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Found 9 results

  1. Every week (usually on a Monday) I run a report on the precious weeks activity and download the CSV option to create bespoke reports for my organisation. Since last Monday (10th February) the option to download appears not to work. I have tried this in different browsers and confirmed with my Infrastructure / Network team that no internal changes have taken place to stop the downloads. After inspecting the link (hovering over the file I wish to download) I have noticed that the name of the file is missing (https://admin.hornbill.com/fairhomegroupplc/#) Any ideas?
  2. I'm trying to create a CSV file to upload our software assets and we want to populate the ownedBy field. This field is a lookup field and I'm struggling to get it to populate from the CSV. file. Is that actually possible or am I going to have to go through and manually add the user who is the owner? Any advice would be great, I'm teaching myself how to use CSV files for the first time so I'm really new to all this Thanks Katie
  3. We use a lot of simple list in our progressive captures, mainly for version number and other cross referees. At the moment you have to administer this with the client iteslf, however it would be really useful to have the ability to populate them by importing from a source files such as CSV, whether via the client itself or via a command line tool. The latter would allow scheduled process to update the content automatically. Cheers Martyn
  4. Is it possible to automatically assign each user to a team when importing them through CSV upload for example by adding an organzation ID column? The wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Users doesn't say anything but if this is possible what should the name of the column to be imported be and how should the format be for the organization? Organization ID in organizations is in the format company/department/team, could this be used here as well?
  5. Hi, When exporting a CSV from a SQL query in Database Direct there aren't any text qualifiers as there are when exporting a CSV from the requests list This causes problems when there are blank fields and where there a commas in the text fields as it puts the items in the wrong columns Would it be possible to change that or give the option to use text qualifiers? thanks, Pete
  6. A question about making a CSV import of organisations into a live system where there already customers implemented. If we already have a number of customers for example CustomerA and CustomerB. Each have a number of request tickets already. If I then make a CSV import of CustomerA, CustomerB, CustomerC and CustomerD with CustomerA and CustomerB's information being identical to what's already in the system, will their old request tickets still be connected to them. That is, is a visible field used as a foreign key in the database.or is there a hidden key that's used so when
  7. When making a import of anything (users, organisations, assets etc.) from CSV, you should have the option to choose between appending the CSV data to the current table and overwriting the table. If appending (or maybe all the time) there should if possible be a check for duplicates.
  8. Hi all, Not sure where to place this, apologies if this is the wrong (sub)forum. I am noticing some inconsistencies with comma placement in the from database direct exported .CSV's. When running this simple query: SELECT * FROM h_cmdb_assets as a LEFT JOIN h_cmdb_assets_computer_peripheral as b on a.h_pk_asset_id = b.h_pk_asset_id WHERE a.h_name LIKE '%Jabra%' order by a.h_pk_asset_id ASC limit 250 I get the following data returned: As you can see the the retired_date column is only filled in on the first record. When exporting this through the CSV button I get th
  9. Is there a way to bulk import requests either via CSV or other means? If so, what categorisation/field options do we have available? Regards, Mike.
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