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Feature Request: trigger emails from updating multiple ticket selection

Dave Read

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Hi guys

I've just been approached by a team member that for updating a cluster of calls with the same information, I was looking to guide him on selecting a group of Service Requests and triggering an email to send a mass update using the "Actions" button that appears after selection...... although it would offer the ability to update all the calls (or assign), there's no option to email? (I think I'm right that you can't select a blend of INs&SRs)

My workaround for my colleague (because it was a single requester), was to guide on using exchange and sending a single email from the associated mailbox, then do a mass update on each call to reflect this information.

Is there a more elegant option akin to "tick for emailing" option in the pipeline? I've checked forum and not seen similar.

This would be a boon of extra functionality

  1. Update different staff
  2. Guide huge tranches of users with bespoke updates and/or instructions
  3. Warn a selection of staff their call was liable for closure
  4. Prompt requesters their call would be under imminent scrutiny and to provide required feedback for quick resolutions ASAP rather than being chased or closed
  5. Assist in Major Incident management communication in tandem with all other mediums.
  6. etc etc

Thanks, Dave

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Hi @Dave Read

This is something I have been requesting for a while - emailing action.

Other useful action would include putting request on/off-hold, and setting a priority.


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@Dave Read we do have a story to add more multi-select options to the request list and on this list includes:

* Sending Emails

* Placing on Hold

* Cancelling

This is an area we have made improvements to over the last 12 months so you already have the following:

* Assign

* Update

* Resolve / Close

* Change Priority - @nasimg this one should be there for you already.  If you are not seeing it please try clearing your browser cache

* Add to Board


As the other options are added we will update here.

In regards to the ability to apply updates to different ticket types and in fact tickets raised against different services, this is by design and is covered on the wiki here, but if you require the ability to remove these restrictions then this is also covered on the wiki link but please be aware of the potential considerations, especially if you are working in an enterprise service management environment (i.e IT, HR and other functions co-existing on the same instance)



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Brilliant, thanks, Steven - do these "Stories" have a user visibility for illustrating progression and projected production deployment timescales?

My manager @JBasey is impressed (in general with Hornbill :D) with the firm possibilities offered.... excellent., functionality we will look forward to using, maybe even rules of "all tickets linked" too etc for Major Incident Management / Problem Management

Cheers, Dave

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@Dave Read we have multiple stories defined and we work through a series of prioritisation criteria internally which is aided by the community support for specific requirements. We operate an agile development approach and really only commit or comment on stories which are in our 90 day delivery window.  

As we are agile and response and push out update fairly regularly we provide visibility of some of the stories which are in progress on the customer portal in our '''Coming Soon''' view, along with what is working through our internal test environments and what has been deployed.  



As part of our processes, we link forum discussions and interested parties (connections) to these stories we will post back to them once there is progress or more information on deliverables.  

Hope that helps 



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