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Enhancement - Quick options for completing Tasks


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Hi all,

Currently, when handling tasks within requests you need to open the task, select 'Complete' then select the appropriate task button/option to complete the task. (You can skip straight to the task buttons by clicking the tick when hovering over a task).

In order to reduce the number of clicks required and improve efficiency it'd be a useful feature to be able to present the buttons/options on the task within the activities section whilst in the request view. That way an appropriate option could be selected without the need to open the task. I think this could only apply to tasks that do not require a reason though. 

Is this a possible feature? Does anyone else see a benefit from this?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks @James Ainsworth - yes something like that would be great.

As a usage scenario/example, when we raise an incident for a faulty mobile, a Human Task asks the analyst whether a replacement mobile is required it'd be useful to have the ability to simply click 'Yes' or 'No' in the request view.

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+1 as well!

Makes the tasks more approachable for those who refuses to use them 

yes... there are some whose minds cannot be swayed into using tasks due to being "Too many clicks", personally the tasks are fine but I can see this feature going down well with our users.

I had to turn off the option that prevents calls from being resolved whilst there are open tasks.

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@samwoo it is a shame that you have people who refuse to follow processes. Especially as it can be as little as two clicks to close a task. 

I told our analysts that the tasks are there for both their benefit (what they have to do next) and for our audit purposes and that seemed to stamp out any complaints. The addition of capture fields within the tasks has also allowed my to shorten the number of tasks presented to the analysts. 

I do have requests with no tasks at all (simple log and resolve requests) but refuse to turn off the option that prevents calls from being resolved whilst there are open tasks. I also lock down the resolve button until the end of the BPM.

It has been worth the effort to make them see the benefits, especially during our most recent audit. 

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