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Darren Rose

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Can it be made possible to change the order of the FAQ's? We uploaded a lot of FAQ's when we first started last year and we're now adding new FAQ's, but they naturally appear at the bottom of the list, where as we would like to move them up the list to improve their visibility

Also, if it's possible to change the column size when viewing the faq's in service manager that would help because you can't even see the full title. Being able to see the answer as well in this view would really help too. 



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The only way to "re-order" the FAQs @Darren Rose is to bump the number of views... It can be annoying when you want to have them in a set order, but at the same time it kind of makes sense: the most useful FAQ (and therefore most viewed) should be at the top of the list.

Is that something you can mention to developers @James Ainsworth or @Steven Boardman? Maybe a setting that could toggle a manual or automatic ordering of FAQs?

@Keith FYI

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There are a number of ways that this can be approached. 

We could introduce options for the user viewing the FAQs to order these in the way that they feel provides the most value.
We could keep the existing ordering but introduce a feature that highlights new FAQs. 
We could keep the control of the order of FAQs in the hands of the people that manage the service. 

There is a change in our backlog to manage this.  I will make sure that you are all added to the change.



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