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  1. Seems to be working again. Thanks!
  2. We're having issues adding time, via comment. Via the new interface
  3. Hi James, Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Hi, When opening any asset I get the following error. This is since today. Regards, Mark
  5. Hi, We've received the following error. Any idea why? Regards, Email from:E-Mail Error NotificationSubject:Hornbill ESP Inbound Mail Message Processing ErrorDetails:We have detected an error during the message decoding process for the attached inbound mail message. This could be due to the MIME decoding problem in Hornbill's software, a corrupt message from the message originator or a general communications problem. You will find the original raw RFC822 formatted message as well as other useful files attached to this message in order to help you identify the message originator and aid in debugging the problem.Please ask the originator of the message to send it to you again. If the problem persists and you are happy that this message or its attachments do not contain confidential personal or commercial information, please contact Hornbill support or your Hornbill partner if you have a valid support contract or post the problem on Hornbill's community support forum (https://forums.hornbill.com/) in order that we can investigate this problem further.Thank You.Hornbill Development Team Message tracking ID: imap4-Service-7a83948ce738a0d0The error encountered was: Failed to decode message, invalid UTF-8 encoding encountered. Error Message: Plain Text Message Body is declared encoded as 'utf-8' but is not a valid UTF-8 encoded stream. Error Detail: UTF-8 sequence under run (11xxxxxx). Character: 0xA0 at location: Line=4, Col=1
  6. Hi, I was wondering where I can find this setting? Regards, Mark
  7. @Ehsan Thanks for the help. We'll try it out.
  8. Hi, Since today we are unable to add new assets. Please advice. Regards, Mark
  9. Hi, I have a request which will improve our workflow. Add a new customer directly to services when creating this organization. Regards, Mark
  10. @James Ainsworth, This is a great addition and would help a great deal to identify issues that need more attention. What i'm missing here is actualy an overrule if the request has been reopend. By definition this should not be considered a first time fix anymore. Regards,
  11. Hi, Since this morning the email is not loading correctly. Removed cookies etc. Still no change. We have this on multiple systems.
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