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  1. We are having some issues with the timesheet functionality: We cannot see how to “marry up” customers to the timesheets? When we go into a ticket, there is the timesheet section – but how does this connect with the customer? I had thought we had to define customers in the timesheet configuration, but the only way I could see this was by making customers into Categories, which doesn’t seem right. Is there anyway to link customers to timesheets?
  2. We are testing the timesheet functionality and the manager has created a new category and assigned users to it. We have noticed two things: 1. In the managers manage categories screen, the usernames you have added are blank, although you can still see the little man symbol next to it 2. When going into timesheets on the users logins, you cant see any of the assigned categories.
  3. Hi, Is there any way to trigger webhooks from email events. We have a requirement to trigger an alert to a number of people when an email comes into the inbox between certain out of hours times. I was thinking that generating a web hook event for every new email and having the resulting code filter based on time/date would be one way of doing this. Thanks
  4. Is there a way to filter the list of priority's based on the call type? Ie only certain priority's will be shown for Requests and Incidents.
  5. Hi, I have added a branch which tests on the organisational id. I have confirmed I am using the right ID by adding the ID as an extra display field in the organisational form. However I can't get the branch to take the correct route and instead flows down "No Match". If I set the match to something like !=0 then it does work, so something funny is going on. Could anyone confirm this behaviour?
  6. Hi, Some of our guys need to be able to select more than 50 emails at a time as they are dealing with thousands of automated monitoring emails that come in overnight. Is this something that could be fixed?
  7. Few issues our guys have picked up on: 1. Need an option to disable marking email as read if you click on it. Like Outlook has different options for this. 2. Need to be able to open email in a new window 3. Subject of email is now truncated, so analysts can't see from list of emails whats what without clicking on email 4. Need to be able to resize panes
  8. I have also had a ticket open with support about this, but have been redirected here. The previous poster is correct that renaming the file .eml allows the emails to be opened. This is because a .msg file is a binary file type used by Outlook to store the email along with extra MAPI information. Hornbill when saving email attachements into the call is saving them as plain txt files. .eml is the correct format for plain text files and this is why Outlook gets confused. I think the fix should be fairly simple, in that when Hornbill saves the attachment, it saves it as a .eml file into the call.
  9. Thanks for the quick response guys, applied the update and all is well.
  10. Hi, I wrote a small PHP page back in October last year to allow users to rate their cases. It used the closeRequest API call. Sometime between Feb and March this year, it has suddenly stopped adding the comment into the case. The API call is still closing the call, but the comment is not getting added in, so I know the API call is reaching Hornbill. Could someone confirm is this is a bug, or if the behaviour of the API call has changed? Here is the code I am using to generate the API call. $mc->addParam("requestId", $_POST["callref"]); $mc->addParam("closeText", $comments); $mc->addParam("rating", $_POST["rating"]); $mc->invoke("apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests", "CloseRequest");
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