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  1. seeing back-office, self-service users and external/direct login instances; we've our App teams looking into it and have given them heads-up on this thread too (for myself, the "reauthenticate now" option is working (domain joined work laptop over direct access) but for external it's not getting them over the line
  2. @James Ainsworth you're right James, they've been moved - bit of a shudder to think all the time used to curate/update personal templates of resources had been lost. i guess it's not easy to have signposts to all the changes, but although i'm no web developer, i'd hope in the future for similar UI changes there could be a way to smooth out the user experience. (e.g a one-off transient legacy link that once clicked would would show information guiding users to the migration of the new entity) for the snippets change in particular, the icon does not clearly leap-out as a place to explore. something for the future to smooth out the user experience. no doubt there's a list of all the changes i've not seen, so apologies
  3. I've been using the preview of the New UI full-time now for a while and 90% happy, but...... in the email section of service manager, we used to have a choice to use our own personally authored templates, called "snippets", but this appears not to be available anymore. There's value in consolidating everyone's personal stash of snippets into a globally curated Templates for a standardised approach, but am i right snippets for emails have been withdrawn? (we do have one template that all the team have visibility on) In ticket updates and outbound emails related to a ticket, snippets are still available; albeit not the same set as in emails. I've checked with the team and they're seeing the same omission and a lack of any other alternate way to access them. are they coming back or is there an over-arching strategy why they've been removed? Thanks, Dave
  4. i'd like this ability please; i have a service analyst role outcome required: to not see issues caused by creating duplicate active directory sam account usernames problem: if you create a new worker account in azure that syncs with AD and subsequently name the sam account username to be our corporate standard... if you choose a username that matches one in hornbill that's been archived/disabled after inactivity in AD and deactivated/deleted, it will cause issues of not being able to log calls against them in service manager, and stops them from raising tickets for any section of the business via self-service over-work: we have to rename the ad account to a unique name, and then rebuild their local profile - but having to liaise personally with them for using their new login etc
  5. thanks, @James Ainsworth i search now and i see that post, not yesterday - but their problem i've offered the same fix as I've just used successfully... remove redundant columns. this allows dynamic and automatic adjustment of width rendering to take place. (we need a "last update BY" column so i was adding too many columns like "last updated" & "last updated date" so we can sort by this column for identifying customer responses) sorry for potential thread hijack to @Martyn Houghton ;-)
  6. hi all @lee mcdermott, i had the same problem but realised that it was because i thought i needed all the column headings i had on display; i used "customize columns" and removed some and the width of the columns i needed wider then dynamically widen automatically... fixed it for me. e.g. i had "last updated" and "date last updated" because we need to see if a customer has responded, but this is not useful if the service desk has updated the ticket. we ideally need (as per supportworks) the "last update BY" so we can sort by this column for identifying customer responses.
  7. +1 for us, also, would I need to raise a separate thread for column widths in Service Manager for sub-queue view? truncation even if at lower screen zoom levels - we're looking to re-order the extracted content but pixel width control like Excel with optimising using customize columns would be a major efficiency.
  8. thanks so much victor, my manager is very interested in your reply, so sending an alert to him @JBasey
  9. Hi all, as simple as that really.... additional button to trigger a conversion of an Incident to a Service Request Problem/landscape the front-end of our self-service could possibly have a refresh to allow a Pareto-esque channelling of staff logging calls in the correct way with bespoke and specific choices based on historical calls of the last 9 months since initial implementation of Hornbill from Supportworks. staff are logging a high volume calls inappropriately as Incidents as that's the first item in the queue once a call's logged as an Incident, it appears there's no way to mid-process-engine convert to a Service Request the time wasted in relogging calls is very draining on resources and although our performance metrics are great, there's a gaping mound of efficiencies that could be cleared down. we take many requests that are far from broken items; folder permissioning, mobile device config, social service system requests, purchasing, New Users , website updates etc etc (plus other directorates are on the Hornbill bandwaggon in a *big* way, but these are items we don't see) we have a tight 1 day SLA on incidents that's being hampered by having to relog calls all day long could there be a way to have an additional icon close Incident emailing user what's happening log service request copying salient email user with standard confirmation and new ref block email updates to old call coping with classifications and anything else I've not thought of ;-) 99% I simply classify as a non-chargeable service request Grateful if this could be injected into your release plans Thanks, Dave.
  10. @James Ainsworth +1 for me too James please on the backlog alert, this idea could incorporate segmenting the attachments more visibly as per suggestion in post as follows
  11. Brilliant, thanks, Steven - do these "Stories" have a user visibility for illustrating progression and projected production deployment timescales? My manager @JBasey is impressed (in general with Hornbill ) with the firm possibilities offered.... excellent., functionality we will look forward to using, maybe even rules of "all tickets linked" too etc for Major Incident Management / Problem Management Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi guys I've just been approached by a team member that for updating a cluster of calls with the same information, I was looking to guide him on selecting a group of Service Requests and triggering an email to send a mass update using the "Actions" button that appears after selection...... although it would offer the ability to update all the calls (or assign), there's no option to email? (I think I'm right that you can't select a blend of INs&SRs) My workaround for my colleague (because it was a single requester), was to guide on using exchange and sending a single email from the associated mailbox, then do a mass update on each call to reflect this information. Is there a more elegant option akin to "tick for emailing" option in the pipeline? I've checked forum and not seen similar. This would be a boon of extra functionality Update different staff Guide huge tranches of users with bespoke updates and/or instructions Warn a selection of staff their call was liable for closure Prompt requesters their call would be under imminent scrutiny and to provide required feedback for quick resolutions ASAP rather than being chased or closed Assist in Major Incident management communication in tandem with all other mediums. etc etc Thanks, Dave
  13. @James Ainsworth & @dwalby Hi all, searched but no similar query mentioned..... could there be, or is there an existing change item you're planning, to create an extra section in a support call that would include the attachments contained within a ticket that had been emailed either inbound or outbound? For time saving reasons to avoid a huge drain of scouring a ticket being required? Potential solution 1 Add a section called "Emailed Attachments", to incorporate both outbound and inbound 2 Rename current "Attachments" section to be "Uploaded Attachments" 3 In the new "Emailed Attachments", show all the files neatly arranged instead of looking at all items in the timeline for "view email" and then seeking the .doc or .pdf etc. Have the post URL clickable for uniquely opening that element to see the email that had the attachment. Trigger Scenario: our very senior security architect querying with me (desk-side) the location of a Security Event document I struggled to find myself, even though I'd included the URL of the timeline post in prep of him struggling!! I imagine a more efficient landscape to aggregate the data together amongst the sometimes overwhelming amount of timeline post/updates. There might be mileage in further granulation of adding sub-sections of the Emailed Attachments to show "those sent in by the customer/requester" and "others, admin sent out" etc, using a look-up comparing the inbound email address for being the same as the requester's etc.... but maybe going too far? Or I', not and separate the uploaded into user and admin? So possibly to be distinct in the origin of the data might be a better to highlight/organise?... Customer/Requester/User Attachments, and non-customer/Admin Attachments - then cater for "Other" where a contributor to the call might send in some associated data with the ticket ref in the subject. This would be a stunning improvement and deliver huge efficiencies for saving time in accessing crucial data in a timely fashion. Thanks, Dave
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