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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Is there a way that I can enable an email update to a customer when one of our analysts adds a comment to a request? If the customer is logged into the Portal and is looking at the request, they will see any updates we make in the feed, but if they are not, then I cannot see how they are informed that an update has been made. Any ideas please folks? Thanks Steve.
  2. Hi, We have 2 routine rules set up (raiseNewRequest and updateRequest) and both are working, however I want to be able to configure an email notification on updateRequest being triggered when a ticket is assigned to a team but without an analyst (would therefore require an email address to be configured against a team which doesn't appear to be possible in System --> Organisation Data --> Organisation, unless I've missed a setting!) We have various team email groups and we want to be able to leave tickets assigned only to a team until an analyst is ready to work on them, but currently any customer emails that are applied to a ticket in this state don't trigger an email. I've searched the wiki and forums with no luck yet, does anybody have a solution using the current tool set? Thanks, Luke
  3. We'd like to request an enhancement to the visibility of the email updates from customers on the timeline. Currently the visibility shows 'email update' and customer name. It's not visually clear when a customer adds a cc'd email address. If there are no screenshots/attachments it's not necessary for our team to view the email. However, it's wasteful to check each email update in anticipation that another person was cc'd/included. We'd like the timeline to have a clear visual when others are added, to ensure we reply to all appropriate customers. In the screenshot below the customer, Bailey, added 4 people to the email. It's not easy to identify this with the current visibility:
  4. Hi guys I've just been approached by a team member that for updating a cluster of calls with the same information, I was looking to guide him on selecting a group of Service Requests and triggering an email to send a mass update using the "Actions" button that appears after selection...... although it would offer the ability to update all the calls (or assign), there's no option to email? (I think I'm right that you can't select a blend of INs&SRs) My workaround for my colleague (because it was a single requester), was to guide on using exchange and sending a single email from the associated mailbox, then do a mass update on each call to reflect this information. Is there a more elegant option akin to "tick for emailing" option in the pipeline? I've checked forum and not seen similar. This would be a boon of extra functionality Update different staff Guide huge tranches of users with bespoke updates and/or instructions Warn a selection of staff their call was liable for closure Prompt requesters their call would be under imminent scrutiny and to provide required feedback for quick resolutions ASAP rather than being chased or closed Assist in Major Incident management communication in tandem with all other mediums. etc etc Thanks, Dave
  5. Hi I would like to add the text into the body of the email that service desk analysts get to say customer has updated call by email, does anyone know which variable will show what the customer has entered? Thanks Chris
  6. James I've taken your advice and posted this as a separate topic I'll look at the routing rules both in Hornbill and Exchange, but fundamental I don't agree with the way Service Manager deals with team notifications. I understand the reason for having it (a ticket has no owner, a customer update needs to be seen), but it should be configurable to either: Sent to all team (and sub team members) as it currently does - I don't like this, as nobody takes ownership. And may not be relevant to the sub teams. Ticket timeline gets updated with out of office responses from analysts in the teams (which the customer may be unhappy seeing). This is a bigger problem if you have large teams. Sent to a named individual (eg. team leader or manager). This is what I would prefer - so its clear who monitoring these types of updates (for tickets with no owners). No action to be taken The out of office updates are happening as expected - they are not coming from one individual, but may start initially with the customer, but as the team notification gets emailed to the whole team, any analysts who have their OOO enabled causes the ticket to update, which in turns sends a further notification out. Its not a broadcast storm - but can be annoying if you have nothing to do with the initial team (sub team - eg. main team is infrastructure, server and network are subteams both get notified for an ownerless ticket in either subteam or main team). See previous history here
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