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  1. Most common scenarios that will cause an error in the workflow/business process as a result of incorrect configuration
  2. Hi, Is its possible to disable notifications for service desk staff. For example when people are on leave, they have to come back to loads of emails form calls that have been logged, updated etc. I also have a couple of managers that have visibility of queues but don't wan't the emails. Thanks
  3. Hi How do I transfer custom fields captured in a procap for one request into a linked request so that decisions can then be based on answers to them? Or is this not possible? Sam
  4. Hi guys, I am not sure if this is already a feature but after doing some digging around I cannot find anything available. It would be great if we could associate a "main contact" (internal staff member) to a site and then be able to use this as a variable for example to use within emails if correspondence needs to go out quickly via some sort of automation. It would also act as a nice "who to speak to" for any staff members using Hornbill and have access to sites. Thanks, Jack
  5. Hi I have a service that is linked to two SLA's because one SLA follows a working day calendar so an 8 hour day for P3 priority calls and the second SLA follows a 24/7 calendar for P1 and P2 issues. When I now log calls for the service on a P3 is doesn't choose the right SLA. I have two questions, can you link a service to two SLA's? and why would it not follow the P3 SLA when selected? Thanks Chris
  6. Hello, Event through we have single sign on activate when our customers click on the URL to go to the service desk portal they still need to click the login link in the top right hand corner. It does not ask for their user names and password etc but we would prefer to take them straight to they services icons. Is this a bug or a setting that i can change?
  7. We are trying to set up auto logging of emails to requests. Is it possible to assign a Business Process?
  8. I need some guidance here. Is there a way to raise a linked request from within the BPM. What I'm trying to achieve is this: There is a human task in the incident BPM "Development Needed" which, when completed with Yes, sends the relevant development information to Jira through the integration tool. Since I don't want to keep the incident open (SLA's) until the whatever version of the application the bug will be fixed in, I want to create a linked Change Request to which the development information is sent and then resolve the Incident. The change then automatically creates the Jira through Integration Bridge ad stays open for future communication with customer. That way the customer can see any updates and time is no longer a factor as well as the reuest list becomes less cluttered and processes are kept. Win, win for all. So is there a node for "raise new linked change"?
  9. Hi, I am trying to get a report, with details added through a progressive capture, using the form node. These details are in field_13, field_21, etc, in which table are these values store?
  10. Hi All, We are having a re gig in our department and splitting into smaller teams from one big team from next week. I've created the new teams ready and added the analysts to the new groups therefore, as of next week I will no longer need the current team and won't want it to appear in the list after go live. Whats the best way to hide this group? If I can't hide the group what would happen if I delete it? Thanks
  11. Just got a question from a colleague I was unable to answer with 100% guarantee... And it puzzles me too. Is the full search engine working on the service portal? Like the global search works within the Service Manager application? https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Global_Search_for_Requests I just tried a couple of queries and unless I am doing something wrong, it appears not. If this is the case, why? Seems odd not having the same (or relatively similar) search capabilities. For instance, I would expect (as a basic user) to be able to search using at least the following features: I don't think it is related to the index because the search (from the customer portal) returns the same results with or without double quotes. But it should not... Any feedback would be appreciated
  12. Hi, I am trying to create a report which shows owners of the ticket at the time of breach. Any idea of a query to do this? it should select reference ID, owner, Resolve by and team. Thanks Regards, Joyce
  13. Hi, I don't seems to be able to export and download a report in CSV from database direct. When I click export, and choose csv..nothing happens. Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  14. Hi, we have set up customer feedback forms on our services and want to report on them. Is there a standard report/dashboard available for this that someone could share please? Sam
