where you could select a supplier SLA on a request - is this feature available and if so, how do I configure this? Thanks Lauren
  22. Hi @Victor @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman We've noticed this too - is this expected behaviour? Thanks Lauren
  23. Hi @AlexTumber Is there any update with regards to this please? Thanks Lauren
  24. Hi James, Yes, they do. The linked requests were all logged under the same service as the parent incident. They are members of the supporting teams of that service. Thanks, Lauren
  25. Thanks @Steve Giller, that's what I thought was the case. We created a custom role for our IT staff and they have the following rights: They don't seem to be able to resolve linked requests, though - they don't see the option as above. Are you able to assist? Thanks Lauren
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