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Search customer not resolving to known users

Mark (ESC)

Message added by Deen,

A patch has now been released to correct the issue.

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Since Tuesday morning, when we create a new request from an email the user no longer automatically populates the search customer field.


We have not made any changes, this did occur after the brief loss of services yesterday (14th Dec) just after 10am

Thanks :wacko:

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It didn't fix it for me either, but something else is not working now, for me at least. Since clearing my cache I've lost all the calls that were in the request list, I can't see any of the views I'd set up or the services, nothing at all - just a blank screen :(. I've advised the team not to clear their cache if they haven't already. Not sure if this is something just on my end or not. I can get into the emails and see the employee portal, service portfolio, assets and suppliers, just not requests.


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18 hours ago, Deen said:

@Mark (ESC) @JanS2000 @Bev Williams A patch has now been released to all instances, you may need to flush your browser cache for the fix to take effect.  Please let me know if there are any issues.

Hi - we still have the problem today with this - is there an update available at all or is it better to log a support ticket?

Thanks :)

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