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permissions required for "No team Assigned"

lee mcdermott

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When i select the drop down list in my request list to change which team\calls I want to view - i.e. My requests, I'm following, I'm a member etc.


I have one called No team assigned.


How do I give an analyst the ability to have that show up in their list?


I assume they need to be a memebr of a particular role?





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@lee mcdermott

No Team Assigned  refers to the team the request is assigned to, which is one of the teams supported by the service.

The services by default are supported by all teams, unless different specified in the service details page,  but a request created against that service may have not been assigned to any of the teams supporting the service.



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yes that is correct in this case so a change is logged against a service but not assigned to any team.


i then need the analyst to go to no team assigned and assign it to the correct team.

so I cannot understand in this case why i have in my drop down an option called no team assigned, but they do not?


does that make sense?



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Hi Lee, 

We do have a change in the backlog which will give you the option of assigning a right or role to anyone that you would like to have access to this menu item.  At the moment it is only available to admin roles.  The reason behind this is to protect data that might have been added to a request that was mistakenly not assigned.  For this reason, by default we didn't want to make these requests visible to everyone.

We will be adding a role or a right that will give you the ability to decide how to manage this.  In some Service Desks, there are not issues with data and visibility so you may want to give this right out.  I'll added you to the change and keep you posted of the progress. 



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@lee mcdermott just an update to let you know in the next Service Manager update (due in the next couple of weeks) there will be a new system setting, if you enable this, it will allow any Service Manager subscriber to see the No Team Assigned queue in the request list.  This is currently limited to those with the SD Admin role.

  • webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.enableNoTeamAllUsers


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