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  1. Call display

    @derekgreen we're actually looking into this issue at the moment, trying to see what's causing it. I'll update when I've got more details. Do you get a blue box with a 'click here to update' message when this happens?
  2. Connections - Click to Dial Telephone

    I've made the changes so that both telephone numbers and email addresses will be clickable, it won't be in the release scheduled for this week, but it will be in the next one
  3. @Bluegate just to confirm, you mean that it doesn't automatically pick up the Request ID for any types other than INs and SRs? I'll get this raised with development.
  4. FAQ change request

    We're limited to simple formatting like bold and italics right now but I'll request the ability the add colour from the development team... Not entirely sure if it's a good idea because it could ruin the intended colour scheme, but it's not a bad thing to have for other areas of the product As for expanding more, could you let us know which area of the product you're talking about? The FAQs are collapsed by default in the portals and opening one reveals all of the content.
  5. Adding Attachments to an Organisation

    This functionality is available through the Customer Manager application which enhances the functionality around Organisations. You also get the ability to do the following, and more: Add members to Organisations Provide updates to a timeline Associate documents from Document Manager Create activities
  6. Happy to say that a change to how we display icons is in our 90-day queue and we'll be starting on it soon.
  7. Suspend Wait for Schedule

    @chrisnutt this is actually already possible, it's just not under the Request entity, but the Change Request entity as it's limited to that and the Release request types:
  8. ISSUE Blank Summary and Error Message

    I've just had a look in the logs and what's happening is that the Business Process is trying to put more text than is allowed into the summary field. The field can hold upto 275 characters. If you're mapping from a custom form to this field, you can actually do this without the Business Process and add rules to help prevent this from happening.
  9. Call resolution record widget

    @James Bartle If you change the type of widget to 'List of Data', you'll then have the option to provide a custom SQL query
  10. Missing Catalogue Items and Error

    @SJEaton we found an issue where you could create Catalog items without a Progressive Capture against it that would cause this issue and we've already got a fix for it If you update Service Manager you should be able to access all of your Catalog items again.
  11. Extend request on hold

    @m.vandun with sub statuses, you can now put a Request on-hold indefinitely which may help here?
  12. Call resolution record widget

    Something to get you started, here's a query that will group the requests resolved by a user by week (year also taken into account), ordered by the most resolved SELECT h_resolvedby_user_id, COUNT(h_pk_reference) as resolved_count, CONCAT(YEAR(h_datelogged), '/', WEEK(h_datelogged)) as year_week FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_resolvedby_user_id IS NOT NULL GROUP BY h_resolvedby_user_id, year_week ORDER BY resolved_count DESC
  13. Report: Monthly comparison of each Source Type in %

    You would need to know the Service ID, which you can see in the address bar when configuring the Service itself. Once you have that information, you can add it as a condition to the report. While you can't get the percentage directly, you can get a number for all of the different types, including those without a source. Start by creating a new report of type 'Grouped count of data'. Using the Requests entity you can then move onto the data collection tab. Here you can specify the columns you need, in this case you just need the Source Type field. Next is the filter tab, here you can set the date logged to be greater than '2017-01-01 00:00:00' and add the Service ID too. On the Select Ordering tab tick the Count and Group By fields You can then preview the data to get an idea of how many Requests were raised against each source: Hope that helps
  14. Happy to say that this will be fixed in updates > 1064
  15. You can use this quick filter option to filter the Request list by name, organisation and lots of other data. You can also sort (group) the list on almost all of the columns which might make it easier to find what you're looking for than using the global search option. Views are particularly powerful and can be combined with this quick filter.