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Service FAQ link when logging new request

Martyn Houghton

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Is there any plans to provide a links to the Service FAQ's when logging a new request via email or phone through the Live app, rather than them just being presented on the Service/Customer Portals?

Was thinking that when you select the Service in the progressive capture, that a link could be presented in the trail on the righthand side listing the service selected indicating that there are FAQ's for the service, to allow the analyst to open up the list of FAQ's in a separate tab to check if the issue being reported is already present?




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Hi Martyn

We do have plans to extend the search functionality which was recently released in the portals to the progressive capture for both customers and analysts. 

One area of this was to present relevant FAQ's, along with known issues etc. 

The back end work has already largely been done in the existing search on the portals and we will be scheduling the work to make this available in progressive capture, so watch this space.



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Hi @Alex8000

The change has been accepted and is waiting to come into our incoming queue.  At the point that it makes it to the incoming queue it will be in our 90 day window for delivery and i will post back here so you have a better idea on when this feature will be available to you.

The change is to present the end user and or analyst with relevant FAQ's or Known Issues etc when they are raising a request through progressive capture.  This is likely to be limited to specific Progressive Capture forms in the first iteration, where it makes most sense to present this information.

Hope this helps



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