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  1. Is anyone else trying to do this, or has managed to achieve it?
  2. Hi James, I did have access to that tool (didn't know it existed!) so I ran the following query; SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests where h_requesttype='problem' I exported the results to Excel to check what statuses the problems had, but only the following showed, so I don't think the issue you've seen before is what's at play here? Cheers, Mike
  3. I have set up a view for problem tickets with the following criteria: However, out of 47 tickets, 3 do not appear in the view even though they adhere to the criteria. I only found out about them because a report with exactly the same criteria shows them. I can view the tickets so I don't think permissions are an issue. Can anyone figure out why this might be the case?
  4. I want to gather the time spent on linked requests. For example, if a problem ticket as 10 linked incidents, I'd like to sum up the time spent on those 10 incidents for cost/benefit analysis of fixing a problem. I'm sure this was reported as an upcoming feature at Insights - does this feature exist or is it in development?
  5. Just wanted to bump this in case anyone has any ideas...?
  6. We have around 200 services in Hornbill Service Manager. The same problem management process is linked to all of them, but I want to change the request details form. Is there a way I can "bulk" update the request details form for all services? If that isn't an option, I may create a service specifically for problem management and link to the relevant service instead as it gives me more control. If I were to go for that option, is there a way I can "bulk" turn off the problem configuration for every service?
  7. I don't seem to have that option available?
  8. I now have access! I've created an assessment, but it looks like the "Impact Level" is calculated by summing the value of the answers to the questions. Is it possible to choose to multiply values instead? In essence, I'm trying to get your traditional impact vs. probability matrix calculation into Hornbill.
  9. How can you assign a Human Task, within a BPM workflow, to the owner of the Request ticket?
  10. Ahh.... the BPM process hadn't been published, causing the confusion Apologies!!
  11. I've just realised that this isn't working as you might expect. I've checked that "Service A" is using "BPM Process 1" (dummy example names here of course :-)) in the request config for problem tickets. I click Raise New > Problem and during the progressive capture choose "Service A", but it is not using "BPM Process 1". Is there somewhere the request config for a service is overridden?
  12. Apologies, yes I did mean progressive capture and you have answered my question perfectly thanks @Steven Boardman!
  13. How do you change the BPM process that the "Raise New" button uses in live.hornbill.com/* ?
  14. I'd like to setup a way of automatically tracking the % of incidents caused by problems or known errors. By that I mean the percentage of incidents that have a related request that is a problem or known error on a monthly basis. I have created very basic measures, widgets and dashboards, but really don't have any idea how to get started on this! Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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