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Live Chat via the Portal


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Hi Adam

Their is a new application coming soon which when installed will give our customers the ability to enable Self Service Live Chat. The Application will work independently of Service Manager and integration is currently being worked on to allow a request to be logged from a selfservice Chat Session.

I will see if its possible to publish the overview video outline the features of the live chat here before release of this new application.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Adam (Et al),

Just following up on your question, the LiveChat app is still in the final stages of completion, the baseline functionality is there and all the under-the-hood goodness needed to make this a real-time experience has been done.  We are still finalising the commercial aspects (pricing etc) as well as content for the app store, web site and other stuff that go along with getting an app into the Hornbill app store. 

App Highlights

  • Realtime notifications of pending/incoming chat sessions
  • Chat popup fully customisable
  • Unlimited number of concurrently active chat sessions
  • Show real time presnce information (John is typing... ect)
  • Cut/paste images into chat
  • Embed video content in chats
  • Attach files to chats
  • Responsive - works on mobile devices

There are some things we are planning to add post the initial release (in the App's roadmap I suppose) which include

  • Chat History for customers
  • A stand-alone chat client to plug into any other website (so not just restricted to our portals)
  • Improved workflow and queuing functions
  • Service Manager integration (raise request from chat, keep chat history against requests etc)

Anyway, I am conscious we have been talking about it but nothing concrete forward so I thought I would post this preview video so you can see what it is and how it work.  We would welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions you may have.




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@Adam Haylock looks like you and I were typing at the same time :) In answer to your question, the most likely cost structure will be per analyst/month in line with what other chat solutions out there today.  I am expecting our App to be a lot cheaper and actual cost terms than the dedicated solutions available simply because we already have a platform infrastructure upon which to deliver this app, and I would hope that the pre-made integration with the portal and other apps (service manager, customer manager etc) will deliver far superior value.  I included links to some of the apps we looked at in our market research, there are a ton of these applications out there to choose from but they all seem to follow the same business model. 



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Not sure if this is possible, but as our Service Desk are Skype users it would be hugely useful if the chat could pull availability from Skype For Business - that way if all Service Desk Analysts assigned to chat are currently on the phone it would become unavailable automatically, preventing the inevitable complaints from customers over slow response times and/or from analysts about constantly having to update their availability. (It also prevents analysts covering a slow response by claiming they were in a call when they weren't ... not that any of my colleagues would do that!)

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Thanks for the response, I am really excited by the use of Live Chat and its integration with Service Manager,  We are planning to use it to assist us working more flexibly and remotely.


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