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  1. @Martyn Houghton The forum is correct, the notes in the admin tool are showing the notes for 1803. I'll get it updated for when we do our next update.
  2. Fix The new category action did not respect the starting point set against the Service
  3. This update contains some performance improvements for the Request List and Dashboard Charts in Service Manager.
  4. Hi @Paul Alexander Service Manager boards are no longer in development, we recommend moving over to the Board Manager app which is free to install from the Hornbill App Store. This will continue to work for existing processes, it's just been marked as deprecated.
  5. @Gary@ADL we're looking at patching your instance, we'll let you know when that's done.
  6. @Gary@ADL Looks like the user has an apostrophe in their name causing this issue. This is something we fixed recently and will be made available in our next major build, sometime next week.
  7. @Paul Welby we're aware of some issues with choosing the visibility of an update, we're hoping to have these issues sorted next week in our next major update.
  8. What's New: You can now branch on a customer's phone number, job title, site ID/name (only for coworkers) or company ID/name (only for external contacts) in Progressive Capture {CH00149662} Provide an administrative option to manage shared Views {CH00156705} Enhanced 'Entity > Requests > Update Request > Custom Fields', added a new option called 'Format Checkbox Values'. When this option is enabled, checkbox values are formatted to remove square brackets and double quotes. {PM00158336} What's Fixed: Request List Views could not be saved if you removed a condition {PM00157633} Request List Views could not be saved if you re-ordered the columns but did not make any other changes {PM00157972} The Questions section of a Request would break words in the wrong place for answers that were longer than a single line {PM00157392} Smaller screens would have trouble using the 'Apply To Request' popup {PM00157840} Requests could not be raised using routing rules if the priority specified had been deleted {PM00158143} If the column used to sort the Request list has been removed, the list would fail to load {PM00158254} Attachments were loaded multiple times in Progressive Capture {PM00158137} Software assets could return the wrong version if there are multiple versions available {PM00158339} Added columns that were missing when you exported a report from Service Manager Reporting {PM000158327} Unable to edit hyperlinks in FAQs when in Microsoft Edge {PM00158374} The 'View Email' option in the updated Activity Stream was not treated as a link {PM00158395} The currently selected custom Request List View will now be highlighted when you open the menu The Request Type can now be passed as a variable in custom buttons
  9. @Adrian Simpkins the Finish button appears once you get the end of the forms defined in the Progressive Capture workflow. This might happen if you hit a node that switches the Progressive Capture workflow being used. If that does happen and there's nothing to switch to, it will behave like a Finish button as there's nothing left to do, it just doesn't know that yet Could that be the scenario you're seeing?
  10. @stuartmclennan if I'm not mistaken, these stores/organisations have been imported as Contacts? At least this appears to be the Contacts view. Could it be that an org with the same was subscribed instead of the contact that was created?
  11. The Collaboration Core was just updated which should have sorted this issue now, let us know if it's still an issue.
  12. @Martyn Houghton one of the challenges when I looked at this before was when you get multiple matches. If you search for '12' it would potentially match all of the following: IDXIN00000012 IDXIN00000112 IDXIN00001112 IDXIN00011112 IDXIN00111112 IDXIN01111112 IDXIN11111112 Now, clearly, ordering by the reference to get the best match would be best, but if you're looking for an SR, this combination of references would cause an issue: IDXIN00000012 IDXSR00000112 Maybe extreme examples, as the numbers are likely to be very specific, but just putting it out there that this could be a real issue that people encounter. Having said all of that, I will make a note of this and look at what we can do to enhance it to make it easier to use
  13. @Giuseppe Iannacone that's correct
  14. @Jeremy if you head to Home > System > Manage Portal > Portal Account in the Admin tool and then choose 'customer', you'll see an option called 'Session Timeout' which is probably set to 600 or 900 seconds (10/15 minutes). You can change this to a larger number and that will keep them logged in for longer.
  15. @Giuseppe Iannacone instead of explicitly typing the dates, you can define the current year in your query instead: h_datelogged BETWEEN CONCAT(YEAR(CURDATE()),'-01-01') AND CONCAT(YEAR(CURDATE()),'-12-31')
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