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  1. I'm looking at setting up a new mailbox, I noticed we already have a second one called helpdesk which looks like it was setup back in 2016 when we implmented Hornbill. I don't think it is in use anywhere, is it ok just to delete and create my new one, is there a way to check its not being used in the live system?
  2. A few of our users have lost access to the internal portal. If I search in the service portfolio they are not showing and if I try and add them I get the following error /apps/com.hornbill.core/flowcode/fc_modules/xmlmc.js(189): error X1001: Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] A database or query error occurred while inserting the primary record data into the database. (table=h_itsm_servicesubscriptions, pk=) Any ideas?
  3. I had forgot to add the SLA to a calendar under the SLA 'manage rules' section...doh!
  4. thanks @Adrian Simpkins yeap, the service was getting its SLA's from another level agreement, I have just moved it to a new one.
  5. I have setup a service level agreement, creaed all my new priorties, set the service to use the new agreement and added all the rules etc. When I log a call against the service it logs with the correct prirotiy but it doesnt pull theservice level agreement in so I dont see the reponse and resolution times in the ticket, any idea what I'm doing wrong. Its been a while since I adjusted these. We are using the new SLA system and other services are fine.
  6. @Martyn Houghton if I click upload files and add one its sends but wont let me send if I choose associated file.
  7. @James Ainsworth thanks, its what I thought but just wanted to double check before I started
  8. @James Ainsworth It was just to copy a load of sub categories from of our other services to a newly created service. We split our root categories by service, we dont share across services as they tend to be different in most cases. For example Category Service1 > Sub Cat > test1, test2, test3, test4 etc Category NewService > Sub Cat > copy the ones in Service1 plus new ones (would be useful if I can grab the sub categories from Service1 to save me time retyping.)
  9. Is there a way to copy categories from one service to a newly created one?
  10. In my business process when a call is resolved it goes back to the service desk team for a period where it is either automatically closed by the timer or manually closed by the analyst. We had a case this week, where a call was resolved, then reopened (before it was closed). The reopened call followed the process and went back to the team but because it was marked as resolved it automatically closed after the set time in the process, so the person working on the call lost visibility of the ticket from their view. Can anyone suggest a better way so that if a call is reopened it stops closing automatically and must be resolved, or passed back to the service desk a second time and closed manually?
  11. I have setup a new transport rule in office 365 to warn staff of emails from outside the orgainsation. I want to exclude emails from hornbill, I can't for the life of me workout what email address\domain emails are coming from. I have included everything I can think off. ANyone have ideas? thanks
  12. Are there any issues with email being sent from hornbill this morning?
  13. Seems a lot better now! Thanks if anything was done
  14. Happy New Year, Hornbill team! I'm finding Hornbill really slow this morning, failing to load requests lists and email inbox, not sure if anyone else is seeing this? All other internet sites seem to be reposning fine.
  15. I have created a couple of extra fields in the request details section. I need to report on those fields. How do I find out what they are called in the reporting console? I assume they will be called CustomA etc?
  16. @Steve Giller not sure if its officlally been fixed but I have switched back to csv using the latest R script and my dashboards are now updating OK. Thanks.
  17. script attached, im using minus instance and key hornbill script.txt
  18. Hi @Steve G I have given it a try today but getting error below. I noticed the report seems to be still trying to output as csv even though I selected xlsx, thanks
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