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  1. @Alisha happy to be able to tell you you'll be able to add colours and underline soon, just need to wait for the right Collaboration Core build to hit your instance. [[https://www.hornbill.com|<span style="color: red; text-decoration: underline;">Hornbill</span>]]
  2. @Alisha I've mentioned it to the right team, will get back to you if they are able to make it happen
  3. @Alisha if you're looking to add an underline, that's easy enough: [[https://www.hornbill.com|<ins>Hornbill</ins>]] But doesn't look like you can combine colours and underline.
  4. @Alisha looks like it's possible using the additional text formatting options. Here's an example: [[https://www.hornbill.com|<span style="color: red;">Hornbill</span>]] This would make the word Hornbill appear as a link and be shown in red.
  5. @nasimg as James mentioned and we discussed at #insights19 yesterday, the defect will be fixed in the next Service Manager build. For scheduling tab, I've made some changes to better validate how the second date/time fields behave. Because of the time control we have available, it will work the way you want it to, you just need to click on the down arrow to be able to select the right hour: This will also be in our next update.
  6. @Andytaylor93 there's no need to select BST as (like your computer/phone etc...) it will automatically adjust when it happens. We still store the GMT times, but we try to show the current offset. I guess JIRA is sending across the BST time rather than UTC/GMT? Depending on how this data is being imported, I would suggest converting it to UCT/GMT before it gets to Hornbill, because that's the format we would expect it to be in.
  7. @Jeremy yes, we had a look and that's exactly how it should work. Is the assignment done through the BPM or is it a manual action someone has performed?
  8. @Jeremy thanks, is there a timeline entry with the same content as the entry? Could it be a notification for a post you've been mentioned on, but actually don't have visibility of?
  9. @Jeremy the task could have been created by the BPM after it was resolved?
  10. @Jeremy does the notification window close or does it remain open when this happens?
  11. @Alisha while not in our 90-day queue, it was raised by the product management team so something we'll be looking at in the future.
  12. @Polly.Horn I've seen that the yellow colour we used is sometimes not obvious because of the low contrast it has. You can make this a more obvious colour by changing the setting webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.unreadColour
  13. @Steven Cotterell that's right, the search will only look at Requests where you are the customer... No promises, but I'll have a chat with the team and see if there's something we can do here.
  14. @Steven Cotterell the search definitely supports Request IDs as a search term but we've seen there are some inconsistencies. I see you have the latest Service Manager build already installed which is great, it has one fix that will help but a bigger change is coming in a platform fix, so it would be worth trying again when you see an ESP build > 3048 and letting us know if it's any better.
  15. In addition to the items in the release earlier today: What's fixed Updating translated German records in FAQs fails and reverts to default language answer
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