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If we are seeing a common issue within the company we normally raise a problem or known error and associate all the relevant calls that have been logged to them. When we close that problem or known error is there a way for users of all the calls that have been associated to be emailed the resolution?

Not sure if this in existence, if not it would be very useful as did exist in Support Works.


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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your post.  This can be done as part of your BPM workflows.  We provide options using the BPM Hornbill Automations so that you can have more flexibility on how you would like to implement these and have unique methods for different type of requests.

When a Problem is resolved you can use the BPM Hornbill Automation to Resolve Linked Requests.  This also contains an option to email the customers of the linked requests.


Further documentation on this BPM Hornbill Automation can be found here.  I hope this helps.




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