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Found 8 results

  1. Good Afternoon, We currently use Hornbill Service Manager at Milton Keynes Council IT, to log, process and record all issues raised by council officers. We also have the Employee Portal, currently only available internally (only the council network as it requires Office 365 authentication) which is used by council officers to log these issues for investigation, monitor the progress of their tickets and also contains a FAQ area for useful IT information. **Officers can log in on a private connection, using a personal device, but only if they log in using their email and password not using SSO** A proposal has been put forward by the councils Finance and HR departments to bring in these to service areas into our existing IT instance of Hornbill Service manager, under our current subscription. To bring in both Finance and HR, the setup must meet the following conditions: Tickets must be kept separate and in their own queue from the existing IT tickets Must be accessible to technicians in HR and Finance across domains – HR and Finance officers are spread across a mixture of Milton-keynes.gov.uk domains as well as Northampton and Cambridge domains It needs to be accessible to those mixed domain officers using SSO Is this possible? What additional components are required to make this work? What are the issues with this setup? Regards Rashid
  2. We have been updating some of our teams in the internal organisation structure which has included delete some teams which are no longer required. However where the deleted team was a subscriber of a service the service subscription is not removed and is orphaned. This results in blank team subscriptions showing against the service in the portfolio. Can the delete team process be updated to cascade it removal or require the team to be unsubscribed before being able to delete it. Cheers Martyn
  3. We are looking to implement Change Control requests in Hornbill to manage and record service subscription changes to Hornbill services for out external customers. As such we would like to automate the process of adding and removing service subscriptions both at the primary service and secondary catalog level. Therefore can we request a new BPM Node Object to allow interaction with Service Subscriptions. * Query Subscriptions - Pass in Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result list of Service ID object is subscribed too. * Query Service Subscription - Pass in Service ID, Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result True/False * Query Service Catalog Subscription - Pass in Catalog ID, Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result True/False * Add Service Subscriber - Pass in Service ID, Subscriber Type and ID, result True/False * Amend Catalog Subscriber - Pass in Catalog ID, Subscriber Type, Subscriber ID and enable/disable, result True/False Cheers Martyn
  4. I am trying to determine a way to monitor the number of Service Manage Subscriptions using a SQL Measure, so that I can keep a track of our subscription usage and also allow me to predict/plan for any required increases. I have got as far as below, but still are returning more rows than the subscription count, so I must be missing or have a invalid criteria. SELECT distinct a.h_user_id FROM h_sys_accounts a left join h_sys_accounts_roles rg on a.h_user_id=rg.h_user_id left join h_sys_roles r on rg.h_role=r.h_role where a.h_class=1 and a.h_account_status <=1 and r.h_application='com.hornbill.servicemanager' Checking Account is a Full User Account is Active or Suspended Has a Group membership which references the Service Manager application Any idea what I am missing? Cheers Martyn
  5. We would like to implement a Change Management workflow to manage our service subscriptions in Hornbill Service Manage itself. The idea being is that our internal project management team would raise requests for new services for a site to be taken in to 'Support' would raise a Change Request, which as part go the workflow process after authorisation would then automatically add the subscription to the selected organisation. To do this without manual intervention, would require a number of additional features. Data Provider in Progressive capture to allow selection the below and capture into custom field. External Organisation (ability to set filter by Industry {variable and manual}) Service (ability to set filter by Service Category {variable and manual}) Catalog (ability to set filter by Service {variable and manual}) BPM/iBridge Integration options Add Service Subscription Remove Service Subscription Include/Exclude Catalog item I sure there will so others automatons required, but the above are the primary ones, if we want to achieve an automated change management process with Service Manager to manage it's own service subscriptions. Cheers Martyn
  6. The Hornbill ESM app stores information on access given to users for different services (Service subscription), But can not be used for audit control/revisions. The access provisioning is not linked to or controlled by the request process. We see a need to store this information in Service Manager, and also automate the process. A user should be able to Request access to an application from the Service Portal. The fulfillment process should include approval, and then automatically add the user to the correct Service/application as a subscriber. The subscription record should also include a text field for additional information like type of access (e.g. Administrator access), and store the link to the initial Request. If we can create reports or views based on subscription, we will have total control over all given access, including the Requester, Approver, date/time etc. The unsubscribe process should be automated the same way. If we also could trigger external automation tools, the process could actually execute the request as well.
  7. Bit of a strange one I added a team to the subscription and myself as a user for testing to a service. If I now remove myself it then sets it to everybody access even though I already have team assigned to it. I cant seem to delete that subscription so it mean unless I now add something in that field everyone now has access. Hope this makes sense
  8. The Subscription Details screen on the new Admin Tool appears not to correctly display the number of Shared Mailboxes in use. In our case it shows 0/2 when the original Admin Tool shows the correct 2/2 value for our configuration. Cheers Martyn
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