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  1. Hi Andy, If you created input parameters when you created the package they should show within the properties of the IT Automation / Runbook nodes: If you do not see these then they need to be configured in the package Regards, Ricky Fearon
  2. @AndyGilly I can now confirm that the fixes have now been applied to the live stream and should now be available for your usage. Regards Ricky
  3. HI @AndyGilly We have found and corrected the issue that you have been experiencing when attempting to configure a IT Automation Job within the Scheduled Jobs and via a BPM process. This and a number of other issues are now being put through testing before being released to the live stream. I will let you know as soon as I am able when these are available for live usage. Regards Ricky
  4. Hi @AndyGilly, Currently then the solution for the Password reset is yet to be finalised however it is one of our priorities. Earmarked as part of the ITOM offering, due to the specific behaviour it is envisaged that some features are developed independently from the ITOM feature set. The feature provides a mechanism for a standard password reset via a simple service request utilising an ITOM automation, and for users that have been locked out or require a password change without logging in first. One or more, the following could be provided: Service request via the Mobile App
  5. HI @AndyGilly Have not had anything back from development as yet, but will be discussing this with them this morning so should have some further information for you today, and will get back to you asap with some further details. Regards, Ricky
  6. Hi @AndyGilly, Sorry for the delay, only just noticed the post. It looks like there is an issue with the Scheduled Job configuration which I believe has been raised with the development team who are looking into the issue. I will discuss the progress with resolving this issue, and get back to you ASAP. Regards, Ricky
  7. @AndyGilly We have identified an issue with the SIS Service when attempting to impersonate the account provided by the Admin Context, configured when creating a IT Automation Job. Our development team have now been able to replicate this issue, and are currently investigating the root cause. A workaround has been identified that involves using the account that is currently provided via the Hornbill KeySafe for the Admin Context to be used as the Log On Account for the EspSisService. This can be set via the Services MMC (services.msc): Applying directly to the service no long
  8. There are details of these requirements within the Package documentation that you may already be aware of, these details are mentioned in Target Environment Details section with a link for further details: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Active_Directory_Group_Management The Full list of Package Documentation can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/ITOM_Package_Library
  9. Hi @AndyGilly Looks like you may not have installed the Powershell module for Active Directory Web Services. you can check this by running the following on the SIS server from within the Powershell CLI: Get-Module -List This will list all the modules and you should see Active Directory in the output, if this is not the case then you can add it by entering: Add-WindowsFeature RSAT-AD-Powershell
  10. @AndyGilly that looks like the issue is with the server that’s hosting SIS, does not have the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) installed. They can be installed from Server Manager, Add Roles and Features. Ricky
  11. Thanks for the reply @AndyGilly did you receive the Powershell script that I sent you via Daniel Riley? If so would it be possible to execute the script on the SIS server? If this script executes correctly then it would finally prove that the issue is with the deployment. Also could you send me a copy of the error message, if it differs from that which we experienced yesterday. Cheers
  12. @AndyGilly looks like the job failed while processing the output, was there any output in the Debug Log tab? If not then we will have to wait for the server log to see exactly where the failure has taken place. I am happy to run through this on Thursday if we are not able to solve the issue after reviewing the log information.
  13. Morning @AndyGilly Looks like the issue is with the deployment of the package to the target machine. The credentials used do not have admin rights for the target. You will be able to see the details within the EspSisService.log which will be located at the following path: C:\ProgramData\Hornbill\Site Integration Server\log\ The following snippet shows the failure: 2020-03-31 08:52:32Z [INFO]:[GENERAL]:[4460] Processing job: 622, type=package 2020-03-31 08:52:32Z [INFO]:[GENERAL]:[4744] Executing package job: 622 2020-03-31 08:52:32Z [INFO]:[GENERAL]:[4744] Executer filename: \
  14. @AndyGillythe issue looks to be related to the Admin Credentials that were supplied can you confirm if any were supplied and where your SIS has been installed?
  15. @AndyGilly Yes this is the correct location however it should not be blank, I will talk to the development guys and see what they come up with and get back to you.
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