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  1. We are struggling configuring email notifications that go to our users. We have users on the Employee Portal and we have users on our Customer Portal. Currently the email that goes out embeds the url or our instance an defaults to the Employee Portal. Our external customers who receive the notification email get the url to Employee so therefor cannot follow the link live.hornbill.com/oururl/catalog/com.hornbill.servicemanager/request/{{.H_pk_reference}} is what is in the template and we cannot change that ? Has anyome come across this or do we need to raise an enhancement request Which for a customer wont translate http://customer.hornbill.com/oururl
  2. Good afternoon, We were looking at the Change Calendar and were wondering how we can be reminded of any upcoming Changes. Initially I thought about using the API in PowerShell which would run daily in the morning to look at any changes in the next 24 hours, extract the email addresses of the Owner, all the Members and Connections, but there doesn't seem to be anything that can be used to get information from the Change Calendar. Then I thought about using the BPM, to say... send a reminder email to the Owner, Member and Connections of a Change Request 24 hours before the Change is due. But then I thought... how would that work for emergency Changes... So, I am really looking for anyone to provide any potential solutions / advice on what we could do to set this up, as automated as possible. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Good morning, I had an enquiry around the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting which we've asked to be turned on from day one to ensure the whole team is notified when a ticket is assigned to a Team. Recently, we have been asked to make these teams available to other team members in order to enable ticket visibility across the whole system. Doing this however has caused these users to received a large number of emails. With this being the case, we have reverted the change and taken these users out of these teams until we understand how to correctly configure this. I've raised the suggestion to simply change the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam from "both" to "none", but I was advised that we require these notifications for the Teams therefore we cannot simply turn them off. I would like to know if I can keep the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting set to "Both" but not include some members of the Team to receive these notifications? Regards, Aykut
  4. Linked to my earlier post about trying to identify missing notifications we seem to have tied it down to 'Desktop Notifications'. Can I query what logic is applied to notifications which trigger as a 'Desktop Notification', as they do not appear to be included in the the User App notification 'Bell' count nor appear when viewing the 'Dismissed' notification from the same icon. It appears that if a notification activity generates a 'Desktop Notification' it is automatically dismissed in someway, but I would still expect to see it in the 'Dismissed' list if this was the case. Cheers Martyn
  5. We have a number of analyst who are saying they are not receiving notifications on the 'Notification Bell' when requests are assigned to them however this seems to be intermittent. Is there a database table which holds the notifications, so that I can query them to determine if there is an issue with notifications not being generated or if the analyst are clearing them in some way. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi all, Is there a way we can have an option per analyst and team to opt out of the email notifications? I have had to set them up for a couple of our teams as they are infrequent users of the system (or have so much work on that keeping on to of Service Manager isn't really an option). However this obviously means that everyone else is also getting the notifications. I have set them up for team and user assignment notifications but the service desk specifically are getting swamped with emails (from both alerts). If we could have a user / team setting to determine whether of not they want to receive them it would be a great help (and the faster the better as I am currently under fire from multiple directions!)
  7. Good afternoon all, As a rule we do not assign requests/incidents to individuals in our system. However, we have a small team of account managers who work independently of each other (different parts of the building). For these managers we assign requests/incidents to them directly. For anyone else who does something similar in Service Manager how do you deal with leave/absence for these people? We had an issue where a job was assigned of a time sensitive nature, but the manager in question was on leave for a week. The Desk didn't get an ooh email as the servicedesk account had already been sent one on another matter (and google only sends 1 notification). We're going to maintain an in/out whiteboard for them, but seems a bit old-school.
  8. Hi, Is there a way we can have notifications sent based on Priority? I.e. a team is assigned a P1, they only want notifications of P1s but due to how the BPM works, and they could be assigned the call at anytime in the ticket life cycle I cant do that via BPM. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am seeing a lot of duplicate notifications on my profile... Anybody else has the same problem? For instance, somebody posted something on the workspace, to which I answered. They answered back and I got the same notification twice... The same thing happens against requests. Perfect example: Anybody else experiencing the same thing? Thanks!
