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Found 12 results

  1. Can we request an enhancement to the 'Linked Request' BPM node, in that there is an option to limit which linked requests are updated by request type. In our scenario we are implementing Problem Management and will want to use the node to update/resolve the Incidents linked to the Problem request. However there may be other Problem, Release, Change, Known Errors etc linked to the same request which we would not want to update/resolve. Therefore can we ask for the filter option on both Update and Resolve Linked Requests so that it can be done by 'Request Type', i.e. we need to be a bi
  2. Hi We've received some feedback from our analysts that the "Resolve Linked Requests" drop-down on the "Resolve" tab isn't obvious enough, and I can't help but agree. We've unfortunately seen several critical incidents be resolved by analysts then child incidents remain open for some time, causing a breach. Obviously some of this can be avoided with training. When resolving a critical or high priority incident, it is likely that child incidents will be associated and therefore need resolving at the same time as the parent incident. Similar to the "Reopen" and "Edit" button, could an a
  3. If we are seeing a common issue within the company we normally raise a problem or known error and associate all the relevant calls that have been logged to them. When we close that problem or known error is there a way for users of all the calls that have been associated to be emailed the resolution? Not sure if this in existence, if not it would be very useful as did exist in Support Works.
  4. Hi We've found that some of our requests are being resolved by analysts without a priority being set - despite there being a mandatory checkpoint to set a priority. We've located a setting to stop a request being resolved/closed without an owner, but no similar setting for the priority. Is there a setting to prevent the resolution of requests that do not have a priority set? We've thought about locked buttons, but unfortunately they don't fit our varying incident types. Thanks Lauren
  5. At the moment with the Update Request Status node you can update the status of a service manage request to Resolved or Closed, but the node does not support the ability to pass in as a literal or variable the Resolution Text or Category values. It would be useful to be able to do this from within the BPM and not rely on a manual activity. Similarly it would be could to be able to do this for Cancel as well, passing the cancellation description. Cheers Martyn
  6. We ran the latest update this morning and have noticed that the resolve action is not appearing for some users. The process shows the hide resolved action followed by the show resolved action but the teams don't see the button. This is on a variety of processes and affecting different teams. I can see the resolve button I guess this is because I am an admin. Can someone help or should this be logged as an incident? Helen
  7. Hi all I'm hoping someone will be able to provide guidance on this one. I'm looking to create a Widget displaying the Average Resolution time of our Incidents. Using the demo data I copied the measure that the widget would be using as it's data source and believe it is working. The issue however is that the average time that it has calculated for November is drastically higher than expected. Due to this, I am guessing that the timer counts the seconds between 'h_datelogged' and 'h_fixtime' without taking our working hours or 'on hold' statuses into account? Have I got the wrong impr
  8. Hi all, I have come across some strange behaviour in our instance where by a couple of analysts (at least) can still resolve calls even though the resolve button is locked. Neither of them have admin roles at all. The roles they have assigned are as attached (as are the settings of the 2 custom roles) Any ideas?
  9. Afternoont, I have run a report for our P1's to find out the Resolve times for them. The report is as follows: The IN shows as: So it has been logged - responded to and Resolved and closed - Response time is reporting correctly however when i run a report for these figures it is showing a Resolution time of 115200 which is about 1920 Minutes, which equates to 32 hours? Now from what I can see from when it was logged to when it was resolved from the call itself it only took 5 hours 49-50ish minutes? so why on earth is it reporting as 32 hours?
  10. Morning all, Im running a report to find out our resolve times for calls and a average... Firstly the only resolve figure i can find is in seconds? I dont really get what the Resolve time means as it reads in just numbers. or what the Resolution Timer ID is either? Also is their a way to work out a average on a report? Thanks Hayley
  11. Good afternoon everyone, Another quick question. None of our users have the right to resolve calls currently other than me admin, manager and Team leader of service desk. Do we know what role this sits under? and is there a safe role for this (So as not to give users too many permissions) Many thanks as always Hayley.
  12. We have started to use the Hornbill Mobile App on both Android and IOS mobile phones. Whilst its a fantastic way for our ITC Engineers to update their calls whilst working in the field they are not able to resolve them. Are there any plans for this facility to be added to the mobile app and if so any idea when it might happen. Many thanks Gill Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
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