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Attachments don’t strip from emails on Change Requests - This does work for SR and IN’s

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,


When emailing into a change ticket the attachments don’t append to the attachments field in the ticket. This works in service requests and incidents but just not for change requests.

The first image shows an email with an attachment being sent into a service request and the attachment appending to the request. Whereas the second image shows an attachment being sent via email into a change request and the attachment not appending to the ticket.






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Hi @Jamie Talbot

Thanks for the post.  The original intention for autoresponder email updates was to provide an option for "Customers" to respond/provide updates to their requests (Incidents/Service Requests) and therefore currently the attachment/email functionality and related settings are only applicable to Incidents and Service Requests, only a basic update will be applied to other request types.

If you have specific needs around this please feel free to post back and they could be considered for future enhancements.

Kind Regards,


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Is there a setting to enable adding the attachment automatically to Incidents and Service Requests when getting autoresponder email updates, this would be helpful to us


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As of Service Manager build 1993 we have added the two Service Manager settings that when enabled, will link the attachments to change and problem requests from an incoming email updates.

  • app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.CH
  • app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.PR

Hope that helps.



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