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  1. chrisnutt

    View attachments in browser

    Thanks @Pamela this would be very beneficial to us as well
  2. chrisnutt

    Repeated Escalation Event

    @Steven Boardman, many thanks
  3. chrisnutt

    Repeated Escalation Event

    Hi @Steven Boardman We currently have alerts that fire off to the owner's manager before failure, but due to a high profile issue recently where a request was left for 3 weeks (!) after it failed, and due to other factors (people moving jobs, new starters etc.) it got missed. Therefore we need to set up recurring alerts. These would be for the owner's manager at the very least. Chris
  4. chrisnutt

    Repeated Escalation Event

    Hi All, I'm hoping to set up an escalation event that fires every few days after a request has breached. I don't seem to be able to set a repeated action though. Only a set period of time after the target time. Is this something I can enable, or do I have to set a series of events? If the latter, can I request the ability to add a reoccurring event option? Thanks Chris
  5. @Dan Munns, thanks for this. I have +1'd your enhancement request! Chris
  6. Hi, I'm trying to set the schedule of a change request automatically with the dates given through a progressive capture, which is populating the h_proposed_start_time and h_proposed_end_time with dates. I thought the "Add to change calendar" node might do it but have learned that that sets the schedule with a period of time (say 2 hours) from the time the node is reached rather than allowing it to be specified. Is there a way I can inject the h_proposed_start_time/h_proposed_end_time into the schedule and therefore the change calendar? Thanks Chris
  7. chrisnutt

    ProCap greater than or equal operator issue

    Thanks @Victor I'm glad I wasn't being silly! I was thinking along these lines originally Is this something worth looking at? Perhaps creating a field for numbers? Certainly, something for us to keep in mind for now, though. Thanks for your help. Chris
  8. chrisnutt

    ProCap greater than or equal operator issue

    Sure, see attached. Like I said before, I fully expect to have done something silly, but it I think we're in 'can't see the woods for the trees' territory now. Chris zto-be-deleted---rob-training.pcf.txt
  9. chrisnutt

    ProCap greater than or equal operator issue

    @Victor , we just went home. That's all. I tried setting the custom expression labelled as '1-11' to shirt number == 7 and tried again. It still took me to the squad node (i.e. >= 12) Chris
  10. chrisnutt

    ProCap greater than or equal operator issue

    Thanks, @James Ainsworth I understand that the field type doesn't really apply at this stage. But that still doesn't really address the issue. We have a progressive capture where someone is putting in a value of 7 for "shirt number" and a branch node with a custom expression that says if "shirt number" is less than or equal to 11 go to the first team node else if "shirt number" is greater than or equal to 12 go to the squad node, but the progressive capture takes them to the squad node. See screenshots if I am not being clear. I fully expect to discover I'm doing something silly. @Victor I support Reading so draw your own conclusions... Chris First screenshot is at the bottom.
  11. chrisnutt

    ProCap greater than or equal operator issue

    Hi @James Ainsworth No worries, clarify away! We're setting up a Progressive Capture. I mention the custom field as I thought someone might ask if the field was an integer. Obviously, this isn't urgent as we're talking about something we discovered in a training session. But it could affect us some point down the line. Chris
  12. Hi, I am showing a member of my team how to set up Progressive Captures and we have come across a bit of an issue. We were doing a silly ProCap (zTO be deleted - Rob Training) to show what the system can do. It's about Liverpool players, as he supports Liverpool (he is good at his job though, to be fair). We set up a question about shirt numbers in to the custom field h_custom_26 (for integers) and had a branch go off in two directions. For shirt numbers less than or equal to 11, go here (first team). For shirt numbers equal to or higher than 12 go there (squad). We put in Mo Salah, shirt number 7. But it keeps going off to the squad node. We've both double checked that we're using the right operator for greater than or equal to (>=) and less than or equal (<=). What's going on? Is there something we're both missing? Chris
  13. chrisnutt

    Custom Fields in Request List

    @Victor and here