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  1. @Adam Toms, CORRECTION: The domains do not require a Trust between them for SIS to deploy and execute automations, as long as the Jobs are configured with the relevant Accounts for the target devices. Apologies for the mis leading information, wrote that statement without thinking Ricky
  2. Hi @Adam Toms, Thank you for your post. There should be no issue using a SIS to access multiple domains as long as the domain that the SIS sits in is trusted by the other domains. If that is not the case then you would need to install a new sis within each un-trusted domain. Regards Ricky
  3. Hi@Francis von Stein, my apologies for the delay in responding to your post, this seems to have been left behind due to our investigations with another ITOM query. We have looked at the issue and are not able to replicate the issue. It looks the issue maybe related to the data that you are passing to the node. Can you confirm that you are still experiencing the issue? Regards, Ricky
  4. Hi @Francis von Stein, thank you for your post. we have looked into the issue that you have reported and unfortunately cannot replicate the issue. Please could you provide a screenshot of the node properties that is causing the issue? Regards, Ricky Fearon.
  5. Hi @AndyGilly, I can confirm that we have pushed the core changes to build yesterday and should be available on Friday, given that there are no significant issues identified during the final test phase. Regards, Ricky
  6. Hi @AndyGillyI am hoping for some movement on the release this week, it has been pushed to our test servers and assuming there are no issues should go live. I will give the Dev team a nudge to see if I can get a more accurate time frame. Regrads, Ricky
  7. Hi@AndyGilly Yes the development team have added this to the list and have accepted it, I will keep you informed on any progress with relation to its release. Regards, Ricky
  8. Hi @AndyGilly, apologies for the delay on this. I have spoken to the Dev, who has confirmed that the fixes are in the next SIS release, as mentioned previously. We hope to see the release at some point next week, and once I have a more precise release date, I will update accordingly. Regards, Ricky
  9. Hi@Adam Toms, thank you for your post. I can confirm that this is a known issue; relating to a later version of the unstalled SIS compared to that available on the live stream. Usually, due to a patched version of the SIS software, and will not cause any issues with the operation of your SIS. The problem will resolve itself once the latest SIS is release to the live stream; we will also be addressing the issue so that it no longer occurs for future patched releases. Regards, Ricky
  10. @AndyGillyI have raised a support request for this issue and will organise an email request to schedule a remote session to be sent out to get this issue resolved asap. Regards, Ricky
  11. Hi @AndyGilly, It looks there were issue identified during the testing of the fix, and Dev. are currently looking at the issue. I will give then a nudge and get back to you once they have responded. Regards, Ricky
  12. Hi @AndyGilly, thank you for the request, it has been forwarded to development for further discussion and I will inform you off the outcome once they have responded. Regards, Ricky
  13. Hi @AndyGilly, I have not been able to replicate the issue in-house as yet and will have another look at it today and discuss with the development team to see how to best progress this issue. If we are unable to make any further progress, I will raise a support request and organise a remote session to get this sorted asap. Regards, Ricky
  14. @AndyGilly, Have spoken with the dev team and they are hoping to get an SIS release out next week, which will contain the fixes required to resolve the issue. I will post an update as soon as I can to confirm that the update has been pushed for release. Regards, Ricky
  15. Hi @AndyGilly, I am still waiting for confirmation of a date when the fix will become available, but will give the dev team a poke to get some progress with this. Regards, Ricky
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