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Found 9 results

  1. I have been told to raise this by our SME as we are currently in the process of moving over our entire Knowledge base from Service Now into Hornbill FAQs. This has been, and continues to be, a painful process as we have over 1600 articles with assisting documents all being copied over by hand. So my main question is will the new Knowledge Management system be able to take the FAQ's with attached documents directly and import them? I am also interested in the way the new system will allow us to search for information. Currently the way this is done for Service Management is clunky and is not helping our Service Desk at all. I did ask if we could get a basic search outside of a request for Service Desk rather like the Portal but told you cannot do this due to all resources being on the new system. I would also like the ability to search in the editor to allow quick updates - Currently the only way to find a FAQ to update it is to put it into Alphabetical order and mouse over when you get near. A pain when you have a lot of articles starting with the same subject i.e Windows 10 as you can imaging. Even being able to move the display to show full titles would help. Then we come on to the timescales, when are we going to get a first look at the new system? Many thanks Tracey Edwards
  2. We are reporting against our portal published FAQs and cannot find any data for the date the customer either liked or disliked the published FAQ article. If this doesn't exist can this be added to h_itsm_faqs_feedback table?
  3. We are having an issue with broken images in FAQ's. We have started to publish and promote the use of FAQ's across the business and when the FAQ's are first published the images show fine. Today I have looked at them and over 50% now have broken image icons where the screen shot used to be? Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to resolve it?
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a way of holding the FAQ documents in a central place and having a system for what service to display them on? At the moment we have a few FAQ documents that are relevant for more than one service and we will have to make sure that all copies on all services are up to date rather than update a central document and then display it across multiple services. An example of this is adding a mailbox to a corporate mobile. We have had instances of iOS updates dropping the mailbox so the FAQ will show in 'Incidents', we will also display it in 'Service Requests' as the request new hardware service lives there. Finally it will also be displayed in 'Mobile Devices and Remote Working' and in 'Staff Changes' for new starters Obviously should the document change we will have to remember to update all 4 documents. This isn't too bad at the moment as the number of FAQs I have written is quite small but once we start using the system in a live function and the FAQs are also written by the analysts and the number grows it will be a task it itself to make sure all copies of documents are up to date. I was thinking of showing all FAQs in one tab and having a multi select drop down list of available services after each one as per the attached image.
  5. We have a service with approx 30 FAQs listed against it and it seems to cap in the Portal to 15 there is a load more button but this seems to do nothing and no more are loaded. Please can this be looked into please, as this is going to be crucial to a new form and process going live.
  6. Is there anyway to report against the FAQs on the service portal? We are starting to publish FAQs and if in the event a member of staff ticks the thumb down option when reviewing it we have no way (that I can find) of reporting against this so I can contact the member of staff for feedback for service improvement.
  7. Before we switched over to the new portal we were able to use a link to take us directly to a particular FAQ just by copying the URL when that FAQ was open. For some reason we can't do that anymore. The FAQ ID shows in the URL but when you follow it it just takes you to all the FAQs and the user still has to search for the correct one. Is there another way for me to add a link to an individual FAQ.
  8. Images uploaded to FAQs are being displayed to customers on the portal. Technician accounts can see the images. This appears to be due to the recent change in how images are stored. Previously they were stored as raw code in the HTML, now they are stored as files on the live.hornbill server. Unfortunately, it appears that customers do not have access to the live.hornbill directory. I confirmed this issue by creating a new FAQ on the hornbill/demo site and attempted to view the image on the portal with the Stever user. I have included images below of the issue. The image on the top is viewing as Stever, the image on the bottom is viewing as Grahamc. The exact url of my test image is: https://live.hornbill.com/demo/php/attachment/image.php?application=com.hornbill.servicemanager&entity=Faqs&key=173&secure&filepath=image1555001780424.021.jpeg As a side note, I noticed images uploaded as .jpg are being converted to .jpeg.
  9. Hello I was wondering if it was possible for FAQs to be pulled through next to the related tickets and catalogue items that appear here after selecting a Service when raising an Incident or Service Request. I notice that the list of FAQs will appear after logging and assigning the ticket but wondered if there was a way they could be pulled through whilst logging the ticket (next to the related tickets and catalogue items). Thanks in advance! Max
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