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Search not working correctly after Hornbill Service Manager (1145)


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I updated to Hornbill Service Manager (1145) this morning at about 1130. A few minutes ago I searched for a reference number that I wanted to check on. I put it into the Global Search bar at the top and pressed the search icon and the result comes back as if it is a request I cannot access (a service I don't support). I.E. the request title is black rather than a clickable link. Which is odd as usually, I can access everything. I double checked and I should be able to see that request - and can if I amend the URL accordingly.

To double check, I search for a request that I raised and is assigned to me. The same thing happens. See screenshot.



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@Lyonel thanks for posting up, a new update is available which handles this situation better and you should be able to open Requests using the quick search again

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