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Closing resolved calls


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We have ended up with lots of tickets that have resolved but not autoclosed after 5 days as they should.

I need to investigate why some seem not to autoclose but also close the ones stuck in a resolved state.

Is there a way of selecting lots of tickets and then closing them (other than selecting 50 at a time of the same type and closing using the action button)? 

There are several thousand so any help would be welcome


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How is your auto close set up? 

If you select 5 days it will set it as 24hrs *5 = 120hrs.

If your service calendar is set to 8 hour work days it will then auto close in 15 days not 5 (120hrs / 8hr days = 15days)

If this is not the case can you post a shot of the node set up?

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You should use multiple action button, disable the option which restricts you using the same service/ request type (see below) and then you can do 50-70 tickets at a time (but not worry about the service/type).


A simpler option would be to ask Hornbill to do it using your Premier Support (if you have it). They can script this sort of request.


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@HGrigsby - as @nasimg said we can do this if the number is too high for manual action... You can also do it yourself if you like it given you have the tool for it... I have created one a while back (afaik @Keith used it once or twice)... So, raise a support request and we’ll sort it out in no time ;) 


Meanwhile, as @Dan Munns said it would be worth investigating why these requests did not close as intended...

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