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  1. Seems a lot better now! Thanks if anything was done
  2. Happy New Year, Hornbill team! I'm finding Hornbill really slow this morning, failing to load requests lists and email inbox, not sure if anyone else is seeing this? All other internet sites seem to be reposning fine.
  3. I have created a couple of extra fields in the request details section. I need to report on those fields. How do I find out what they are called in the reporting console? I assume they will be called CustomA etc?
  4. @Steve Giller not sure if its officlally been fixed but I have switched back to csv using the latest R script and my dashboards are now updating OK. Thanks.
  5. script attached, im using minus instance and key hornbill script.txt
  6. Hi @Steve G I have given it a try today but getting error below. I noticed the report seems to be still trying to output as csv even though I selected xlsx, thanks
  7. I have gone back to the report it is using in Hornbill and when I export the csv the report is corrupt. Looks fine in preview. Are there issues with the reporting?
  8. spoke to soon getting the following when I updated the script in my source settings OLE DB or ODBC error: Type mismatch. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020005 (DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH)).
  9. My bad, typical man, hadnt read through readme, I forgot the issue of Details: "Unable to translate bytes [E2][80] at index 0 from specified code page to Unicode. is caused by UTF-8, chnaged it to ISO-8859-1 This will usually be "UTF-8", but if you have issues returning data with certain characters (the Windows E2 80* characters are the usual culprits) then choose a different character set to use, ie: "ISO-8859-1"
  10. I did notice a new script posted in git so I have tried thet but now get We encountered an error while trying to connect. Details: "Unable to translate bytes [E2][80] at index 0 from specified code page to Unicode." Tested on two seperate reports that use R and both fail with the same error.
  11. Just refreshing a report this morning and getting the following erro, nothing I know of has changed. I have set myself a new API key just in case but I still get ADO.NET: R script error. Error: Argument 'txt' must be a JSON string, URL or file. Execution halted Any ideas?
  12. Also sites are no longer picking up when raising a call. You can get the site form the list once a call has been logged. Not sure if thats the same bug?
  13. Over the last few weeks when raising a call, the customer name is not pulled through from the database. If you go back and try again it often works. You can type the name in and it finds the customer but all calls when raising show customer as blank, even when they have a record in the database. Any ideas? All users are using Chrome.
  14. thanks @Keith Stevenson yes it seemed to resolve after a few hours. Thanks
  15. Morning, anyone else getting POP3 read failure emails into Hornbill mailbox this morning? There was a problem reading mail from the POP3 account:Server: outlook.office365.comPort: 110User: Password: The error reported by the server was:ChilkatLog:FetchByMsgnum(61984ms):DllDate: May 23 2020ChilkatVersion: HRNBLL.CBX102021Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bitLanguage: Visual C++ 2019 / x64VerboseLogging: 1Component successfully unlocked using purchased unlock code.msgnum: 1PopCmdSent: LIST 1sendCommand: Elapsed time: 0 millisecPopCmdResp: +OK 1 59356getOneLineResponse:
  16. @Alberto M yeah its the noreply email that seems to have stopped working. So if a customer emails backin to the ticket we norrmally get an email to owner of the ticket, that its been updated etc etc.
  17. We have stopped getting the update email notification when a ticket is updated, anyone else having this issue? Seem to have started Wednesday.
  18. I have changed a user from basic to user today, given them all the correct roles but I get the error unable to validate user credentials box. We don't have sso or anything. I have added him to organisations. I know a similar post mentioned it was the email address had been used multiple times, but I cant see that anywhere? Not sure if anyone has had similar
  19. Thanks @Frank Reay I checked and thats set to All but I had not used filter before so good shout.
  20. Thanks @Deen although we are not seeing on every call, I also only see Team and Customer under Change visibility
  21. I have had a few calls recently that seem to be missing comments from the timeline. Is there a system failicty to hide things in the timeline that analysts maybe using I'm not aware off? In the example I'm seeing a call has been assigned to someone, then the next item is call taken off hold, but I'm missing the bit that shows call placed on hold. It worries me as we have calls that are against a customer SLA.
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