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  1. @Gerry, accepted. Thank you very much
  2. @Gerry, if I could have the current IP it's a start. We are in a situation which means we cannot make the change you suggest just yet, which is the reason for asking. Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, Over the past few days I have been building email templates with a team who is coming on board to Hornbill. It has been a very painful experience. We get the template looking good in the editor, but then in the actual email the fonts are different sizes and types etc. After a painful hour with this team, the only surefire way to make it work was to edit the source. Is this something that can be fixed? Chris
  4. Hi, We've been turning 2FA on across all accounts and this has impacted on our Hornbill mailbox. I've been told that we can add an exception so that 2FA doesn't apply when coming from Hornbill. In order to add that exception, I need to know which IP addresses the POP3 mail service over SSL uses. Can you let me know? Apologies if this is the wrong forum for it, couldn't find anything that was immediately obvious as suitable. Thanks Chris
  5. @Martyn Houghton Thanks. We had discussed doing the custom field option, so we will go ahead with that. I will definitely '+1' that enhancement! Chris
  6. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to break down a large list of open requests comprised of incidents, Service Requests, Problems etc. It would be really useful to quickly add tags to tickets to help join things together quickly. Meta tags or hash tags type things... Does that functionality exist? I've not been able to find anything. Thanks Chris
  7. @Deen, I was wondering if there was any update on this? Our HR team are keen to know where they stand about whether we can go ahead to start building their Service. Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks @James Ainsworth. I understand. If something could be done, it would be useful in any case as maybe we come up with an interim solution in the meantime (use of the dreaded spreadsheet!) - or at the very least if someone else ever needs to do the same they'll have the options. Chris
  9. @Steven Boardman Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. Will have a think about if this fits our situation, but is good to know for the future. Chris
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there any indication if the fields I mention above will be added, or if there will be any custom fields to use? I need an answer to decide what we do for this situation. Thanks Chris
  11. Thanks @Steven Boardman I was going to do option 3. I'm not sure I fully understand option 1 though, is there something on the wiki about it? Chris
  12. +1 from me too. Would be great to see some way to incorporate conditional formatting into the request list on a per user basis too. Thanks
  13. Hi, For some reason I thought this functionality existed as a standard email notification task. But I appear to be wrong. So, is it possible to email people with a certain role via the Business Process? It would be very useful! I'm improving a business process and we have an email address hard coded in there for our change manager who is leaving at the end of the month. I'm trying to avoid this becoming a problem then, and in the far distant future! Thanks Chris
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