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  1. Ah, I see. To be fair, I hadn't tried in an email itself. Was just looking at the value in the DB. Very useful help. I will do as you suggest! Thanks
  2. Thanks @Steven Boardman, that's great. I didn't know that! How do I format that though? I need it to be day-month-year hour:minute. But that isn't the format of it in that field. Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, I am trying to include the scheduled start time of a change in an email template. I can't find this in the list of available variables so have updated my business process to take the scheduled start time from a get request details, use the date formatter utility to convert it to how I want it to display and then put that in a custom field which I will use in the template. I am using a TEXT custom field as all the VARCHAR ones are in use. I am, however, getting the wrong time in the email. It is showing one hour earlier than it should, after I added timezone to check if that was the is
  4. Hi @Victor, I understand, and I have done that workaround. However my main issue, really, is that page is extremely misleading at best. I would actually say that it is wrong, because it does not mention any other tables for these values. Therefore I have continued with the complete wrong notion. Luckily, there is a workaround this time but it really worries me that the source of truth I go to is actually inaccurate. Chris
  5. Hi @Victor, I've just come to update my email templates after building my new process and I want to add the answer to the question "Proposed Start Time" asked in my progressive capture, to a template. On the progressive capture, I am using "h_proposed_start_time".Once again, based on https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms I thought it would be available for email templates because of this line: "The way the data is stored in the table h_itsm_questions does not offer us much flexibility when it comes to reporting and also means is not accessible via the em
  6. @Victor, if it helps, I made a video of the issue. I was making the changes to one of the services. It took me 25 minutes. Don't worry, you don't have to sit through all that. I've cut it to adding the last field, then I scroll through so you can see the fields. I apply changes, and then go back in. You can see things have moved. This has happened on each service I have done this on so far and adds another 20-30 minutes for each one to try and get them to stay where they should be. Thanks Chris Details_form_apply_changes.mp4
  7. @Victor, is it normal for the fields added to the form to move about? I have hit "Apply Changes", then if you go back in things are in a different order. So, I change them again, hit "Apply Changes" again, wait 30 minutes and sometimes it stays the same, sometimes it does not. It's making this very, very tough! @Alberto M, did you have this issue? Chris
  8. Thanks @Victor, that's a shame but not the end of the world! Chris
  9. Hi, I have amended the request details form for Change Requests on our test service. I need to roll this out to 15 other services. Is there a way I can copy this to them rather than setting each one up manually? I can't see anything obvious. Thanks Chris
  10. @Bob Dickinson, I think I was over-thinking it. Have made the same change on the other progressive captures (For Service Requests and so on) and it works. Many thanks for the solution to this! Chris
  11. Actually, I take this back. I have just made a quick change on each default progressive capture as per Bob in this other thread: Seems to work. Guess I was over-thinking it! Chris
  12. Thanks @Steven Boardman I see. I understand. Unfortunately, I was hoping to have the drop-down only and do away with going into the one progressive capture and switching around from there. That's where the problems I come across occur. Having one progressive capture per type, associated with that type in the drop down works well. If that is not possible, then, I will review the existing progressive captures Thanks Chris
  13. Thanks @Steven Boardman What exactly does that setting do? The description seems to suggest that it prevents the request types rather than keep the drop-down as default. Can you show me what happens if you were to press the button in your screen shot and take me all the way through to the request being logged? Thanks Chris
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