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Enhancement Request: Ability to send notifications based on priority

Dan Munns

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Is there a way we can have notifications sent based on Priority? 

I.e. a team is assigned a P1, they only want notifications of P1s but due to how the BPM works, and they could be assigned the call at anytime in the ticket life cycle I cant do that via BPM.


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Hi Dan, 

When you refer to a P1 are you referring to the Service Level or the priority? If you have a P1 Service Level you can have escalation notifications sent out at particular points within the life cycle based on time remaining before the Service Level targets are reached.


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@James Ainsworth either SL or Priority. I just need a way of sending the receiving team a notification as soon as they are assigned an urgent request. 

As I can’t tell when they will be assigned said request I can’t really cater for it in the BPM. And I don’t want to rely on escalation timers as a request could be sat in their queue for a couple of hours before the escalation timer kicks in unless I add a few timers, creating more notification noise (which no doubt will make me the bad guy if they end up breaching or suddenly start getting loads of notifications)  

Either that or a way of teams opting out of notifications and then I can just use the normal notification emails (I have raised this option before) 

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On 4/9/2018 at 3:20 PM, Dan Munns said:

Either that or a way of teams opting out of notifications

@Dan Munns I would be interested to know if there are particular notifications that you would consider allowing the teams opt out of? The majority of Service Manager notifications can be turned off for all users.  

We are still hoping to add an application notification section to the Notifications tab in the User Profile for Service Manager specific notifications.  This would allow for individuals to opt out, but not teams.



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