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  1. @Jeremy thanks for posting up, will get this looked at by the development team.
  2. @davidrb84 apologies, missed this post. Definitely looks like an issue and I'll get it raised with the development team to look into.
  3. What's fixed: PM00157425 - Custom views are not always loaded immediately when selected PM00157437 - Request owner is not notified despite their notifications configuration PM00157441 - The Service Level value is not shown in request list views when the Service Level Agreement column is not enabled for display PM00157455 - When trying to open a customer profile from clicking the link in the request list it comes up with a blank profile page PM00157459 - Couldn't raise a Request without the Services form in Progressive Capture
  4. @neilcg doh! Yes it was enabled for other Request types as part of the development piece which I'd forgotten about
  5. @neilcg only applies to Change Requests at the moment.
  6. @Shamaila.Yousaf in the next Service Manager update, the Resolve tab on a Request will show clickable links instead of just text
  7. Hi Everyone, Happy to say that the latest build of Service Manager (1667) has been released to live: What's New: CH00150650 - You can now suspend your Business Process and wait for customer feedback before progressing CH00151586 - When choosing a Catalog Item as part of your custom View, the items are now listed alphabetically CH00153862 - Use a variable when assigning a Request to a Team through your Business Process CH00154599 - When adding a Connection to a Request you can now optionally provide a comment to give more context for their inclusion CH00154724 - You can now use email templates associated to the various Request types when sending an email through your Business Process CH00156471 - Authorisers of a Change Request now have access to a read-only view of the Request's details in the Employee portal CH00152252 - Snippets are now available in the Resolution tab of a Request CH00153335 - Introducing a filter to make it easier to find the View you're looking for CH00153798 - All Service Manager Progressive Capture forms support the ability to provide an 'Info Message' to help you give more context about what or why the form needs to be filled in 'Feedback Rating' is now available as an option in the Variable Picker when 'Get Request Information > Request Details' Hornbill Automation is included in your Business Process CH00156597 - There are 3 new reports available in Service Manager Reporting CH00153975 - As a Process Designer i would like an option to Get the Current Team Information to use it's information in my process What's Changed KE00156837 - Additional filters added to the Assets form in Progressive Capture to help you find Assets associated to the customer's Services and related Organizations What's Fixed PM00155211 - Searching for Requests in the Customer portal will now return results from your organisation if you've been granted access to view them PM00156710 - You were unable to select an end time that was earlier than the start time, even if the days were different PM00156018 - The SAVE button was not always enabled when making changes to an existing View PM00156107 - Assessments would fail to update if you provided a value of more than 100 as the weight PM00156511 - If there was an error when exporting the Request or Assets list the error message was not presented to the user PM00156756 - The Employee portal will no longer show the 'Requests Awaiting Feedback' option on the landing page if there are no Requests awaiting feedback PM00156757 - If the Service Level was changed against a Request the targets shown in the Request List were not updated PM00156778 - The description of a Routing Rule Template can now be up to 300 characters (up from 255) PM00156783 - If a Request fails to log because a the Service form was made mandatory but no Service was selected, you will now be able to try to log the Request again PM00156839 - The ability to add an update to more than one Request at a time was not available PM00156851 - When composing an email on a Request, selecting and removing text would cause the cursor to jump to the end of the email instead of remaining where it was PM00156864 - The last timeline entry was not always available as part of the {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}} variable in email templates PM00156869 - Users that were subscribed to, but did not support a Service could not see images added to FAQs in Service portal PM00156879 - FAQs created by non-English speakers were not available to Users with other languages PM00156887 - When choosing a default Workflow for a Service, long names were not truncated making the drop down box larger than it needed to be PM00157040 - Improved the performance of the Request list, Charts and when exporting your Request list data PM00157053 - When sending emails to the members of a group, archived and suspended Users were not excluded PM00157172 - Improved how Assets are searched for when using custom forms in Progressive Capture PM00157189 - When choosing the default Email template for a Service, you could not select templates that had a . at the start of their name PM00157117 - Requests that belong to a retired Service can now be viewed in the Portals The Quick Search feature had stopped working in Firefox
  8. @Keith LDAP is unaffected, if it worked before the update it will continue to work after it.
  9. Hi Everyone, The latest build of Service Manager (1616) has been released to live. What's New CH00150233 - When placing a Request on-hold via 'Requests > Update Request > Place On Hold' Hornbill Automation, you can now decide whether Working Time Calendar should be taken into consideration CH00156758 - You can now retrieve details of an email via 'Requests > Get Request Information > Source Email Details' Hornbill Automation when the source of a Request is an email CH00151583 - You can now choose between 'Current Month' and 'Previous Month' filters for date input fields when creating a Request list View CH00152311 - You can now associate a Site to a Request via the Variable Picker through your business process CH00156499 - Emails sent to co-workers as part of your business process can now use a variable to determine who the recipient is As part of refactoring for API hardening, a new role 'Hornbill Service Manager Integrations' has been introduced. This role must also be applied to any user accounts used to enable the Hornbill Clean Utility, Request Data Migration Tools and any other integrations to third party applications you may have developed for importing Request data for them to continue to work. This does not affect existing LDAP and Azure imports. What's Fixed PM00155175 - Performance improvements to help improve the speed of applying emails to Requests PM00155175 - When printing the details of a Request, the Raised By and Customer sections were combined for some request types PM00156515 - The My Services view could not show all of the new Font Awesome icons PM00156633 - Non-latin characters could cause data to disappear when a Service Manager report was exported as a PDF PM00156017 - The sub-status of a Request was reset if the business process closed the Request, but not if it was done manually PM00156706 - The General asset class was not available when uploading new Assets PM00156710 - When scheduling a change you cannot select an earlier end '''time''' than the start time, even if the days are different
  10. @AndyHill would you be able to post a screenshot of your chart configuration?
  11. Looks like a defect to me, I'll get it raised with development
  12. @davidrb84 the 'Query where clause' field should just contain everything after 'WHERE' in your query... so in your example you just need to put in: SUBSTR(h_actor,14) = 'BloggsJ' and date(h_published) = '2019-07-15' group by h_target
  13. @Prem Prakash gautam the Request is raised but the email fails to send? When you view the Request, do you see a red or green bar across the top?
  14. @Paul Alexander the icon in the top right corner only appears if you have an unread email in one of your mailboxes
  15. @Adrian Simpkins you should be able to pick them all, but it's probably down to when the 'Get Request Information' node was added to the process. Doesn't look like the BPM definition will be updated without some human interaction. If you open up the properties of the 'Get Request Information' node then the definition will get updated and you'll have access to the extra properties.
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