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  1. Hi all, We have built up a number of business processes during our various stages of testing/implementation and I was wondering if there's an easy way to identify the ones that aren't currently linked to any of our Services? I'd like to do some spring cleaning and remove the old ones that are no longer in use but would prefer not to have to go into every individual section to see what's being used and what isn't.
  2. Hi, I have a catalog item that deals with a specific automated email for some alerts that we get. The ticket gets logged correctly, email subject is match through to summary/title and the contents of the email goes through to description - life is good. During the Business Process I have a decision that says if the summary/title has "Down" in it then do X otherwise if no match then do Y. I am obviously using the wrong criteria as it just keeps using the no match option. I've tried the following to variations with now joy - I am assuming that I have missed something obvious:
  3. Hi, I am currently working on our Problem and Known Error processes in Service Manager. As part of the Problem process, I would like the process to wait for the workaround tab to be populated before it can move on. I think I've located, under "Wait for Request Update" (Action Focus = Workaround), the way to do this however the process is just skipping this node. Is there a specific node I need to put prior to the Wait for Request Update node? I've configured various other processes with "Wait for Request Update" nodes (other action focuses, including resolution etc.) and don't r
  4. Hi if anyone could offer advice on my question that would be greatly appreciated. So I am currently trying to automate a selection process in the Business Process. The flow all works well and doesn't display any errors but on the progressive capture side I am using a static checkbox group. If the user selects one of the boxes it directs them smoothly on the backend but if they select multiple options then there's no match and just ends. I was hoping someone would have experience using static checkbox as logically it should make sense. I created an path for if each of the individual optio
  5. Most common scenarios that will cause an error in the workflow/business process as a result of incorrect configuration
  6. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council we've been looking at replacing our RFC system (sharepoint) with Hornbill Service Manager. We've come across some obstacles and were wondering what existing 'tools' in Hornbill Service Manager we can use to achieve them. Authorisers; we have multiple approvers spread across 5 teams (total of 11 potential approvers), is there any way to send an email for approval to all but just log the first response from each team? Is there any way to do this without allowing more than one approval per team? Allowing the change requestor to update the R
  7. In our Incident process we have automatic assignemt to a team and then a "Suspend, wait for request owner" node where the analyst in charge of the "Inbox" manually assigns tickets to an analyst depending on product and availability. Is there a way to set a timer on the suspend node so that if a request has not been assigned to an owner for a set period of time, a manager is notified?
  8. Hi, Is it possible to have a warning dialogue box when a user clicks 'Continue Business Process'? With no functionality to go back in the BPM we need to make sure users don't accidentally click the 'Continue Business Process' button.
  9. Hello, Currently having an issue with the lifespan setting discontinuing the custom field 21 variable in the expiry field. This seems to accept the setting when saving, but every time it is saved and you re enter the BPM the setting appears blank. I am using the global input for custom field 21 rather than the specific form field, as there are different form routes from the pro cap that use this field and converge on this point of the human task. I believe the fact it is not retaining the information is why the process in practice is not working, as the human task does not expire b
  10. Hi, We are finally going to start using the change management module in Hornbill, does anyone have a good basic business process which I could build on? Or any suggestions or thoughts around Change. I noticed there was a hornbill example change business process, is it still valid or has it been upgraded a lot since? Thanks in advance Chris
  11. Hi, I have this error message coming up in a process (TEST HRA Honorarium Process (NEW) BSO selects HoS) when its supposed to move to human task. I've never seen this before. The User in the h/t is System Administrator so I don't know where its getting specified user 'SYS_BPM_MANAGER' from? Any pointers as to what this might be please? I'm sure i've tested this process before and it didn't error? Thanks Sam
  12. Hi @Victor I seem to have the same thing as in this post I had a few issues after a node pinged off into infinity, past the point the scroll bar could get to (I think this was when expanding a group). I copied as much as I could and started a new BPM. For a while this did not save at all and so to retain my progress on it I saved the stage as a template. Since then I've managed somehow to get the BPM to save again but this last node is unreachable Can you work your magic or tell me what to delete out of the text file? - attached sits-project.bpm.txt
  13. Hi everyone!

    Happy New Year!

