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Can the manual import csv facility have the ability to identify existing assets and update these rather than create duplicate?

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Hi All,

We have a requirement where we want our engineers to update certain data fields in issued assets. We have our daily interface into our SCCM pulling in the asset data. However our engineers work a large number of requests daily where they then have to update the asset data. Rather than having to manually go into each asset our idea would be to load this data to a spreadsheet instead, and upload this on probably a daily basis. Currently the csv upload facility just creates assets, and there is no update to existing asset function (this is available of course within the actual SCCM interface config).

Would it be possible to enhance the csv functionality to allow for update and creation of assets please?

Many thanks

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Adrian - note that the Database Asset Import (v3) does allow Update and/or Create:
OperationType - The type of operation that should be performed on discovered assets - can be Create, Update or Both. Defaults to Both if no value is provided

I haven't moved to the new version yet but I think as long as you specify the Asset Type (which is the problem for me as the system creating the incoming csv file doesn't have that info) then it will update an existing record rather than create a duplicate.

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Ah thanks Frank - I did not notice the new version allowing the option to update and create - thank you for highlighting it (sometimes hard to take on board all changes when its just little old me ha)

I will take another look 

Many thanks !

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