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Query about team and user subscription to a service


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Bit of a strange one I added a team to the subscription and myself as a user for testing to a service. If I now remove myself it then sets it to everybody access even though I already have team assigned to it. I cant seem to delete that subscription so it mean unless I now add something in that field everyone now has access. Hope this makes sense

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Hi Thanks for the post.

I have not been able to replicate the issue.

If you are worried about subscribed users seeing this service via the portals you can move the Service into either Catalog or Retired portfolio status which will ensure nobody sees the service on either portals, or through the Services form on Progressive Capture in the user app (Analyst view).

Could you provide any replication steps? or a screen shot?

Bear in mind the default position for any service is 'The Service is available to everyone', but are you saying you are seeing the above message and the their is a Team subscribed to the Service?

Could I ask if you added the Team to the Subscribers list or to the Teams list above? if it was to the Teams list, this is not for subscribing team to the Service, it is to reflect which Support teams support the Service. This will allow members of those Teams to view requests raised against the Service on the Request lists, and also only those teams will appear when using the reassign options on requests raised against the service.

You can use the Subscribers list to add users, groups, teams etc to the service so that members of these can view the services on the portal and make requests against the services they are subscribed too.

Wiki references for the above: https://wiki.hornbil...ex.php/Services > Service Visibility Section.

Apologises if this is not the case, but I just wanted to try and cover off the various options I could think of.




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Hi Gareth,

As part of the Service Manager 2.25 update a fix was included for an issue where in some circumstances the last subscriber was not removed from the Subscribers component, but the subscription still reverted back to its default setting of everyone being subscribed to the service.

Could you confirm the current Service Manager version running on your instance? If it has been updated to 2.25 could you let us know if you are still experiencing the issue?



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So this is the scenario

I have a service with Team - 2nd Line & a user Gareth Wynne

If I remove Gareth Wynne it reverts back to everyone can see this service

However I thought the with the team being set only that team would be allowed to view this service but its not the case all users now can which I wouldn't expect to happen as that means its overriding the Team set permissions?

I am on the most update version of hornbill SM

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Hi I have had to change the second subscriber box to the same team as that's the only way to keep the permissions set

This is what happens when I remove the user or even team from the second box


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Hi Gareth

Thanks for the screen shot.

The 'This Service is available to everyone' is the default position for all services, and is the expected behaviour if you have not defined any subscribers or if you remove any existing subscribers. If you remove a user, or team from the Subscribers then the service will be visible to all users.

The Teams where you have Applications York defined has nothing to do with the subscription to the Service. This is entirely concerned with which of your support teams have the rights to view requests raised against Application York - Known Issue Service from the request list.

If you want to manage your subscriptions to a service by team, and here I am talking about the end users and their visibility via the Service or Customer Portals, then you would need to define the team in the Subscribers section.

I apologise again if I am misunderstanding your issue, and my comments are along the same lines as my original comment, but I am seeing this as you maybe confusing the Team setting where you have Applications York defined and anticipating this having a bearing on the Subscription which it doesn't.

I can see your running the latest build as you have the Bulletins feature visible, so I am hoping the above makes sense, if not please bear with me and if you could re-affirm the behaviour you are expecting?



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Great no problem

Just as an aside, the Teams configuration manages visibility in the request list, but also in the assignment options on the request list, and in requests. So if you wanted to limit which teams can view requests logged against this service, or if you wanted to restrict which teams appear in the reassignment lists then this is the option to use.

This is perhaps more applicable where you have multiple different business areas using Service Manager, say IT, Finance, Marketing etc and you wanted to keep some degrees of separation between them in lists, and assignment options, and when creating views and content for your personal dashboards.



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