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Mailbox view has change


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Good Morning, 

I logged onto our Service Manager instance today to find that the mailbox looks completely different.  I noticed then that there was an update avaialble, so installed it. 

The new view includes the email's header code, under some of the subject (as only a small part of the subject line now shows).

 Should this show some other text? and do I have an option regarding what view of the mailbox we want to use?

Thanks very much, 

Friday Suprised of Woking. 




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@ojenkins part of last night platform update was to enable the new mail interface. You should have received a "Harry Hornbill" notification when you logged in this morning but this has failed (no notification :( ). We fixing this now.

However you can revert back to "old" interface by switching off the setting that enables the "new" email interface: experimental.feature.email.enableNewUserView




EDIT: We have fixed the notification for the new email interface. If you refresh you browser you should see it now:



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Guest gregmarcroftorc

Hi Victor,

I have reverted back to the old view for now but I am guessing that this won't always be an option.

However, there were quite a few problems with this new interface on ours. Emails were not showing in the correct order, they all looked the same (blue text as if they were unread, even from months ago). We spotted that there was a solid blue line at the side to indicate unread, like in the screenshot above in your post, but that was also showing for emails from 5 months ago which were definitely already read. I click on an email and then it still shows as unread. I then ticked the box, clicked mark as read and it just disappeared?

When we click on an email, will it not open full screen like in Outlook either?

This new interface does not seem to work correctly from what I can tell so any guidance would be appreciated.



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@gregmarcroftorc indeed there are a few bits and pieces that do not work quite right... Would you (or anyone else for that matter, if they like) mind drop me an email to support mailbox with all the issues you noticed about this new interface and I will make sure the development team is aware of them (on some of them they are but probably not all of them). Thanks!.

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Few issues our guys have picked up on:

1. Need an option to disable marking email as read if you click on it. Like Outlook has different options for this.
2. Need to be able to open email in a new window
3. Subject of email is now truncated, so analysts can't see from list of emails whats what without clicking on email
4. Need to be able to resize panes

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We have reverted back as it wasn't workable. Also noticed that the Check Box to select an email is invisible and even when you click on it, the tick is white. Needs to be more visible.  You could use the Preview page to update a Request, this would then move the email into Archive but shows as Unread giving the False impression that it has not been Read.

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Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback and comments, we will consolidate all of those points and resolve the issues.  We have been running this view internally for some months now and obviously not encountered some of these problems so we need to look at this in more detail.  

We are developing a new view because we are moving towards a more optimised email workflow which requires a different approach rather than a simple tabular list of emails.  The layout is very similar to a number of the very popular email systems including Outlook and gmail so we need to get to the bottom of what we have not quite got right here.  We will post back with some more information once we have had a chance to consolidate feedback and document the differences identified. 

We have also not followed our normal "preview" process for new UI changes, this was my fault as our internal communications fell over a little on this one, I will rectify that for the next preview. 

Sorry for any confusion caused. 


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