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  1. Timers

    @Bob Dickinson Hi Bob, has this been looked at at all since? Thanks Greg
  2. Customer search refresh

    Thanks Victor.
  3. Customer search refresh

    @David Hall Not sure if this is the same issue. But in the last week we have found that we will click on 'Raise Request' and no Customer will appear, which makes us think that they are not yet created. We then go and create the user, and when we click on Raise Request, the Customer appears twice because it already existed in the first place. I am also finding that I will add a new Customer, click on Raise Request, and no Customer appears. I click on back, then forward again and it appears. Is this related? Thanks Greg
  4. Searching for emails in Inbox or Sent items

    @Daniel Dekel Hi Daniel, I am having problems with the search function again. I have someone in our inbox with the surname 'Ireland'. I type in Ireland and results seem to be returned. I search for various others in the exact same way (surname) that I know 100% are sat in our inbox now and it says 'No messages' in yellow. Please can you investigate/advise? Thanks Greg
  5. Email groups

    Is there a way to create a contact group like in Outlook? I want to be able to just add a load of contacts in to a group and then select the group rather than manually enter each email address when sending out an email. Thanks Greg
  6. Sending Emails - selecting which Shared Mailbox to send via

    Hi @Victor, a similar issue seems to have arisen again and I am not sure how to correct it. Please can you advise? We have 2 support email addresses we send from. These are support and supportau. When I am within the support mailbox and I click forward on an email outside of the request (which we need to do regularly), the default 'from' email address is automatically selecting supportau instead of support. It's as if the default setting has reverted to supportau for some reason. It seems fine when clicking reply, it automatically selects support, but we need support set as default for both reply and forward when emailing from the support mailbox. Thanks Greg
  7. Searching for emails in Inbox or Sent items

    Thanks, that is helpful, appreciate it.
  8. Searching for emails in Inbox or Sent items

    @Daniel Dekel OK thanks for the update.
  9. Searching for emails in Inbox or Sent items

    Thanks @Daniel Dekel. My manager is hoping a solution will be found early - mid September for this. I can set a reminder to follow up with you to see if you have an update,. Does 4th September sound reasonable (2 weeks after your post on 21st August). Greg
  10. Searching for emails in Inbox or Sent items

    Thanks both. Martyn, do you know if this is a complex thing to do? If I create those sub folders is it simple to have any email moved to the monthly sub folders once processed? Daniel, do you know what approximate time frame you are likely to have an update by? We are hoping to have something in place in the next 2 weeks really, even if it is a workaround for the time being for us to be able to search easier. In the mean time, are you able to explain how the full email address works? When I search for an entire email address, it has brought back hundreds of results but the order does not seem to follow an expected format. There are 2 emails from this person from a year ago and the third is the one from 25 minutes ago. I would expect some sort of formatting on the order of the search results. E.g date order. Thanks Greg @Daniel Dekel @Martyn Houghton
  11. Hi, I have been advised to add this question to the forum for advice. The way our Inbox currently works is that we very rarely delete any emails as we were told that the number of emails in there would have no impact on performance. So what we tend to do in the following scenarios is: Spam type email comes in to the inbox. We delete it. Email from colleague comes in to the inbox but it is not related to a ticket. May just be an update about project timings. We mark as read but leave it in the inbox. Email comes in that has an existing ticket reference in the subject. We mark it as read and apply the email to the ticket. However, the email still stays in the inbox. As a result I believe we have about 27,000+ emails in our inbox that have been marked as read, originating from June 2016 to the present time. I have been advised that the search function in the Inbox or sent items does not work in the same way as the Request List, and therefore, if I want to find an email from an internal colleague from say 2 weeks ago and type in their surname or %surname, the results that are returned are not accurate. The order seems to be scattered, and often I cannot find the relevant email. Please can someone advise on any solutions to this problem because it is a big disadvantage for our analysts to not be able to find previously sent emails or recent emails from say a day or 2 ago. To have to scroll down through the Inbox is not that easy to do either to find the email even from the day before. One suggestion I have been provided so far is this: Create subfolder (could name it something like 'Old Inbox'. Move all 27,000+ emails in to there for reference or as a type of back up folder Create rule where any incoming email that is attached to a ticket gets automatically moved to the deleted items once attached to ticket. Can then search via the request list (once this rule is applied) as the email would have been added to the ticket. This would only be a solution once the change had been applied and would not help for the previous emails not attached to a ticket from the previous 27,000+ emails. I understand why that would not be possible though so no issues there. Thanks Greg
  12. Document Permission and administration

    Thanks for this too @trevorharris, appreciated. Greg
  13. Issue editing documents

    Thanks @trevorharris. Looks like it was the / I had in the title (name) that was causing the issue. Seems odd that it allowed me to save it as that originally though but I have renamed and it is working now. *Also FYI on my original post, I mistakenly typed 'upload' instead of update. This was an existing file that I was trying to edit, which is why I was unsure why it allowed me to save it as that originally. Greg
  14. Issue editing documents

    I am wanting to upload a current document but I am getting an error message. Please can you explain why and how to rectify it? I want to add this bit of text: But each time I try and add text I get this error. Thanks Greg
  15. Document Permission and administration

    This has also caused us problems. Only the person who created the document can delete it as Tonyo pointed out. Is this due to be changed? Thanks Greg