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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Will there be any API's for Configuration Manager? https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.configurationmanager/ I am looking to make items In Policy in bulk... i have done a bulk-upload of 312 assets and realised that i have had to set these "In-Policy" manually to enable the timeline... i finally did it after a while, but am hoping for a more automated approach next time. Please advise. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Hello, I have a problem with adding to board when raise a new request from mailbox and when completed the form, the drop down list from "Add to Board" did not have new board (Leaver) that I created yesterday. (See screenshots below). can someone tell me why the new board (Leaver) did not appear on the list above? Looking forward to your reply, Aaron Summers
  3. Hi all, One of our Dev teams would like a new ticket to be generated off the back of our new starter process. In short, if a user selects one of the applications they manage they would like a new ticket to be created with the users info and requirements as they have a different SLA and processes to the Service Desk. I have the BPM create a new ticket and assign it to the correct team but all the ticket info I tried to copy over is 'undefined'. I am assuming that this is due to the way I have done it as I added the relevant info to the Custom Field A - F in the parent ticket and believe that the new ticket is looking at its own custom fields which are obviously blank. The Dev teams do not support our Staff changes service and so cant see the linked ticket (and I am keen to keep this) so does anyone know how I can achieve this? Thanks Dan
  4. Is there any plans to provide a links to the Service FAQ's when logging a new request via email or phone through the Live app, rather than them just being presented on the Service/Customer Portals? Was thinking that when you select the Service in the progressive capture, that a link could be presented in the trail on the righthand side listing the service selected indicating that there are FAQ's for the service, to allow the analyst to open up the list of FAQ's in a separate tab to check if the issue being reported is already present? Cheers Martyn
  5. When rasing new request from an email, as expected the textual elements of the email are auto populated into the summary and description fields in the Request Details form, withouth any inline graphics. Any attachments on the email are also added to the request, but there is neither a copy of the email attached to the incident or the inline graphics. This means that critical information and context is lost when the request is logged. Is there some configuration options to enable the inclusion of inline graphics as attachments on the request or the email object itself? Cheers Martyn Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
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