  15. Hi @Bob Dickinson I have seen a similar post for creating ' about to breach' tickets on widget. I don't seems to be able to comment on it. I want to create a widget with count, and another with list of tickets which are about to breach in the next 2 days and are for specific tier tickets, own by a specific team . I have currently, i have the below query, but i get 0 while there are some tickets which are due to breach in the next 2 days: How can I get the correct value? i think the problem is on the 'h_fixby' date filter Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to create a report that will allow me to perform trend analysis on the common request profiles of logged incidents and the type of logged service requests. The idea is to then proactively raise problem/known error records and FAQs for reoccurring incidents and service requests in attempt to reduce the request volumes. Initially I'd like to report on all requests that have been logged in Hornbill (we only went live in Feb so total will be approx. 3000), however I notice there's a row limit of 500. The wiki mentions this setting, however I cannot find where it is applied, please could someone advise? I've attached the report definition for reference: If possible I'd also like a summary bar chart that shows the top 10 most common request profiles. Again if possible, it'd be useful for this report to be interactive so I can drill down into the results and actually review the requests. Thanks in advance. resolved-requests-by-profile.report.txt
  17. Is there a way of getting rid of 'Not Answered' in a flow of questions once a job has been logged? We use a lot of override flags in our Pro Caps because of various questions we need depending on the topic of the call. At the moment, this looks incredibly messy and difficult for the analyst to scroll through looking for the info they require. This is something we are really keen to resolve because it will add a lot of time onto any support call just trying to find the information! As you can see, there are two questions at the bottom which definitely don't relate to cars :P! Thank you in advance
  18. Hi, is it possible to remove a call from a board using the BPM after x amount of time(i.e. 4 weeks)? thanks lee
  19. Hi, Is it possible to start a BPM stage with a decision node based on the previous stage ending with a human activity? So basically i want my stage to end with a human activity where the outcome is Success or failure. - then imedialtely after the activity it will move to the next stage and I want to start that stage with a decision based on the answers from the previous human activity on the last stage? Or would I need to use some sort of "get answers from" using a automated task to then be able to use the decision node? I'm in the process of setting this up so thought it may be easier to ask the question before setting up and logging a test call just to see if it works. cheers lee
  20. Hi, I have a request that got created without a BPM (probably because of an attachment filename with special characters). How can I close it properly? SQL update? Thanks!
  21. Hi, I have been playing a lot with e-mails templates and settings recently, but I am a bit lost... For instance, all my templates have been customised, but I still receive emails with the Hornbill logo? Expected look & feel: Actual notification on customer update: Templates: My settings: Am I missing something? The wiki is really not helpful with this... More documentation on the settings would be a great idea!
  22. We have a format where a certain job type is logged with a subject line however it seems like hornbill either thinks its an update and trys to append to a non existent job or just auto deletes them Is there anyway or resolving this it has been tested, below are the subject lines of the jobs PNX - <prime010702240 - Roger Barker > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <priority> PNX - <prime010088469 - Lynne Lewis > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime006908631 - Leonard Max Truppin> - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime007307558 - Anthony Bourke > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime007605335 - Gerald Furniss > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime007032267 - Thomas Davies > - <end nom > - <msmith> - <msmith> PNX - <prime006930439 - Robert Johnston> - <end nom > - <msmith> - <medium> FW: PNX - <prime009505571 - Raymond Pilcher > - <end pre- wrond DOD> - <msmith> - <medium>
  23. Hi , I am trying to set up a custom form in our progessive capture and having issues with the regex validation . I am trying to capture a phonenumber and only allow 11 digits as input. i tried this syntax REGEX_MATCH(Phonenumber,'[0-9]{11}') but it does not work , i always get a <false> i have attached a screeshot of the field settings . Any idea where I am going wrong ? Thanks Ralf
  24. When you use the Raise Request option from an email, the email is then moved directly to the Deleted folder in the mailbox. Is this configurable at all? Either to disable this or to specify an alternative destination folder within the mailbox? The reason for asking is that we normally retain an inbox archive folder for all incoming emails that we retain for a period of time, in case there are any queries about missing emails/updates etc. Cheers Martyn
  25. When you update a request from an email you get the option to 'Edit Email Content' which will put into the timeline of the request being updated, however when you are Raise Request from an email you do not have the same facility and the summary/description is just defaulted to the textual content of the email. Would it be possible to have this facility added to the Raise Request option? Cheers Martyn
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