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Send an auto response to all incoming emails


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We need a response sent back when a message is received that doesn't much our rules - at the moment they are ignored

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The rules work in order, so at the bottom of the list you should be able to write a rule that sends a response for all emails and then pushes them into the inbox.

Any matching emails will have been processed and won't get to that point.


That depends on what you're trying to achieve - it may be as simple as setting up a rule as above that simply responds to all emails or having the response as the first action in any process and making a catch-all process for all unmatched emails as above.

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Thank you for your help so far, looks like the right direction, I am not sure how to get what I want from the information however very new to the process. Is there anyone who could advise me what information I require to get the response I need?

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Hi All,

Currently, there are 5 scenarios that can be configured for an email to be sent users when using auto responder:

1) Confirmation that a new Incident has been logged

2) Confirmation that a new Service Request has been logged

3) Confirmation that an Incident has been updated

4) Confirmation that a Service request has been updated

5) Notification of an Unknown User trying to log/update an Incident/Service request

The settings to enable these and select the email templates, can be found in the Hornbill Admin Tool-->Hornbill Service Manager-->Settings


We currently don't have a setting that will send an email template to users prior to any of the above scenarios, or if it is simply being directed to the mailbox, which acknowledges that the email has been received. I will raise this internally with the developers to see if anything can be performed here.

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