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Limited email access

Steve Giller

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Is there a role that I can create to allow analysts the ability to send an email - e.g. as a call update - without exposing the email inbox as well? (i.e. hiding the icon.)

Only our Service Desk deal with incoming emails, and although I can set the permissions to allow sending emails from a request timeline and not allowing the inbox to be accessed it's not very elegant as the inbox icon still appears and shows an error if clicked (see attached)

Of course, I may be approaching this the wrong way ...

Screenshot 2016-12-08 15.32.05.png

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@DeadMeatGF I have recently asked the same as we are in the same position. Only our service desk deal with emails but all of our supporting analysts will need to send and receive email updates.

I was advised that this is something they are working on but it is not yet possible to hide the inbox. Hopefully someone from Hornbill will be able to advise.

May I ask what level of access you have assigned them currently as we don't even get the error - our analysts are able to see the contents of the mailbox.

Thanks, Mel




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