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  1. Hi @Keith Stevenson, Thanks for your extensive reply. I kind of understand what you are saying but some of it is mumbo jumbo to me, I'm not an SMTP expert What is SMTP SMART host? Who needs to adjust this? Our customer, us? In case of us, do we need to change this in Hornbill or our Exchange? Regards,
  2. Hi, We received a comment from a customer that they do not receive any emails anymore. Apearantly the IP for live.hornbill.com has been blacklisted. Can you please request UCE Protect to delist the blacklist or use a different IP. IP that has been blacklisted is: Kind Regards, Mark
  3. @Steven Boardman Has this been released already?
  4. @AlexTumber Hi Alex, Any updates on this? Regards,
  5. When changing the dat to today, the time is still logged on tomorrow.
  6. Hi, I have 3 colleagues with the issue that when they log their time. The data entered is stored on the next day. Also in the report I see the time being logged. It seems when opening the timesheet screen the default day is set to tomorrow and not today. Regards,
  7. Hi, Since update to build 1819 the email tags are not being populated anymore.
  8. Hi @Victor, Are there any updates? We are still experience this. Yes, this is for sending email from requests. Regards, Mark
  9. Hi, Since today it seems that the email templates are being adjusted by Hornbill which affects our font type. It seems that the template part is being put in a span although this is not the case in the email template. How can we adjust this as our snippets are now in a different font style. Regards, Mark
  10. Hi, Lately we had the unfortunate opportunity to have a couple of major incidents which struck a lot of our customers. A major flaw we found in Hornbill is the ability to inform our customers in bulk, via email. We create a problem ticket and then link the individual incidents to this problem ticket. For closing all linked incidents this works fine as we can close all incidents with the same solution and the customers receive an email with the closure essage due to the BPM. But during the outage we are not able to pro-activily inform our customers to our standard. I can send our custome
  11. Hi, Today I updated Timesheet Manager to build 99. Since then we get the following error. Regards, Mark
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