    As you probably noticed I was away from forums for the past month as I took some time off. I am back(ish) now  (because I am caught up in some other work as well so I might not be able to be on forums as much for now) and slowly catching up on all activity (including all notifications and PMs). I will get back to each of them eventually however it might take a bit longer until I will be able to get to yours. As usual, if you are subscribed to a success plan you can always raise a request with support to expedite a forum discussion/answer.


  14. We're currently running version 1394, awaiting update to 1401, and have noticed an issue when trying to amend progressive capture and business processes. - The hornbill training videos advise that hovering above a node will display arrows that allow the user to create another box or arrow in the process, however these arrows are not displaying to allow me to do that. I have checked the roles assigned to me, as mentioned in the training video, and can confirm I am a business process manager, progressive capture manager and have the admin role but it still doesn't work. Am I doing
  15. We are trying to set up auto logging of emails to requests. Is it possible to assign a Business Process?
  16. Hello, Is anyone aware of a way to delay the triggering of an auto-task within a business process? In my business process there is an automated - task that triggers after the Human task has been completed, Is it possible to automatically wait for a certain period after the Human task is completed, for example 24 hours, and THEN trigger the auto-task?
  17. When configuring SLA response and resolution targets and expiry times on certain BP nodes you might find the target being set differently than possibly expected. This is because a common oversight as these timers needs to be expressed in SLC (Service Level Calendar) times or working hours or business hours (which are usually X hours/day) rather than calendar time (which is 24 hrs/day). When configuring a target time of N days, the value needed to be set would be N working days rather than N calendar days. The value that needs to be set will be obtained by multiplying N with the number of
  18. As you are probably aware it is not possible to have more that one input path into a business process decision node. Like this: However, there are scenarios when configuration requires that multiple paths converge at some point into one decision node. Like this: If you try and create a link the second node into the decision node, it will fail and this message will be displayed: "The target node has too many entry points". This scenario has been catered for by introducing an "intermediate" node in which all nodes converge before the decision, then create a single link betwee
  19. When making changes to a business process you might find these changes not being applied on newly raised requests. This is a common oversight and it happens because the version of the process which contains the changes has not been published. If making changes in a process and save an activate the process, the new version created also needs to be published if you need the changes to take effect in the newly raised requests. Publishing a version of the process is done from the "Publishing Manager" interface within the business process designer.
  20. I need some guidance here. Is there a way to raise a linked request from within the BPM. What I'm trying to achieve is this: There is a human task in the incident BPM "Development Needed" which, when completed with Yes, sends the relevant development information to Jira through the integration tool. Since I don't want to keep the incident open (SLA's) until the whatever version of the application the bug will be fixed in, I want to create a linked Change Request to which the development information is sent and then resolve the Incident. The change then automatically create
  21. Hi, I want to provide an idea for this, I noticed last week or so when we have errors on ticket. I go to database direct to find BPM ID and go into the BPM to find out where the error is. When I fixed the error and restart live Instance to show that it works. However I felt it can misleading because when it fixed, the colour red remains on the stage and on the node which could prompt me to think the error is not fixed (which it is). I was wondering if possible to change the colour to green to show that it fixed and working and keep the red as usual for the error to show? This is what
  22. Due to the fact that request categories cannot be translated at this time we decided that the support agent and not the customer will set the request category. How do we make sure the support agent does this? If we make it mandatory in the process it will be a problem for those services where we don't want to use request categories. Suggestions on how to solve this in a nice way?
  23. Morning, Apologies if this feature already exists (or if it's already been requested elsewhere) but would it be possible to save a Business Process 'Stage' as a template that you can then insert into other processes? I've found myself repeatedly creating the fairly standard 'Closure' stage with very little or no differences from other processes. Currently, I'm selecting every node in the process and copy/pasting which although functional just feels clumsy.
  24. Hi, There's been an issue with the customer details information not showing up when selected to be printed. This used to show in previous requests but recently when the customer details is ticked to print as well as other sections, no details are being given, is anyone able to assist? I've attached screenshots of the issue. William.
  25. Hi there - We are currently having an intermittent issue where the Catalogue items within Services 'forget' the flow they are supposed to be attached to. Similarly, we've also had it within progressive captures where the 'Switch Capture' option forgets where it's supposed to point to. Is this something others have experienced, or is it instance specific? Thanks
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