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  1. Identifying owner of ticket when Response SLA marked

    Hi @Martyn Houghton I don't know if you ever got an answer to this, but I asked something similar and came to the conclusion that you had to do it in the BPM. Which is what I now do. I don't think it is stored anywhere by the system, unfortunately. Chris
  2. Priorities per Service

    @Steven Boardman can I be added to? Will that increase the priority further? Chris
  3. custom fields in request list view

    Can I check if there is any intention for Hornbill to include custom fields as something that can be added to the Request List column views? It would be very beneficial to us. Thanks Chris
  4. Custom fields as Request List columns

    Just to update, I'm using the business process to populate the External Reference field with the relevant Progressive Capture answer in order to work around this.
  5. Custom fields as Request List columns

    Thanks @Martyn Houghton The one time I didn't search first, and there is not one but two previous threads! I had the same thought and was attempting to use the external reference field but it doesn't work through a progressive capture which I'd really need it to. Back to the drawing board. Chris
  6. Hi, I have been asked if it is possible to have custom fields selectable as columns in the request list. At first glance, this is not possible. Is there a way to do it? Thanks Chris
  7. Bounce Count

    Can I get the login details to the demo site so I can have a look at these widgets in more detail? I don't seem to be able to find them anywhere (I have had them previously) Thanks Chris
  8. Portal - Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.0

    Thanks @Gerry That's exactly the sort of thing I was after and it looks like some progress has been made. Fantastic. Chris
  9. Portal - Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.0

    Hi @Gerry , I was wondering if there was any update here? Any strong statement of intent would be beneficial to feedback to our users who have screenreaders. Thanks Chris
  10. Decimal Decoder error

    Hi, I am attempting to update an existing measure that has been working now for quite a while. When I make a change I get an error saying "Invalid input for decimal decoder". Attached is an image of my measure and all I have done is increase the upper threshold to 1001 from 1000 and click save. Has an update invalidated the measure somehow? Thanks Chris
  11. Display a board on a Slideshow

    Ditto to this being very useful
  12. Request Searching

    @Steven Boardman I've just installed the update this morning and already I can see this search being so useful. It really is a great leap forward from what we had before. The feedback I have also received in the short time since I updated is really positive. Thank you! I'm also loving the ability to shrink the Service Portal icons and remove the need for the "More Services" button. No one ever noticed that, despite it being prominently mentioned in all training materials made available to our end users. A really strong update this one. Chris
  13. Bounce Count

    @Victor As I suspected, I don't even know where to begin! So, yes, I think I will need help. I'm trying to achieve something similar to the attached (which is for response) that tells me the percentage of first line fix for individual Service Desk staff, and another chart with the total first line fix for the Service Desk. First line fix is a fairly simple metric - requests (of all types) resolved at first line - no escalation - and within resolution sla. It would be great to get first time fix too, which is a bit different from above - resolved at first contact. So logged and resolved straight away, or in the case of Service Portal requests, as soon as it is touched by someone (within a few minutes). Hope that makes sense
  14. Bounce Count

    @Victor I may do but I'd like to have a stab at it myself first. I'll let you know. Thanks Chris
  15. Bounce Count

    Hi, I'm just coming back to look at this. Does anyone have any idea how I could do the above? Chris