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Add ability to create Override Flags and save them to be reused in IC

Dan Munns

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So one of a few things happened, either I made this post ages ago and cant find it, someone else made this post ages ago and I cant find it or I dreamt the whole thing and that's why I cant find it. Either way here is a post now.

Please, can we have the ability to create an Override Flag in IC and save it to be used again in the same IC?

Our change form currently has 88 fields (likely more to come) with 87 of them being dynamic. Flags are based in questions on the form and maybe one might be role based (I cant remember all of the flags to be honest). Most users will only ever see a small fraction of the questions, I am not some form crazed IT guy. But the reasons for showing fields is varied and sometimes complex (like if field A is complete and field B is one of 3 answers but not the other 3 and field C is less than 15 but more than 4 and field D starts with IT and field E = 'No'....show field F. So most of these flags are stacked, to reduce complexity, so some fields have 3 or 4 flags on them, named to make the reason for the flag easy to understand without having to click into each one (as I am sure is done everywhere).

This means that if I want 29 fields to show for IT Service Desk but not the others I create 29 flags for 'If Field A = IT Service Desk'. Times by number of teams with custom questions (quite a few) and add in earlier question dependant questions and it quickly gets to be a hot mess. 

Now imagine a world if you will, where I make the Override Flag one time and then just apply it to the relevant questions. Birds sing, bees buzz, flowers sway in the breeze......you get the point I am sure.

I am also certain that there is probably an easier way to do this than how I am doing it at the moment. Please feel free to share. I don't get to play around in the admin portal as much as I once did/would perhaps like to and am sure I am more than a little rusty.

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