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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if this has been asked for before, a quick search turned nothing up. I was just looking at all the measures we have set up and thinking that it is getting confusing having so many. The pagination has helped in some ways, but not in others. Would it be possible and worthwhile to think about creating categories for measures/widgets/dashboards that can then be expanded or collapsed as required? It would certainly help me out! Chris
  2. chrisnutt

    Report scheduler broken

    Hi All, Just to report that this seems to be working this morning. Chris
  3. chrisnutt

    Report scheduler broken

    Hi, Recently, I've noticed some of my scheduled reports have not run. I put it down to an oddity, ran the report manually and moved on (albeit grumbling about consistent data points!). However, today I have come to schedule a new report and am presented with the below. Is this a problem for anyone else? Is Hornbill aware of the issue? Thanks Chris
  4. chrisnutt

    Monthly Measure

    @Martyn Houghton Thanks very much! Chris
  5. chrisnutt

    Monthly Measure

    Hi All, This may be a stupid question but I just need it cleared in my head. If I set a measure to a frequency of monthly, when does that update exactly? Is it one month from when the measure is created, is it the first day of the month or the last day of the month? Thanks Chris
  6. chrisnutt

    Usability of NEW analyst portal design

    I'd like to +1 this. I'm having most of the same issues. This is a small thing, but can I just add my massive disappointment that the buttons are now ALL CAPS. It was much nicer looking previously in sentence case.
  7. Thanks, @Gerry, @James Ainsworth I understand that it is a ways off and not on your 90-day path, but just knowing it's being discussed puts me in a better place than this time yesterday. Publishing a problem is not suitable, because the things being reported are not problems. They are incidents and Service Requests. Also, they can't be raised via the portal by the customer (which is absolutely correct) and would, therefore, create unnecessary admin for the Service Desk here which I would not accept. Not to mention skew reporting and cause confusion at problem review time. I look forward to updates on this. Chris
  8. Hi @Gerry Thanks for your response. I didn't think it would be a tweak, but instead quite a substantial undertaking. Up to this point, I hadn't been made aware that something like this was on the backlog though. That information alone will go a long way to placate the people asking me about this on a monthly basis. To be clear, the functionality I am talking about is not to allow a group to log a request - this was their workaround using a shared account. All they want to be able to achieve is to view requests raised by others in their department. The majority of requests I receive are for visibility within a department. Carrying on the Contact Centre example, on a Saturday Person A may have an issue that a colleague - Person B - raised on let's say Thursday. The manager isn't in so cannot be asked to check requests. So they can't do a huge amount but log it again to ensure something is done. Frustrating for them, and for us. So, if there could be a way to allow a person within a department to be able to view their department's requests in the same way, practically, as a manager does through the portal it would be a huge plus (I'm aware Supportworks could be made to work like this). The customer can remain the individual who raised it, Person B, but we'd give Person A the ability to see their department's requests (or to put it another way, Person A can see all requests that the manager of Person A and B can see through the portal), with appropriate authorisation of course. Please, may I be kept informed of the progress of this on the backlog? Chris
  9. Hi All, I recently received an email from our contact centre that once again is crying out for the functionality that I described all the way back in the first post in this thread before we all got distracted with the other issue inhibiting the view for managers I was experiencing. I will post the content of the email verbatim below. As you can see, they are desperate for the functionality - beyond what is available to just the manager or site manager. In order to achieve it, they are requesting a shared account, which I'm sure you'll agree is not a great idea for myriad reasons. Can I ask that this functionality is considered to be developed, but with tight controls that an administrator can edit? There is clearly a need in departments that have casual staff or are 7 days a week and reporting issues to be picked up by colleagues. I have three high profile departments (Contact Centre, Memberships team and Finance) constantly asking me for this and it is not an issue that is just going to go away when I explain the system doesn't work that way. For example, I spent a long time developing a process for a single type of request that sends email notifications to everyone needing visibility. It is not particularly elegant. Doubly so because many people work with third-party portals that do allow this functionality. Thanks Chris
  10. chrisnutt

    Unable to access Hornbill

    Yes, now I am getting that followed by an access forbidden page.
  11. chrisnutt

    Unable to access Hornbill

    Hi, We don't seem to be able to access the platform currently. We are getting the attached. Is this happening to anyone else? Chris
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth Can I be added to this too? I am very interested in this as I have been struggling with trying to come up with a suitable way to report on this metric on and off since launching Service Manager. It's currently fresh in my mind as I am creating objectives for the Service Desk. Many thanks Chris
  13. chrisnutt

    Reporting/Advanced Analytics by Service Category

    Great, thanks @Bob Dickinson I'll give these a try but it certainly looks like this will work! Chris
  14. Hi, When creating a new service, you choose a Service Category. The most obvious reason for this is to help filter services on the Service Portal. I was hoping to use this to help me with reporting and advanced analytics. The problem I have is that I keep having to update all of the reports and all of the measures when I introduce a new service. For example, I exclude Estates, Security and Motion from all IT reports and analytics. As soon as I introduce a new service, such as cleaning, I have to update everything. Conversely, I can include all IT services in this report/analytic but as soon as I introduce a new IT service (Exhibition AV for example) I have to update everything. I was hoping to use Service Category but it doesn't seem to be in the requests table. Does anyone have any suggestions? Chris