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Changing the service on requests or jump back steps in a business process


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Hi Chris

Thanks for your post.

It is not possible to change the Service once the request is logged, it is of course possible during progressive capture and the logging experience to alter the Service against which the request will be logged based on the information from the customer. The Business Processes are driven by the Service and move forward through the various stages that you have defined. It is possible to loop through process activity (tasks / outcomes) etc in each stage but not to go backwards to previous stages.

One approach which may help is introducing the Request Catalog items against the Services you offer. This will allow you to be more granular about exactly what each Service is designed for and the specific request catalog items which are available against each, thus reducing the number of incorrectly raised requests?

In the example below against my Mac Support Service, I have broken this down into the specific request options which can be selected in relation to this service:


Learn more about the Request Catalog here: https://wiki.hornbil...Request_Catalog

We are always looking at ways to improve our Service so do let us know if this would help?



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