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  1. @Chris Bardell the timing of the build was just coincidence, it was a bug in the Collaboration Core UI build which was automatically pushed out around the time you saw the Service Manager update. Glad it's sorted, apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. Thanks all, just looking at getting a fix out
  3. Hi @Chris Bardell, just wanted to confirm which portal this was in. Are you using service.hornbill.com/instancename or live.hornbill.com/instancename? It would also be useful to see the values you've set for the logo if possible.
  4. @Alberto M it will show as a smile in the next Collaboration build
  5. @Daniel thanks, we'll take a look and get it sorted.
  6. Chaz

    Live Chat icon

    @AndyGilly thanks for the request, it's on our list of things to look at providing in the Live Chat application.
  7. @Martyn Houghton yes the changes were in the collaboration build that went to live last week but the release note is missing due to a technical issue.
  8. We're looking to push it live tomorrow. Apologies again for the confusion it's caused.
  9. @Michael Sharp apologies, this was a mistake with how it was handled. It will be fixed in the Collaboration build.
  10. Can see the issue with Edge, just investigating and will report back shortly.
  11. Correction, your customisations will still apply in view mode (original screenshot), but in edit mode it will just fall back to black.
  12. It's currently using the Text Colour set against the heading unless it detects a conflict with the setting directly below it. Turns out this was just trying to be a lot smarter than it actually needs to be. It will be set back to just black in the next update.
  13. @Jeremy How the links are displayed will become more consistent in an upcoming build and you'll see up to 7 before you see the More menu. When that menu does show, you'll see 6 links with the remaining in the drop down.
  14. The latest build of Hornbill Live Chat (86) has been released to live. Change Live Chat look and feel updated for all portals Fix Profile images for members of a chat back to the right size.
  15. @Martyn Houghton The forum is correct, the notes in the admin tool are showing the notes for 1803. I'll get it updated for when we do our next update.
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