  10. At the moment Notifications are shown with the latest ones at the top. It would be useful to be able to sort them in reverse order as well. Also, it would be good to display/group related notifications for the same request or workspace, make it easier to manage large number of notifications. Good for when you come back from leave to a big number of them! Cheers Martyn
  11. Hi, the question might have already been asked but can't find anything on the forums: how can you stop email notifications on the iOS app, but leave the other notifications? thanks, Lyonel
  12. Currently notifications outside the workflow do not distinguish between the individual or team. What I would like to see happen is notifications that can be tuned to do so. This will reduce email traffic. So I can turn on a notification saying when a ticket is reassigned to an individual an email gets sent out as well as a if you are a added as a member a email gets sent. The main reason for this we want the notifications but not on a team assignment level as all jobs initially get sent to 1st line meaning those people get constantly spammed. Plus due to certain managers being in groups for view ability I don't want them to also get emails due to team assignment. I know this option is currently not available, but hope it would be considered a possible functionality change Regards Gareth
  13. Hi all, Is there a way of having Service Manager send notification emails outside of the BPM? I.e. if a call is cancelled / placed on hold / resolved without completing the BPM. At the moment we are having a few issues with calls being cancelled and as they don't show on the portal for the user if they are cancelled the user is unaware. Also the same for calls being placed on hold. I did enable the email address at setting guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox but got complaints about the number of emails received whenever a team / user etc got a call or task assigned. Thanks Dan
  14. Hi guys, Just a quick question: how do you turn on "admin" notifications? I can't find any settings that relate to this... Is it done at instance level (i.e. by Hornbill directly) or do we have control other that via the application settings menu? Thanks!
  15. I've been made aware that there are no email notifications being sent when a call is updated. I'm aware that the update notifications don’t have a custom template, and that those emails are supposed to come from ‘noreply@live.hornbill.com’ as per https://forums.hornbill.com/topic/10052-analyst-notification-emails/#comment-46461 However, the only ‘noreply@live.hornbill.com’ email in my Outlook is one that was generated before we went live in January. We have the 'guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.emailUpdate' set to 'both' - what am I missing... Claire
  16. We receive Hornbill notifications when new tickets are assigned to our individual users/ teams, but this only happens when assignments are escalated\logged to that team, but recently, all users are now able to see all notifications assigned to every team which shouldn't be the case. Can you please advise how to amend or correct this, because it never used to be that way. and now Finance sees tickets that has been logged to the ServiceDesk, and this is a bit frustrating for our teams.
  17. I've recieved some feedback from Colleagues around the notifications so thought I'd ask how others are finding it. Bascially they are finding it's becoming rather diluted in it's helpfulness due to the number of activities that are created by some of our request BPM's - they are getting bombarded by these - even though they know about them as they are working on the calls. As a result they are missing out on more important information such as workspace updates etc as they are finding that they are just not using them, and when the number gets high they are then dismissing them all. They use the system more than I do so I have to take on board their comments/frustrations and the last thing I want them to do is stop using them all together, therefore I'd be interested to see how others are finding/using them and if there is anything I can do to help the situation from an Admin side (settings etc). Thanks Tina
  18. Good afternoon!, Me again!, Quick question, since going live we have been receiving a very very large number of notifications from hornbill to outlook via email. For example notifications that advise a call has been assigned to my team, to myself etc.... Is there a way to turn these off for specific people, or teams as some of us are part of many teams and are getting in excess of 400-500+ email notifications a day? Many thanks Hayley.
  19. Good afternoon, Apologies if the below are answered on another post but am unable to locate them. I have the below 2 questions from my business which i am struggling to answser; 1) If someone is tagged in a comment be it on a request or a post, they get a notification on the portal, however do we have a way to also ensure they are emailed to state they have been mentioned in a comment to ensure it is picked up promptly? 2) As per the below image, we have certain requests highlighted yellow, but i cannot figure out why as they are all in the closed state and nothing obvious stands out. All help appreciated.
  20. Good morning, I have been searching for an answer in regards to notifications for assigned activities, but have been unable to locate one hence the post. My question is, if any activity is assigned to multiple people but is completed by say 1 or two people can this clear down all notifications for that activity type? As an example, my current change process is that each change has to be approved to 100% before it can continue the process, this can be done by select people dependant on what level of % they can approve, so if two people with 50% approve this the change request continues, yet the notification for other who have the ability to approve still remains even though the task is completed. any and all hep appreciated.
  21. Hello, I was hoping you may have an update on notifications displaying incorrectly on the hornbill mobile app for IOS. This is with the latest update. The words do not display correctly. Please see screenshot below. Regards, Melissa
  22. Hi, Forgive me for asking a silly question but i can not find where i enable this. When a customer or other engineer updates a ticket my system does not notify the owner(Engineer) by email. I have checked all of the settings on https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Notifications which do appear to be working but do not cover update notifications? Can you point me to some docs Thanks Paul
  23. I've updated the system to v 2.28.18 and unfortuantely we are still not getting any emails or call notifications through when calls are updated. When calls are assigned they are working ok just not the others. Thanks Tina
  24. Hi, I have been playing a lot with e-mails templates and settings recently, but I am a bit lost... For instance, all my templates have been customised, but I still receive emails with the Hornbill logo? Expected look & feel: Actual notification on customer update: Templates: My settings: Am I missing something? The wiki is really not helpful with this... More documentation on the settings would be a great idea!
  25. Hi, It is possible to disable workspace notifications via membership properties, however this also disables the small orange icon indicating the number of updates to a workspace. Would it be possible please to add an additional level so that you can enable/disable just notifications whilst allowing the icon to still display? Thanks Martin
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